Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Strawberry Taffy Shower Gel Review

This week your kindly Muse spread the cheer and joy about Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Shower Gels!

Happy Days!

But the question is do you NEED these in your life?


What is it?

Philosophy Strawberry Taffy Shower Gel is a multitasking shower gel for shower, bath, and even hair (use it as your shampoo). It should evoke the sweet scent of gooey strawberry taffy!

The Good…

It’s a typical Philosophy Shower Gel so you get a TON of great bubbles, a gorgeous scent, and a multitasking product that you can use as a shower gel, shampoo, or a bubble bath!

The Bad….


So wanted to love this but can’t help but feel like it’s easily duped up by Philosophy Strawberry Milkshake. It has a lovely sweet strawberry going on with a little bit of a milky candy layer but honestly it pretty much smells alot like Strawberry Milkshake which I already own….

I do get a little bit of candy in there but for the most part it’s a dominate creamy strawberry note which isn’t full on fruity strawberry since it has an underlay of something creamy or milky about it.

But overall, I realize now I probably don’t need it since I already own Strawberry Milkshake which is pretty darn close if not easily duped by this.

Who Might Like It?

  • Anyone who doesn’t own Strawberry Milkshake already (it’s worth getting if you don’t already own the later since it smells really delish!).
  • Anyone who likes collecting Philosophy Shower Gels (‘ello me!)!

Who Might Not Like It?

  • Anyone who owns Strawberry Milkshake may find themselves disappointed.

Final Thoughts….

With the Philosophy QVC 11th Anniversary shows around the corner I’m sure many of you are hungrily plotting orders. For the record, I think this can be one item you can exclude from your wishy list if you already have Strawberry Milkshake, way to similar for me to fully enjoy this….

Anyone haul?

What did you think?

Available from QVC.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 6/2/10 21:38 makeup morsels:

    I love the color of this, just looking at it cheers me up. Strawberry Milkshake sounds yummy, the scent you’re describing reminds me of strawberry pocky. Will have to check that out!


    • 6/3/10 12:06 the Muse:

      oh no strawberry pocky are evil makeup morsels LOL!


  • 6/3/10 9:21 Keshia:

    Nothing to do with the shower gel but have you ever tried the recipes on the bottles?


    • 6/3/10 9:26 the Muse:

      lol no keshia 😀 you?


  • 6/3/10 14:00 dina:

    saving me $$$$ dear :) eternal thanks!!


    • 6/3/10 15:56 the Muse:

      ha my pleasure dina pssttt skip all three!


      • 6/4/10 9:17 dina:

        i thought that immediately when i read this 😉


        • 6/4/10 10:10 the Muse:

          ha d 😀 just not special enough to warrant a purchase imho! 😛 but they have some new stuff like tangerine DREAM! and the ice cream auto delivery or 64 ounces of bloody Birthday cake if you’re NUTS!


          • 6/4/10 12:05 dina:

            yeah, they can keep that!! 😛

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