L’Oreal HIP Colour Truth Eyeliner Pencil Review and Swatches

L’Oreal is slowly fading out some of the HIP line and replacing it with what it deems the Studio Secrets Professional Collection. Many of the older HIP pieces you know and love may be gone and replaced with new items featuring the Studio Secrets label. Now this doesn’t mean HIP is gone but it just appears L’Oreal is trying to mass market the HIP line and make it more appealing to a universal consumer rather than a younger crowd.

You may remember that one of the first potted gel liners available from the HIP Collection were the Colour Truth ones. Recently, I started seeing alot less of these on drugstore shelves and most recently seen the new L’Oreal HIP Colour Truth Eyeliner Pencils. I do wonder if the gel liners will be replaced by these new pencils at a future date?

Either way if you aren’t a gel liner fan and prefer pencils, these may appeal.

Check ’em!

A richly pigmented (according to L’Oreal) eyeliner available in four shades.

At around $8.49 you could see this as a budget friendly option. The pencil is nicely pigmented however I always do have my fair share of ranting with HIP as they advertise it as “intensely” pigmented and this is far from it.

The liner is a pencil liner so it’s easy enough to sharpen and those who remember liners from the 80’s should enjoy the texture and feel of this traditional pencil liner.

I suppose it’s alright as far as liners go but I have my fair shade of ranting to share about it.

First off, do not want the $8.99 price tag. I can get a MAC liner for a few bucks more so I am not interested in shelling out near $10 bucks for a mediocre drugstore eye liner.

The pencil is conventional as you can easily sharpen it and the likes however the formula isn’t exactly anything I’m super excited about. It doesn’t work on my waterline at all and only has a little color pay off when it touches the area. On my upper lash line it applies decently enough but not “OMG super” pigmented. It has a super fine point which is always a plus for precise lining however it tugs a fair bit and doesn’t glide as smoothly as I like my liners too. The formula isn’t necessarily hard but it isn’t as soft and melty as I prefer.

  • Anyone who needs a super quick liner on the go (can’t make it to MAC or Sephora? Maybe this will be ok but you can probably do better at drugstores).
  • Anyone who enjoys HIP products (I imagine if you like the brand you can easily find something to love about this liner).

  • Anyone who wants a soft formula that glides on without tugging.
  • Anyone who wants a super pigmented liner!

As of late, I like alot of what L’Oreal has been doing with the HIP Collection however this revamped version of the Colour Truth Eyeliner could use a little help. It’s too expensive and the formula isn’t all that fabulous to get me hyped enough to repurchase it or indulge in further shades.


You don’t need it. Even on sale it isn’t worth your cash!

Anyone try?

Did you like it?



This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 7/1/10 12:36 Jeweled Thumb:

    Ugh. Do not like. They had such a good thing going with the HIP line too. At least there is always L’oreal Liquid liner intense (or whatever they are called) and the awsome cheap Milani ones.


    • 7/1/10 12:41 the Muse:

      I vote milani jeweled!


  • 7/1/10 13:28 kenzie.:

    The automatic Revlon Colorstay liners are great too!! I can get 10-12 hours on my waterline with those. And you don’t have to sharpen them!! I need to stock up on a few more colors….

    The next eyeliner I want to try out is the Milani Liquif’eye ones though. I’m all for UD dupes. I love the brand dearly, but they can be rather pricey. :/


    • 7/1/10 13:39 the Muse:

      grab yourself some of the metallic ones from milani kenzie they are great ud dupes 😀


  • 7/3/10 11:25 Ashley Avocado:

    I’ve seen these in the drugstore and always thought they looked like they’d be one of those hard eyeliners that tugged and tugged but never showed up… glad I passed. I love the Studio Secrets Color Chrome liners, though!

    My favorite [black] eyeliner of ALL TIME (drugstore or high end) is Milani Liquif’eye. For colors I still prefer UD 24/7 or MAC Pearlglide, but I find the Milani black to be way smoother, softer, and richer in pigmentation and I will be a fan for life.


    • 7/6/10 9:42 the Muse:

      hi ashley I really liked the SS ones too, those were gorg. Milani is incredible 😀


  • 1/22/11 15:29 Tayler:

    i just bought this a few days ago, and so far i love it. it stays on pretty well, even in Louisiana weather, where it’s usually extremely HOT. a couple of my friends have this too, and it works great on them. it isn’t as black as i wanted, i agree with you that it isn’t highly pigmented. but overall it’s great and i would buy again (even if it is pricey)


  • 8/8/12 10:25 Marlene:

    I absolutely LOVE the HIP by L’Oreal – I agree it does not glide on a smoothly as other liners, but that is why I like it – because IT DOESN’T SMEAR, SMUDGE OR WIPE OFF like most other liners. So if you want something that glides on easily and smudges/smears, do not buy this one – THIS LASTS AND LASTS AND DOES NOT FADE OR SMUDGE OR DRIP….so I’ll take this over the smoothe gliding ones anyday.


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