Avon ANEW Youth-Awakening Eyeshadow and Primer Kit

Avon ANEW Youth-Awakening Eyeshadow and Primer Kit combines the joy of a primer and a shadow all into one easy kit.

Avon ANEW Youth Awakening Eyeshadow and Primer Kit

I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay Primer Potion but if it’s not within your budget you may likey the new Avon ANEW Youth-Awakening Eyeshadow and Primer Kit. Avon has one up on UD as this comes with not only a primer formulated with a poly-lifting technology that helps visibly shape eyelid contours but also an eye highlighter and a powder shadow.

Avon ANEW Youth-Awakening Eyeshadow and Primer Kit are available in six shade selections for $9.50 from shop.avon.com

Count me curious!

  • 8/4/10 22:51 dina:

    wondering if you’ve heard anything about the anew emulsions? been curious about them thanks to those damn commercials highlighting their damn near glitter looking pots of magic :/


    • 8/5/10 0:04 the Muse:

      yup yup d. have a few photos and mini style review up shortly. they smell heavenly!


  • 8/5/10 1:35 chibicheeks:

    Will you be reviewing these? Looks interesting, but I’d rather have your opinion first!


    • 8/5/10 8:59 the Muse:

      will do chibi :-D xoxo!


  • 8/5/10 8:47 dina:

    yay thank you!! :)


    • 8/5/10 8:57 the Muse:

      d look for an e-mail from me later today from my personal addy as I am having problems with the musings gmail account one :)


      • 8/5/10 8:59 dina:

        sounds good :D


        • 8/5/10 9:03 the Muse:

          awesome D :-D


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