Avon FootWorks Cherry Ice Collection

Dude, disgusting story time…

On holiday recently I had taken a bus with some friends to Universal Studios. On the return trip someone on the bus removed their shoes and OMG I swear I almost passed out.


I had a hard time holding back my friend Jai as he’s just the type to stand up and say, “Holy shiz who’s feet are smokin’?” But seriously, if you know your feet are the type to sweat and smell why REMOVE your shoes and torture everyone!? How sadistic!

Needless to say they should have grabbed some of the new Avon Footworks Collection to scrub, hydrate, and scent those stale tootsies back into shape again!


Avon FootWorks now comes in a range of funky cool scents (not of the gross foot smell variety) like Cherry Ice and Watermelon!

So fun!


Treat your feet right with a range of fun Avon Footworks products! Last week I was playing around with Avon Footworks Foot Lotion, Cooling Foot Spray, and Exfoliating Scrub in Cherry Ice. OMG! So love! Call it the novelty of the fragrance but I absolutely adored the Cherry Ice scent! Most treatments for feet range in the peppermint-y fragrance so it’s kinda novel having scents to choose from like Cherry Ice, Tropical Coconut, Watermelon, Vanilla and Brown Sugar, and Lavender.

The products come in a range of various products such as an exfoliating scrub to get rough feet, smooth and soft! Cooling Foot Spray to keep feet cool and refreshed plus hydrating lotions and potions to keep feet soft and smooth.

All of the Avon FootWorks Collection range at a very affordable $3.99-$6.99 so you can avoid the drama of smelly feet as described above. Lord knows you so don’t want to be in a situation where you’re slipping off your shoes after a hard day and having a bus full of people holding their nose and groaning in agony!

Available now from shop.avon.com

Feel free to share your smelly feet stories!

I’m all ears and will try not to giggle too hard while reading ’em.

  • 8/9/10 15:42 dangster:

    Perhaps there was a Teva sandal wearer on the bus. Those sandals are notorious for causing horrid foot odor. Something about sweat and dead skin cells reacting with the rubber used in the Teva footbeds.

    Yes, I went through a period of stinky feet in Tevas :(


    • 8/9/10 15:50 the Muse:

      lol dangster awww I still love you and your smelly foot period 😀 I’m not sure but boy…I can’t even begin to describe the stench lol!


  • 8/10/10 19:39 Stavroula Plag:

    OMG yikes!!! LOL! removing your shoes in public is kinda disgusting and if they stink it’s even worse! Cherry Ice and Watermelon must smell yummy!! :) I have a watermelon foot cream and foot spray (not by Avon though) and I love them! :)


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