Bath & Body Works Kiss & Tell Ring

It’s not beauty but how cute is the Bath & Body Works Kiss & Tell Ring?

A lip-shaped ring with bling?

$10 bucks with any $30 purchase.

Is it cheesy that I want one?

Available from Bath & Body Works.

  • 9/22/10 11:24 Julie:

    Not cheesy at all, girl…I already got all 3! Warning, though…smallest “size 7 ” of all time! Not adjustable, since the band is solid, and only comes in one size. Maybe I am puffy and bloated, but always get a 7 for right hand rings from HSN, etc., and these lips did not fit. If you are a 6 1/2 you should be golden! Oh, and they are even prettier in person!! xoxo



    • 9/22/10 11:25 the Muse:

      aw julie I’m a seven I hope it fits sniff! :( I wants one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D


  • 12/5/10 13:42 Anna Mulvey-Anderson:

    i just got a Kiss & Tell ring and i love it! my boyfriend asked me what it was and i didnt answer. my sister has one also we match. my best friend is gettin the other color!


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