Benefit Femme Metale

Benefit Femme Metale could attest to the brand growing an edgy backbone. What’s this? A “precious metal” eye makeup kit? With liners that look very Urban Decay-like.

Very interesting and very exciting too!


Benefit being more along the lines of whimsical cuteness definitely takes on a little bit of a razor’s edge with this new set. The kit is available exclusively at Sephora for $38 and includes Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows in Platinum (metallic white), Plum-ing For Gold (metallic plum), and Taupe-aztic (metallic golden beige) plus Benefit Eyeliners in Blinged (silver), Gem-N-Eye (golden olive shimmer), and Steel Her Date (steal blue shimmer).

Colors are a little mismatched so you prob can combine very few of them for contrasting looks but I’m more than forgiving since the interesting variety of not only shades but product as well seems exciting. The liners have an Urban Decay feel and the Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows, particularly Plum-ing, haven’t been done before in these colors.

Also considering each cream shadow is full size and you’re getting three definitely makes the price a little sweeter since one would set you back $19.

I think I want to check this naughty boy out.

Whatcha think?

Available now from Sephora.

  • 9/2/10 9:14 electronicfly:

    Yay for more daring creaseless shades!

    wee a bit of money came in, gonna check whether I can afford this 😀

    Darned exchange rates T.T


    • 9/2/10 9:16 electronicfly:

      T.T Muse, it’s $38, not $19 :( Unless there’s a 50% off code I don’t know about?


      • 9/2/10 9:49 the Muse:

        Yup that’s what I said electronicfly, 38 dollars for the set compared to one shadow at $19


        • 9/2/10 10:00 electronicfly:

          ohhhhhhhhhhhhh there you see.. greedy me got too excited before reading properly T.T


          • 9/2/10 12:25 the Muse:

            ha electronicfly 😀

    • 9/2/10 12:27 the Muse:

      electronicfly you have to let me know if you gets 😀 curious whatcha think!


  • 9/2/10 10:17 Leah:

    Grr grr grrrrr! Us UK gals will have to go without I fear…


    • 9/2/10 12:14 the Muse:

      aw leah hope not?!


  • 9/2/10 10:50 Heather / Eyeconic:

    NOOO why does such great stuff keep coming out while I’m on my no buy >:[


    • 9/2/10 12:13 the Muse:

      ha heather take yourself off that no buy hun!


  • 9/2/10 11:17 jenna:

    uhhh oh i don’t like the thought of benefit getting all edgy. because i love benefit dearly as they make some of my HGs but i cannot pull off edgy to save my life! i like where they’re at right now with the combination of cute and quirky but super feminine. i’m going to skip this and hope it’s a temporary exploration for the brand but i think it’s a cool way for chicks who can pull off a more hardcore look to try out Benefit!


    • 9/2/10 12:13 the Muse:

      jenna I kinda am digging on it 😀 hehe! I’m positive Benefit will always remain whimsically vintage 😀


  • 9/2/10 13:47 peri:

    i love the looks of this…but i have issues with pencil liners so itd be a waste for me. but i hope they continue to bring out more interesting looking stuff.


    • 9/2/10 13:53 the Muse:

      I hope so too peri I like this ideal ALOT 😀


  • 9/2/10 14:27 breyerchic04:

    I like the shadows together, and the liners together (though I wouldn’t buy those liners) but all six do nothing for me.


    • 9/2/10 14:38 the Muse:

      yeah breyer looks like a bit of a mismatch but love the colors regardless 😀


  • 9/2/10 15:26 Tiffany:

    My box just came in the mail yesterday! I’m really liking this set and more than pleasantly surprised by the eyeliners. I swatched them on the back of my hand and had to scrub to remove the color. The eyeshadows are easily sheered out and have a slight shimmer. The price of getting three full size cream eyeshadows alone makes the set more than worth it :).


    • 9/2/10 16:02 the Muse:

      tiffany sounds dreamy really wants 😀


  • 9/2/10 15:50 CucumPear:

    Damnit, this is fantastic. And again something I can’t get my hands on. *grumbles about Sephora/Ulta/whatever exclusives*


    • 9/2/10 16:01 the Muse:

      cucumpear hopefully they do a worldwide launch crossing toes and fingers!


      • 9/3/10 4:16 Leah:

        Me hopey!


  • 9/3/10 12:00 Miss Kitty:

    nooo why is this sephora exclusive, i’m so sick of not getting everything coz i live in aus 😐


    • 9/7/10 10:00 the Muse:

      aw miss kitty hopefully things change 😛


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