NYC New York Color Kiss Gloss Review and Swatches: Beauty on a Budget

‘ello, ‘ello recessionista beauty junkies!

If you’re in need of a delicious little gloss that has a thicker formula and long wear but aren’t interested in a high price tag, do check out NYC New York Color Kiss Gloss.


An under $2 gloss bursting with delicious flavor and a quality formula.

Well aren’t these a cute little surprise. Each gloss will set you back a mere buck ninety nine so they’ll definitely fit the bill for anyone with a tiny beauty budget but no worries you aren’t forsaking quality with these sweet little glosses.

I picked up two limited edition shades but NYC New York Color has four general catalog shades that are always available. The shades I got were Kickin’ Coral and Pink Punch both of which have a nice dash of color, nothing dramatic mind you but they do give a nice tint to my lips as well as intense shine. Kickin’ Coral comes across orange but subtle and shiny while Pink Punch gives lips a nice tinge of pink. The glosses are flavored like a yummy bubble gum but the flavor is barely there and not overpowering.

Best part about the gloss?

The incredibly long wearing formula. It’s super thick, super sticky, and super tacky. All key ingredients for a long wearing gloss. It makes my lips look fuller and gives a great shiny finish.

Those who hate sticky, tacky glosses might wish to avoid as these definitely have a heavier formula that can be felt when worn and does feel super sticky on lips. I don’t mind so much as this formula allows it to wear longer than a more thinner formula however those who aren’t comfortable with such a formula or worried about their hair sticking to their lips and such might wish to avoid. Another words don’t leave the house on a windy day with your hair down and a load of Kiss Gloss on your lips….it won’t be pretty!

  • Anyone seeking a gloss with a tiny price tag a great formula.
  • Anyone who wants a long wearing gloss with a super shiny finish!

  • Those sensitive to flavor and fragrance in their gloss.
  • Anyone who doesn’t like heavier gloss formulas or thicker ones with a sticky feel.

I liked these alot and think they deserve a purchase. I wouldn’t go too crazy in hauling several if you have a large stash of gloss but definitely purchase at least one for layering on lipstick, tucking into your desk drawer, or makeup bag. New makeup users will love the inexpensive price tag as they can get several shades to add to their smaller collection without breaking the bank.

A fabulous little pick for the beauty budgetor!


Muse Approved for purchase!

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 9/16/10 18:06 tina:

    awesome! I happen to love sticky lip glosses! thanks for the heads up on this :)


    • 9/17/10 14:12 the Muse:

      my pleasure tina 😀


  • 9/16/10 22:00 Ellie:

    I got this in the Pink Lemonade flavor… loved the flavor but, sticky? More like the consistency of glue! When I opened my mouth you could see little gloss-strands being stretched between my lips O.O lol


    • 9/17/10 14:11 the Muse:

      LOL Ellie! YES!!!!!!! ;-D I don’t mind b/c man it’s iron proof! really wears long!


  • 9/17/10 4:54 Jennie:

    I have one in Coral Reef & one’s MIA but it’s a plum color, both of which I bought at the same time. I love the flavor — I thought it was vanilla more than bubble gum, but I’m not good at blind taste testing. LOL.

    My complaint is that I cannot for the life of me get the color to show up on my lips. All I get from both colors is just a pretty shiny clear lip gloss look. Well, at least it was cheap.


    • 9/17/10 13:12 the Muse:

      i don’t have either one of those jennie! Mind tastes bubble-gumish ;-D But than again I suck at tastes too lol! Both of these show up nicely. Not OMG pigmented but they do leave behind a nice pop of orange and/or pink! At least they are shiny right? 😀


  • 12/25/10 2:11 Janet:

    These NYC Kiss Glosses are something i buy again and again and again, i am on my third tube, pink lemonade and cherry flavor. Pink lemonade NYC gloss is a Mac pleasure principle lipglass dupe . The only difference is the price tag. Cherry is good to pair with cover girl berry lipstain..


  • 1/8/12 16:54 Prin:

    I just bought TriBeCa Tangerine! I was hoping for a bit more colour, but my lips already have a nice colour, so I’m ok with it! I also was put off by the smell at first as it was extremely sugary and sweet, but it’s ok! And it definetly was NOT as sticky as I expected it! I was SO impressed, and want to go back and buy more XD I think they must have reformulated it to not be so sticky!


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