Prada ‘Infusion d’Iris’ Eau de Toilette

Prada ‘Infusion d’Iris’ Eau de Toilette joins the Prada Woman’s Fragrance Family with a new chapter of sensory exploration inspired by the Iris.

Prada ‘Infusion d’Iris’ combines delicate lily of the valley with powdery, delicate notes of violet, sensual cedar, and clean linen making up a fresh, woody floral fragrance that’s ultra feminine.

I love the scent of violets and this comes across as a very dominate note in this blend. I’ll tell you more about it soon as I’m busy testing but I gotta say it’s a winner so far!

Prada ‘Infusion d’Iris’ Eau de Toilette is available on counter now at Nordstrom and other fine fragrance retailers for $65 to $115.

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  • 9/24/10 10:08 Bonnie:

    I bought three bottles of this beautiful fragrance, one wasn’t enough.

    Except that, now that I’m half-way through my first bottle, oh no – the love affair is over with this scent and I’m being pulled back to my first love – Lancome’s Poeme.

    Oh dear. So – cautionary tale – if you fall in love with a fragrance at first sniff, beware that first sniffs can be deceiving! The scent doesn’t wear well – it dissipates quickly during the day and I don’t get the kind of glowing comments that I get when I wear Poeme or Eternity for that matter, which last the full 8-hour workday even though I apply with a very light touch.

    I’m not saying I don’t love this fragrance anymore – I’ll use up the bottles, of course I will. It’s just that, I wish I hadn’t gone so overboard!!


    • 9/27/10 16:54 the Muse:

      aw sorry to hear it bonnie ;-D it happens!

      I didn’t notice that to be honest. I get a very nice soft linger, nothing too strong but the fragrance does stick with me throughout the day.


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