TokiDoki Robbery Palette for Winter 2010

Although the TokiDoki Roberry print hasn’t proven too popular with most of us, I’d still say that the release of a palette in this particular print is enough to bring many TokDoki fans to its knees, especially when said palette includes enough makeup to create three or more face looks.

Have you seen the new TokiDoki Robbery Palette?

Check it!

As you know from my prior post TokiDoki has introduced an array of lovely items recently. Everything from iPhone cases to accessories and new makeup as well.

I was quite excited to see the TokiDoki Robbery Palette that should be in stock soon at Sephora. This palette houses an an array of the new Cromatico Eyeshadows but it also contains blusher and highlighter as well. Each palette is grouped into four shadows and one blush or highlighter.

The entire lot is housed in a keepsake tin which allows you to break each palette housed inside into three separate pieces although I don’t believe you can travel with single palettes as from what I understand they have to be slid back into the tin after use. The tin is reusable after the makeup is gone and features the new robbery print.

The palette includes the following makeup:

  • Royal Pride Palette: Eyeshadows in Lion Pappa, Savana, Ercolini, Bulletto and Bronzer in Royal Pride
  • Arlecchino Palette: Eyeshadows in Soya, Candy Cane, Ninja Dog, Meteo and Blush in Momobella
  • Rapina Palette: Eyeshadows in Liberty, Bullets, LA Gun, Adios and Blush in Polpettina
  • Collectible Robbery Print Tin that can be reused plus Tokidoki logo magnet

Whatcha think?

Might it be a haul for you?

I like the browns and golds in the palette but the other shades I’m a little meh on but I’ll probably still haul anyway as it looks darling!

Available from Sephora shortly for $49.

  • 9/27/10 10:37 shusheshe:

    I really liked the Robbery makeup pouches actually, and I would’ve gotten it already if ordering from Sephora isn’t such a hassle for me.


    • 9/27/10 10:44 the Muse:

      hi shush! happy to hear it :)


  • 9/27/10 11:41 Lindsay:

    Oh shiz! This just moved to the top of my wish list!


    • 9/27/10 12:00 the Muse:

      ha lindsay cute right?!


  • 9/27/10 11:54 Corinne:

    omg i’m getting this for my friend for xmas!!! it’s SO cute…hope it’s available when the F&F starts =)


    • 9/27/10 12:00 the Muse:

      hey corinne you’re an awesome friend dude ;-D I’m sure it will be!


  • 9/27/10 13:06 Nunu:

    The last ‘un, but lets keep fingers crossed that there no INSANELY glittery shade in every palette like in their quads T-T


    • 9/27/10 13:08 the Muse:

      mmmmmmmmmm agreed nunu!


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