Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Magic Gloss

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Magic Gloss is a mere $1.79 and acts like a cheaper version of Smashbox O-Gloss by turning lips a perfect shade of glossy pink!

Hmmmm……can’t wait to test out!

Have you seen at your drugstore yet?

  • 9/21/10 20:42 sillylilacs:

    Definitely haven’t seen…I feel like my local drugstores are always late in getting displays and items =(

    P.S. Milani is BOGO1/2 off…so I got the baked bronzers you were talking about! =) They are frigging awesome!


    • 9/22/10 9:54 the Muse:

      AWESOME lilac! use ’em as shadow too dude!

      My drugstores are the same so I hunt and peck around various ones to find stuff. We have 100’s around.


  • 9/21/10 21:46 dedra williams:

    no but if i do i will try it out and let you know if it works :)


    • 9/22/10 9:53 the Muse:

      dedra ;-D look forward to it!


  • 9/21/10 23:59 auroragyps:

    Thanks so much for this. I’ve been looking online like crazy for any news about this year’s Fantasy Makers, and this is the first I’ve seen. I look forward to it the collection every year. I have seen some stuff in the stores, but only the glitter palettes with stencils for the face & a bowl of black lipsticks.

    Hope this means you’ll be posting more of their new goodies.


    • 9/22/10 9:50 the Muse:

      hey auro I seen the black lipstick as well plus the stencils also available was a white and black eyeliner, nail polish (black), and several eyeshadow duos I’ll be reviewing shortly 😀 Hope this helps!

      promise to get reviews up shortly 😀


  • 9/22/10 13:38 dedra williams:

    I just seen the disply at walgreens them here in the usa tampa florida but they are not selling this gloss yet just lipstics and eyeshadow n polish .


    • 9/22/10 13:42 the Muse:

      cool dedra! I hope you guys get the shadows and gloss too, they are cute!


  • 9/22/10 14:13 Ruthie:

    Ahhhh – FUN!!! 😀 Totally bringing flashbacks of the (original, IIRC) Wet ‘n’ Wild “Mood Lipstick” from back in the day! I’m talking the one that was waxy white in the tube (I think they released later versions that were colored – like green or yellow in the tube, for example) but was supposed to turn a “custom” pink-red when applied that matched your mood!

    I remember combing WOOLWORTH’S (now that’s dating myself! ;)) for it when I was in junior high! Woo hoo! 😀

    And it was actually a pretty nice lipstick, too! The shade it turned on your lips was always pretty, never too bright or garish. Well, I AM going on memories that are a couple decades old now – LOL!

    I have often wondered if Wet ‘n’ Wild still makes that Mood Lipstick but never went looking for it! Now I’m gonna AND pick up a tube of this new gloss as well! Smashbox O-Gloss doesn’t work for me – it turns a VIOLENT neon pink shade on me! I don’t *think* that’s my mood…..??! 😉

    Thanks, Muse! XOXO


    • 9/22/10 16:27 the Muse:

      OMG WOOLWORTH’S! LOL Ruthie ;-D I remember woolworth ;-D although I wasn’t yet into makeup at the time and of course I def remember Mood Lipstick but not from WnW LOL!

      You can still def get crazy mood lipstick during Halloween or anytime really if you search haha but I do’t think WnW does it anymore but maybe?!??! LOL!!!!! maybe because you’re bright and bubbly it turns super pink!? ;-D

      You’re most welcome dear girl.


    • 9/25/10 17:13 Charmaine:

      LOL, I used to LOVE Woolworth’s! I still have a lipstick I bought there when I was in HIGH SCHOOL! It’s still gorgeous, and it still smells of watermelon candy – GO PRESERVATIVES!!!! lmao


      • 9/27/10 13:33 the Muse:

        LMAO Char! You’re nuts girl!


  • 9/22/10 16:20 Bleek:

    I snatched this up the other day at Ulta! As far as I can tell, it’s a perfect dupe for smashbox o-gloss (color and texture-wise) AND it’s $20 cheaper!


    • 9/22/10 16:24 the Muse:

      AWESOME Bleek ;-D I haven’t tried it out yet!


  • 10/17/12 9:04 gabby:

    omg this is my fav. i use it every day but im running out and they dont sell it at me drug store yecks!


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