Bare Minerals Buxom Rock Stars Big & Healthy Lip Polish Review and Swatches

The Rock Star edge seems to be taking its place among this year’s Holiday offerings. So if you’re wanting to rock the halls rather than deck them this year you might wish to indulge in the new Bare Minerals Buxom Rock Stars Big & Healthy Lip Polish Gift Set. This set contains four Bare Minerals Buxom Lip Glosses in four shades. In a world of Holiday gloss sets this stands out thanks to it’s rather great packaging.

Let’s have a look!

Bare Minerals Buxom Rock Stars Big & Healthy Lip Polish is a gift set featuring four Big & Healthy Lip Polishes.

These are definitely something to take into consideration if you want more for less for the holiday season. At 0.07 each they are larger than what most gloss sets offer you right now including ones from Stila, Tarte, etc….

The packaging is very fun and features the Boxom Girls in various states of “rocking” out with a flip top box that’s quite sturdy and durable for storing the glosses in.

Although the theme is that of a rock star, the actual shades of the gloss are considerably more subdued than the typical rock star offerings out there but none the less they are pretty options. You get Gabby (wine shimmer), Blanche (shimmering nude), Julie (pink), and Tonya (pinkish coral sparkle). Out of the four shades Gabby proves more of a rock star compared to the other softer shades in the set.

The formula has a cooling sensation to create a full lip look effect however it’s the thicker texture of the gloss that gives the illusion of fuller lips. The formula isn’t sticky or tacky but wears quite long with decent color payoff on the darker shades in the lot such as Gabby. They come with sponge tip applicators for application.

I’ve always confused why Bare Minerals includes a sponge with some of the Healthy Lip Polishes and a lip brush with others. I personally prefer the lip brush style applicator and wish they had embraced it with the Rock Star set.

  • Anyone loving more for less (four glosses in generous sizes for $28 bucks ranges out to around $7 bucks each).
  • Anyone who loves the Buxom Girl gifts sets (if you collect these sets you’ll be thrilled with this one)!
  • Anyone looking for a sparkling gloss for the holidays (these pack a nice bit of shimmer).

  • Anyone who wants bolder shades of color (aside from Gabby these lean towards being more subtle and soft).
  • Anyone wanting a edge-y rockstar look (the name is slightly misleading if you believe the glosses will be of the rock star variety as the shades do run a tad subtle).

This isn’t the biggest gloss set you’ll find around for the Holidays as there are dozens of others that pack more gloss into one space however the size of the glosses are considerably larger which gives you a bit more bang for your buck. Fans of the Buxom Collection from BE will definitely find the joy in this set but those who are new to the line might wish to skip and go with something that has a bit more variety as shades are limited here. I like the set alot but would have loved it even more with a lip brush applicator as embraced by some of the other Lip Polishes that Bare Minerals puts out.

The set is $28 and available now from

Is it on your wish list?


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  • 10/15/10 13:43 Caroline:

    Thanks for the review! Have you gotten the Buxom Really Good Lines set? I’m so interested in hearing how long those wear! Although I’ll probably just get the Smashbox set anyway.


    • 10/15/10 15:27 the Muse:

      not yet caroline but def will during FF ;-D The smashbox set I can say is a good one.


  • 10/15/10 14:18 Laci:

    Not looking, not looking, not looking! WHYYY does Buxom do this to me?? I JUST bought the City Slickers set, dangit!


    • 10/15/10 15:26 the Muse:

      LOL laci ;-D


  • 10/16/10 0:59 Julie:

    LOVE that there is FINALLY a Julie color!!!


    • 10/18/10 16:01 the Muse:

      I’m waiting for mine Julie sniff…..I want a Muse color ;D lol!


  • 10/16/10 1:03 Bethany:

    If I am not mistaken, which is entirely possible…
    The buxoms with the brush are the full color ones, while the ones with the doe foot are the normal glosses.


    • 10/18/10 16:01 the Muse:

      ah thanks Bethany ;D


  • 10/16/10 15:53 Eileen:

    Cooool packaging ….


  • 10/18/10 0:29 Laura:

    Another set I must have! Their mini glosses are the perfect size. I carry one in my pocket everyday. And I love the sponge applicator. The brush drives me nuts.


    • 10/18/10 15:28 the Muse:

      ha laura totally disagree ;-D I like the brush and dislike the sponge hehe ;D


  • 10/19/10 12:01 HautePJ:

    Is it just me or do these colors look way to subdued for the moniker “rockstar” ??? I would expect maybe a louder purple/grape color, a blood red and a silver…


    • 10/19/10 12:05 the Muse:

      yup PJ ;-D great minds think alike I said this in the review, the shades aren’t so themed around the “rockstar” look ;-D


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