Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Blue Pumpkin Floss Perfume Oil Review

As you know from my prior posts I’ve been covering some BPAL perfume oils for Fall. If you aren’t in the know please see my prior post for some details and information about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

Today I have for you Blue Pumpkin Floss.

Let’s have a look at this perfume oil for Halloween!

The lab describes it as puffy clouds of pumpkin candyfloss with a trickle of blackberry juice. Blackberry juice and pumpkin? How could that possibly work right?

At first sniff of the bottle you actually can get a very faint whisper of blackberry but it’s dominated by a spicy, cinnamon pumpkin note which basically takes over the blend. First application is hardcore pumpkin and spice. Very true to what a pumpkin cookie, cake, or pie would smell like. Lots of cinnamon, lots of rich spices, very warm and cozy, and oh so Fall! The scent will wear well all through Fall but you’ll want to put it away come Winter.

Dry down is pretty much the same pumpkin scent and blackberry of any kind is easily washed away and not detected in the least. I personally enjoy the scent of pumpkin pie and it makes for a rather fun fragrance if you’re a fan of foody perfume scents. This has great throw and linger so people will lean over and tell you how delicious and nommy you smell.

It probably won’t be a great pick if you’re not keen of smelling like dessert but if you love the idea, I happen to, you’ll really enjoy this.

A gorgeous, true to life pumpkin and spice blend!


Available at for a limited time.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 10/13/10 19:17 jonnie:

    I didn’t get this one because I was totally not tracking on what blue pumpkin floss was supposed to be… reminds me of cotton candy, which for all my love of sweets, I don’t care for at all. But your description sounds much better than cotton candy! I’m still considering making another Halloweenie order since I am already over halfway through my Lambs-wool (sooo yummy)… maybe this one should be in contention!


    • 10/14/10 11:11 the Muse:

      Def no cotton candy or sweetness pure cinnamon pumpkin to me Jonnie ;-D go for it girl ;D


  • 10/13/10 21:48 Storm:

    I wore this today! I was in the mood for it. I smell more spices than you do, it seems, but it is a fantastic scent. Not my FAVORITE, but definitely a great one.


    • 10/14/10 11:09 the Muse:

      hey storm how’s you? long time no speak ;D do you get any fruit from it? I def don’t 😀


      • 10/15/10 12:05 Storm:

        No fruit! Just spices and pumpkin. I’ve been fine, just busy with grad school and the Mr… I have him hooked on BPAL too and I know at least part of my Christmas gift will involve some yummies from Beth


        • 10/19/10 10:46 the Muse:

          I bet Storm. school comes first ;-D LOL I love your guy is on Bpal! that’s awesome ;-D


  • 10/15/10 14:59 Taryn:

    I wore this today and all I smell once it’s on for awhile is maple syrup. My husband said I smell like pancakes. It smells spicy and pumpkin-y at first, but I never did get a whiff of blackberry.



    • 10/15/10 15:26 the Muse:

      mmm a little maple taryn but more pumpkin for me ;-D but NO blackberry faint whiff from the bottle but not on dry down damnit ;P


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