LA Splash Cosmetics Smoky Eye Collection

I was wandering the aisles of Harmon’s Drugstore a few days ago and came across these new LA Splash Cosmetics Smoky Eye Collection Sets. I gotta say at one time in my makeup life, drugstore fare failed to excite me but in the recent year since exploring more and more drugstore cosmetics, I’ve been pretty thrilled with what I find.

These sets looked really cool! I snapped a picture of two of ’em as well for you but didn’t indulge, tell you why in a sec.

Let’s have a look!

These set include LA Splash Sealer/Base , Black Eyeliner, and Three Shades of Diamond Dust. The sets are $14.99 at Harmon’s ($19.99 on the La Splash Website) and come in four shade selections which include Starry Night (blues), Platinum Sand (browns), Enchanted Forest (greens), and Passionate Plum (plums).

I honestly wanted all four sets as the promo images on these sets looked amazing! I’m not sure how pigmented the products are and I was kinda a little meh about dishing out $14.99 for such small sizes of products (the shadows are tiny loose pigment pots) which is why I was strong enough to say no.

But I’m so second guessing my rhythm and reason for passing these up. Here’s a few pics I snapped while in store.

They look cool right?

You might just see a review sooner or later!

If you haven’t seen ’em at your drugstore you can purchase them directly at

Whatcha think?



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  • 10/20/10 16:08 addicted_j.t.:

    I have 7 LaSplash pigment/shadows and I LOVE THEM. indulge!!! if i could find those sets where i live, i would be 70 dollars poorer :)


    • 10/20/10 16:21 the Muse:

      that good addicted?! :-O!


      • 10/21/10 16:00 addicted_j.t.:

        better :) the pigmentation of the powders is phenomenal :) but some of the shades contain TRUE glitter, not shimmer, but legit glitter. I only have 2 of the glitters which i am not to fond of seeing as how it migrates: but the others are awesome :)


        • 10/21/10 16:01 the Muse:

          thanks addicted I’m sold here ;-D


  • 10/23/10 13:10 tini:

    Oooh, the purple and neutral ones are soo pretty. I prob wont snag ’em either since the liner, primer and brush will probably just hit the junk bin, three ds shadows for the price of a mac /: maybe if I go on an ulta spree since ulta’s coupons never work on the good stuff


    • 10/25/10 13:01 the Muse:

      same here tini that was one reason I didn’t get ’em ;-D!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 11/2/10 4:46 Irene:

    I picked up one of these a couple of months ago and although I wasn’t happy about the $15 price tag, I thought I’d try it out. What irks me the most is that the black shadow is the same exact color in all of the sets. Lame! *lol*


    • 11/2/10 9:26 the Muse:

      aw that stinks irene. would drive me bonkers if I purchased all four! grrr!


  • 12/16/10 11:29 Kristine:

    I picked one of these babies up yesterday. I also wanted all 4! But after careful inspection, I realized that all 4 had the same black. I ended up choosing the “Enchanted Forest” set. Also note that I haven’t used loose glittery shadow since the seventh grade, so I’m pretty out of practice. LOL. Here is my initial review (sorry about the length!):

    The pigments ARE vibrant. BUT! The sealer/base is basically glue. Once the powder comes into contact with it, it won’t budge. This makes blending very difficult (but not impossible!) and application tough. You have to re-powder your brush for every stroke, or it will look uneven. After the sealer cannot attach to any more powder, *then* you can blend. It does give it this great velvety texture. I want to try it with some of my other pigments.
    The black powder has a slight shimmer and gold glitter. Like, real glitter. Not my taste. I love the gold though! It is SO elegant and pretty. It’s pretty universal for a lot of different looks. But I had a MAJOR problem with the green. It’s essentially a dark (almost black) base with emerald shimmer. The green is almost imperceptible from the black, only showing it’s intended color in the light. It makes this whole look very dark, which is not my thing. I haven’t given up yet, though. I think I will play around with it a little more before giving a final opinion.
    As for the liner and brush? Toss ’em. The liner feels slimey. And the brush, while great if you don’t have anything else, it is WAY to small for practical application.
    I can’t say much for staying power, as I washed it off almost immediately (I’m more of a natural girl, but I thought this would be a great new years or club look). But it looks promising.
    While the jury is still out on these colors, I hold out hope for other LA Splash pigments. All in all, I think I got what I paid for (16.99 at Ulta).
    I hope this was helpful.


    • 12/28/10 15:40 the Muse:

      VERY thanks kristine!


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