Lush Maple Taffy Lip Balm Review and Photos

Lush Maple Taffy Lip Balm came across as a tad weird for a Holiday release. I think maple and I automatically think Fall. But Lush released it as special ode to Canadian friends, inspired by the tradition of tapping maple sap and making sweet candy treats from it.


A lip balm scented and flavored like rich, ooey, gooey maple syrup!

This smells quite lovely and is spot on for maple syrup but…

I don’t like it.

I got caught up in the description which read, “sweet and syrupy balm” and proceeded to think, “oh maybe this is a slick balm…” Sadly, like most Lush Balms, it’s really hard textured. I don’t particularly find warming it up easy and dislike the harder texture with a passion. I know a few people had mentioned popping it into my pant pocket and I’ve tried this in the past with other balms from Lush and it sadly doesn’t do incredible favors for the density of the product. It’s just hard.

Now the scent of the product is really nice. It’s very rich and warm and in some aspects candy-like. Kinda reminds me of a big stack of pancakes with warm maple syrup dripping down them. At first swipe on my lips this comes across very true to my imaginings but than it turns a bit rubbery and wax tasting and kinda coconut mixed into that. It’s a weird concoction.

The formula isn’t only densely packed but it also comes across very waxy on lips. It’s not pretty to say the least.

  • Anyone who already loves Lush Lip Balms (although I personally feel the flavor is a bit funky on this little guy!).

  • Anyone who wants a hydrating lip balm (this is just waxy so if you like chapsticks you might see the joy in this).
  • Anyone who isn’t keen on flavored, scented products.

I didn’t personally like this but lovers of Lush Lip Balms might adore it however it tastes really off to me. It starts off fine but comes across rather strange soon after. I do wish it was more of a hydrating balm but I can see those who like chapstick enjoying this formula easily.

For me it was a bit of a bust but I’m really looking forward to what other Lush lovers think of this one.

Available now from Lush.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 10/8/10 13:05 jonnie:

    Hmm… well, this one is also out for delivery for me. I’ll let you know what I think! The scent sounds like what I want…I’ve also not been the biggest fan of Lush lip balms in the past, but the described scent of this made me want to try. If nothing else, I can use it in uniform – I always keep my lip balm in my pocket in uniform.


    • 10/8/10 13:41 the Muse:

      I can’t wait to hear Jonnie I’m curious if you like it or not! ;-D


      • 10/10/10 19:07 jonnie:

        Okay, so turns out I feel the same way about it you do. I don’t hate it, so now that it’s mine I’ll probably use it up just so I’m not wasting it, but yah. The smell is nice, but the flavor is WTF? and I don’t know why I keep trying new Lush balms thinking that the newest one MUST be better… oh well.

        I don’t have an issue with the texture, although what I do with harder pot balms like this is kinda scrape a little off the top with the back of my thumbnail and rub that little bit into my lips. Makes me feel a little less like I’m contaminating a pot with my fingers, too.


        • 10/12/10 14:24 the Muse:

          amen Jonnie thought it was me. It smells ok but than your taste it and it’s like ummm ummmm lol I was scratching my head trying to understand the taste.


  • 10/8/10 13:13 Stephanie:

    Are there people out there who actually like Lush balms . . . ? But seriously, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to try this one. Now you’ve convinced me. I will probably sniff it in the store, but the smell of maple syrup actually makes me gag a little bit, for some weird reason. Not to mention that I too hate Lush’s balms!


    • 10/8/10 13:41 the Muse:

      LOL yea they have a little bit of a cult following Steph ;-D but me no go. really? I don’t mind maple too much. It smells really Fall-ish but the taste goes a tad rancid on my lips!


  • 10/8/10 18:33 Heather:

    As far as the maple smell, I was disappointed when I ordered the Canadian kit with a massage bar, and maple soap in it. I thought it smelled kind of yucky. Truth be told, I don’t really like the smell of maple syrup period. I think I have said this before but the lip balms are so much nicer after sitting in a warm car for a few or a pocket!


    • 10/12/10 16:30 the Muse:

      heather def tried a melty moment with the but still get the waxy vibe 😀


  • 10/8/10 21:35 Dana:

    I love Lush, and one of my favorite products is the lip balms! I agree they’re hard, and at first I didn’t like them for that reason. A Lush worker taught me a trick though; you scrape a little off with the back of your finger nail (sounds gross I know, lol) and then warm it between fingers first. Same idea for the solid perfumes. It works awesome! =)


    • 10/12/10 16:29 the Muse:

      I tried this dana but no lucky always hard for me ;D damn!


  • 10/9/10 8:42 rowan:

    the thing with lush lip balms is that they become more emollient after the top layer is used up. which is weird.


    • 10/12/10 16:23 the Muse:

      Rowan, I wish I noticed that but damn it nada 😛


  • 10/9/10 16:01 sureyya:

    i just bought this today!! along with snow fairy lip balm!!! i haven’t bought anything from lush in such a long time!! did go in to buy it started with a kiss (it\s the same name of one of my fave taiwanese dramas so what can i do?!!) but i think i need to stock up on maple taffy!!! it’s so yummy, and not as hard as i remember lush lip balms to be!!! 😀


    • 10/12/10 16:09 the Muse:

      Oh haven’t seen that T-Drama Sureyya tell me more ;-D I’m currently watching Pasta (K-Drama) and loving it. You’re lucky you liked maple taffy, just didn’t do it for me hun!


  • 10/11/10 19:22 aysha:

    I agree with u! At first it smells like warm maple syrup, but then a waxy sickly crayon smell, I keep mine in my bra (lol) which makes lush lipbalms easier to apply, it does seem moisturising but mines kinda gritty and leaves a waxy coating, smell oh and taste is horrible! On the site it says toffee flavour..erm I duno wot kinda toffee the lushies have been eatin!! My bf kissed me n wiped his mouth saying eughh :( lush failed lol x


    • 10/12/10 13:33 the Muse:

      yup aysha that’s it, waxy crayong ;-D LOL good idea. Warm! haha! LOL oh no that’s def a FAIL! Really comes across strange tasting doesn’t it?


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