Sephora Friends and Family 2010 Coupon Code

w00t! Time for major hauling kids!

Sephora Friends and Family 2010 is on and here’s the coupon code: FF2010

Click the below link to begin shopping!

Enjoy 20% Off your total order at Sephora from October 21st to November 3rd.

Happy Shopping!

Let me know whatcha get!?

Disclaimer: There is an affiliate link in this post if you click it and make a purchase I get a small commission.

  • 10/21/10 9:21 Erin:

    I ordered a half hour ago!
    I got:
    Korres 10 piece pencil set
    Rosebud Salve
    Korres Lip Butter Glaze 3 pack
    Nars Orgasm blush
    and UD Black Palette for my mom



    • 10/21/10 12:15 the Muse:

      Erin Rosebud Salve and Nars Orgasm GREAT pics ;-D


  • 10/21/10 9:59 Michelle:

    Woohoo! Time to get the UD Professional Size Primer potion. Thanks!


    • 10/21/10 10:37 the Muse:

      yay michelle good one ;D


  • 10/21/10 10:10 Vonnie:

    so it starts tomorrow right? the 22nd?


    • 10/21/10 10:37 the Muse:

      today sorry vonnie bit sleepy :)


  • 10/21/10 10:29 miss wan:

    Muse! I just used the code & it’s up and running as of NOW :)


  • 10/21/10 10:59 Su:

    Placed my order!

    I am a bit of a newbie to makeup (and to the USA) so I bought the UD 24/7 Jackpot, MUFE HD Microfinish powder, Philosophy Under The Mistletoe Lip Shine Set, and Stila Pretty In Paris. Very excited!


    • 10/21/10 11:07 the Muse:

      su sounds like a GREAT haul for a newbie ;-D


  • 10/21/10 11:12 Karrie:

    I just placed a small order for the Nars So Famous Set and Clinique cream liner in deep brown.
    I think I want more but I just really wanted to get the order in for the Nars set first.


    • 10/21/10 12:13 the Muse:

      karrie great pic on the Nars ;-D No worries I normally end up going back a few times myself after thinking over my purchases!


  • 10/21/10 11:22 Cj:

    Ooh what to get, What to get lol. I feel like a kid in a candy store… Who’s candy is now 20% off πŸ˜€


    • 10/21/10 12:12 the Muse:

      lol cj ;D


      • 10/21/10 12:41 Cj:

        Ok here’s my list so far lol

        Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation
        Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
        Dior Lip Maximizer
        Dior Addict Lip Polish (in Fresh Expert)
        Michael Kors Very Hollywood Sparkling Eau de Toilette
        DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum
        DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Eau de Parfum

        Know anything I should try?


        • 10/21/10 12:58 the Muse:

          SWEET CJ ;-D The Creme Smooth is on my lip too ;-D I actually did a post about great deals above that should give you some great ideas ;D


          • 10/21/10 15:44 Cj:

            Hey have you tried Guerlain’s eyeshadow palette’s? I’m tryin to decide whether or not to get the Rue de Passy one. It’s kinda expensive even with the 20% off but it looks so beautiful! Do you think it’s worth the money?

          • 10/21/10 15:45 the Muse:

            Hi CJ if it’s in your budget I’d get it. Guerlain makes incredible eye palettes. Look through my archives I have reviews/swatches.

  • 10/21/10 12:00 Laci:

    I’m happy to report that I stayed under my budget of $200. πŸ˜€ With shipping and tax, it was around $160.

    I got the Laura Mercier Eye Book, NARS Duos in Misfit, Sugarland and Melusine, NARS e/s in Etrusque, NARS e/s base and Korres Gray Green mascara (for $9!!).


    • 10/21/10 12:11 the Muse:

      yay laci!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job hun ;-D Nice pics too! loving the LM eye Book purchase might have to add that in to my order ;-D! Wear in health dear!


  • 10/21/10 12:50 Larie:

    Omg, I thought it was tomorrow…thank you for posting! I just ordered! The Tarte jewelry box will be mine! πŸ˜€ I also made my budget, woohoo! Got some skincare (that skincare reward system is awesome too, btw), and am trying the korres liquid lipstick and UD Eden, ’cause it’s paraben-free and I just ran out of smashbox eye primer. Totally made my day!


    • 10/21/10 12:57 the Muse:

      ahh glad you got the tarte Larie before it was gone ;D Fantastic haul! Enjoy hun!


  • 10/21/10 14:19 Kelly:

    I’m still deciding! I was thinking of getting the new Tocca perfume set, NARS, UD primer set, or one of the new gorgeous palettes. I really need a new concealer or foundation but have no clue what to get, and don’t have the time to get matched :/ I wish they had the new Stila Moscow book. AHHH decisions decisions! I’m limited to getting maybe one or two things :/


    • 10/21/10 14:46 the Muse:

      Aw kelly good luck hun deciding ;-D I’m sure you’ll pick some great stuff!


  • 10/21/10 15:48 niewniewjen:

    I HATE BEING IN CANADA!!!!!!!!! D< $120 for free shipping my butt! Argh. Oh well, gotta haul what I gotta haul, right? :]


    • 10/21/10 15:51 the Muse:

      aw sorry jen :(


  • 10/21/10 16:02 Cj:

    Ok just put my order through! I decided to add the Rue de Passy palette along with their Cashmere Matte Lip Gloss in Rose Pondichery to the products I listed above πŸ˜€

    (Btw sorry about having to do a whole new post >.> stupid phone still isn’t showing the reply button when the convo gets long)


    • 10/21/10 16:03 the Muse:

      no worries cj ;-D awesome hauling hun ;D


  • 10/21/10 19:28 Michelle T.:

    I’m a 42-year-old former tomboy with a 7-year-old son and I recently whipped myself into shape with P90X and am getting into makeup to go with my new bod! Visited a Sephora for the first time over Labor Day in Vegas and haven’t looked back since! Here’s today’s haul that I got for 20% off ONLY BECAUSE YOU TIPPED ME OFF ON THIS AWESOME SALE (THANKS!!!):

    OPI/Merry Me! Nail Colour
    Smashbox/Smile Brightening Lip Gloss
    d.j.v. beautenizer Fiberwig LX Pure Black
    Clinique/Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector
    SEPHORA COLLECTION/BCA Pink Eyelash Curler
    SEPHORA by OPI/Nail Colour Remover
    Tooo Faced/Enchanted Glamourland
    MAKE UP FOR EVER/Sens’Eyes – Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser
    SEPHORA COLLECTION/Glitter Cream Eyeshadow Set
    Too Faced/Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection
    Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick/Amsterdam



    • 11/2/10 16:55 the Muse:

      FANTASTIC Michelle ;-D NICE list hun! I’m so glad you took advantage ;-D ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 10/21/10 20:06 kelly:

    Fresh Sugar RosΓ© Get Away! Set
    Fresh Milk & Rose Shampoo
    Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head
    Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation

    Ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Repair
    OPI for SEPHORA Six Piece Full Size Nail Colour Set
    SEPHORA COLLECTION Color Slim Palettte – Lips

    Tarte The Jewelry Box – The Jewelry Box
    tarte Good As Gold Lipgloss Collection


    • 10/25/10 12:54 the Muse:

      NICE kelly ;-D! great haul!


  • 10/21/10 22:40 Andrea:

    I put in an order this morning for some staples: UDPP Pro Size and Benefit Dandelion. I really shouldn’t since my poor little college student budget is super tight from recent hauls, but I’m considering putting in another order for some more discounted goodies: Stila Cherry Crush, UD De-Slick Mattifying Powder, and maybe the UD body powder in Marshmallow (just bc it has a cute box and it smells so yummy… haha).


    • 10/28/10 3:35 Andrea:

      So I actually did put in a (big) second order, and I’m really excited for it to arrive! I didn’t get anything super crazy, mostly stuff I’ve been wanting for a while but was hesitant to pay retail for.

      Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder
      Urban Decay Sparkling Lickable Body Powder in Marshmallow
      Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in James
      Stila Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain
      Stila Acai Crush Lip and Cheek Stain
      Stila Artist’s Inspiration Palette
      Nars Blush in Orgasm
      Philosophy Have a Cherry Christmas 3-in-1
      Philosophy Have a Cherry Christmas Lip Shine

      After this splurge, I’m not letting myself buy anything else from Sephora through the end of the year. Willpower!


      • 10/28/10 12:44 the Muse:

        SWEEEEEEEEEEEET andrea ;-D all awesome pics. You’re going to love Cherry Christmas, it’s a fav of mine ;-D


  • 10/21/10 23:14 rachel:

    i am so excited i just ordered the nars beauty in a box and mufe hd foundation so excited !! i never order things that expensive but with 20% off and free shipping and a 50 dollar gift card i could not pass up the offer! i ended up after taxes only paying $40 out of pocket woo!


    • 10/22/10 9:54 the Muse:

      fantastic rachel ;-D good hauling!


  • 10/21/10 23:29 Rachel:

    I am SO glad I saw your post this morning, everyone else was saying that the sale was going to start tomorrow. I was not quite prepared with my final list, but luckly nothing was sold out yet and I got everything I wanted (at least for order number one, I will most likely put in another order before the sale ends)! I purchased:

    Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Starstruck ($5 before discount!)
    Smashbox Instant Eyes Shadow & Liner Palette ($15)
    Smashbox Smile Brightening Lip Gloss ($5)
    Cover FX Luminescent Powder in Golden Bronze ($8)
    Kinerase Ultimate Night Moisturizer 1.4 oz
    Tarte Picture Perfect Duo (eyelash curler with free deluxe sample of mascara)
    DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Gift Set ($83 Value for $40)
    Urban Decay/Book of Shadows Vol III


    • 10/22/10 9:53 the Muse:

      yay rachel! glad you hauled ;-D fantastic LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll have to tell me how the smile brightening gloss is, curious minds!


  • 10/23/10 19:02 kharanya:

    So I got the Tarte Jewelry Box (one for my mom too)
    Ring it in Cheek Stain set
    Sephora Black Eyeliner Set

    I’m still contemplating if I want to get more and qualify for the VIB club or wait and see what other F&F sales are coming round (Tarte or Urban Decay or Pur Minerals) or have those all gone by or the year?

    Yes horror of all horrors, I’m not a VIB, think I missed it by a few bucks last year and I’ve had to overhaul my skincare & cosmetics due to allergies.

    So what to do Muse? I know you got the skinny on them sales!


    • 10/25/10 12:04 the Muse:

      fantastic haul kaharanya your mum will be chuffed ;-D After the holidays you might see something from UD? or Tarte during the Holidays? By I haven’t seen anything yet from UD and Tarte just recently did a 30% off.

      If I learn anything will of course post!


      • 10/26/10 11:34 kharanya:

        Actually Tarte had a 40%, I bought some stuff from them :) (totally digging their amazonian clay concealer/powder duo and their bronzer stick btw)
        I did go back and get the Clarisonic Mia and am trying not to buy anything else cause I wanted to see what might be available for Cyber Monday.


        • 10/27/10 13:07 the Muse:

          kharnya is that the yellow based concealer?! does this work under eyes or only good for redness?! curious minds! oh gosh forgot about Cyber Monday, more $ to spend lol!


  • 10/24/10 19:52 Jenji:

    Nice…ty for the code. I ordered the Urban Decay/Book of Shadows Vol III for my daughter as a surprise.


    • 10/25/10 9:39 the Muse:

      aw thanks fab jenji hope she adores it!


  • 10/25/10 14:20 dangster:

    Haha, I managed to stay under my budget of $500:

    Urban Decay Beauty in a Box (the first one)
    Urban Decay Beauty in a Box (the second one)
    Fresh Sugar Rush Set
    Fresh Sugar Plum Let It Glow! Set
    ghd Dazzle Gift Set (the prof. flat iron, a travel hair dryer, and a case)
    Nars Beauty in a Box: Nars Junkie

    This ended up being $410 after discount and tax. I’m gonna go make myself another order!


    • 10/27/10 14:22 the Muse:



  • 10/28/10 13:02 Cj:

    So I go my order the other day and I’m really loving most of it πŸ˜›

    The Foundation is amazing! It looks like it’ll be thick but when you buff it onto your face it’s so lightweight it feels like air.

    The Concealer is just perfect.

    I use the Lip Maximizer at night and when I wake up my lips feel amazing

    I use the Lip polish over my Dior Addict Glow at times where I want more color and gloss

    And all the perfumes I got are lovely :)

    Sadly the Guerlain palette and lip color is totally not me (the products itself are wonderful tho!)

    So I’m going to return the palette and lip color. I’m also gonna get a Clarasonic Plus to replace my Mia (I really want the higher speed and body brush! And I can just give my Mia to my mom lol she always asked to use it)


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