Unforgettable Moments Lip Balm Dewy Rose Review

Anyone check out the Payless Beauty selection yet? Yes, your local shoe store has cosmetics, whoa!

I picked up a few pieces and I’ve been busy exploring a little bit to see what sorts of products are worth your dollar and whether you need ’em or not.

Today I have one of the Unforgettable Moments Lip Balms in Dewy Rose. It’s cute little pot of balm for $3.99, could prove a sweet budget fine.

Let’s check it out!

A sweet little budget lip balm in a pretty tin!

Presentation wise this gets major props as you’d never know it was merely $4 bucks just by looking at it. It comes housed in a very generous tin with .32 oz of lip balm inside. The tin is a pale pink and rose shade with Unforgettable Moments printed on top. I’m unsure if I find the name of the collection corny or not but I will say the tin does come across very sweet and quite kawaii for those who favor cuter makeup items.

These are available in a few selections but I’m unsure if the fragrance and flavor are all the same or not as I only hauled one. The texture is a firm jelly-like feel which comes across very hydrating and emollient on lips. It’s not a Vaseline style balm, it leans towards being slicker and thinner in consistency allowing for a nice shiny finish on lips that both hydrates, moistens, and leaves behind a glossy look.

Sadly, it is clear for the most part so the lovely shade of rose pink in the jar isn’t the shade you’ll see on lips.

The balm is flavored and scented like rose however it comes across a tad bitter and unpleasant tasting on lips but I’m not complaining too much considering how friendly the formula is. It smells pretty enough but tastes awful.

The pot could prove a deal breaker for some considering it’s not travel friendly for application on the go if your hands are dirty.

  • Anyone seeking a budget friendly balm with a shiny, glossy finish that hydrates lips.
  • Anyone who loves cuter makeup items.
  • Compulsive lip balm types (you know who are you are!).

  • Anyone sensitive to fragrance and or flavored lip products.
  • Anyone who doesn’t like potted lip products.
  • Anyone wanting to travel around and apply.

This is actually a really decent lip balm and better than most as balms are normally either really hard textured or a bit too Vaseline-like. This is a perfect texture with a thin formula that leaves lips looking glossy while hydrating them. If you’re looking for a cheaper balm to stick by your night table or something for quickie touch ups throughout the day I’d recommend this little guy!

Perfect price, great formula.

Taste needs a little improvement though!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 10/5/10 13:55 Sonia:

    It looks cute! I like the packaging!


    • 10/5/10 14:08 the Muse:

      me too sonia, totally slayed over the packaging 😀


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