Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Holiday 2010

That’ll be me you see running past you at the mall to get to the Armani Beauty counter so I can haul some of the new Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Holidays.



Have you seen?

These shadows are a new hybrid texture which is a cross between a powder and a cream that acts as a long lasting color film on eyes. According to Armani the formula is composed of an unprecedented association between binder elements and pearls that creates an exceptional luminosity depth and intensity of the eye color.

A cocktail of blended black cut metal shades set a smoky eye on fire with gold, copper or silver grey shimmer. The shadows can be applied dry or wet to obtain satin to lacquer effects.

Plus a formula that has a twenty four hour wear time and is waterproof and sweat-proof and removes easily.

Shades available are:

  • Black
  • Copper/Black Grey
  • Silver/Black Grey

The shadows are a whopping $32 each but lord knows they sound amazing particularly the cooper color which is the one I will probably indulge in.

What do you think?

Available now at

  • 11/1/10 13:22 Nia:

    Why are they doing this to me?! And why am I lusting for the black one?

    Copper is not really a great colour on me, maybe the silver one. Do you happen to know if they make it to Europe?

    Have a great week. Did you do something fun for Halloween?


    • 11/1/10 13:23 the Muse:

      hi nia!!!!!!!!!! haha sorry ;-D Aren’t they gorg? Not sure sadly :( If I hear about the Euro release will let you know. Thanks! I need a great week, it’s already a busy one! I had a massive Halloween party on Saturday night ;-D and did the normal spooky things on Friday, haunted houses and such ;D


  • 11/1/10 13:53 peri:

    those are SO pretty. $32 isnt that bad….right? RIGHT? lol.


    • 11/1/10 14:06 the Muse:

      right peri *nods seriously* ;-D


  • 11/1/10 16:22 LINDARRAGNAR:

    O.M.G everything looks amazing i will probably get the black (actually every colour looks so vexing)

    why is it the Giorgio Armani makes the most beautiful and best makeup but the worst prices :(


    • 11/1/10 16:22 the Muse:

      I’m leaning towards the black and copper Linda ;-D


  • 11/1/10 20:47 Phyrra:

    That copper shade is divine!


  • 11/2/10 2:48 katrosado5:

    OH-MY-LAWD. I have to have that copper one. I must have it. Come to Momma! I’ll have to order this one online. Oh but I will!


    • 11/2/10 9:34 the Muse:

      isn’t it gorg katros?!?!?!


    • 11/29/10 9:12 eva:

      for katrosado5……. from where can i buy it on line ?
      I am from Greece.
      Or maybe from uk?


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