Bobbi Brown Deluxe Mini Brush Set for Holiday 2010 Review, Photos

This one time at band camp…

You know a story is coming on dontcha?

I purchased a Bobbi Brown Concealer Palette from QVC a few years ago and I didn’t love it but the more I used it the more it grew on me until suddenly one day I found I couldn’t live without it. The palette came with a Bobbi Brown Dual End Concealer Brush. One side had a typical smallish concealer brush and the other had a blending brush which you could use to apply powder under your eyes to set concealer. Now at the time of my purchase I was suffering some serious dry eye syndrome and I was just discovering that indeed age was creeping up on me and placing powder anywhere near my eyes was a big no-no unless I wanted to age myself by 50 years. The Bobbi Brown Dual End Concealer Brush changed all of that. It became a staple item in my daily makeup regime, an absolute essential item, the I can’t live without you brush of choice…you get the point.

Tragedy struck earlier this year when I lost the brush.

OMG! Horror! It disappeared one day and was never to be found again. Some folks consoled me, told me go out and purchase a blending brush from MAC and use that but it was honestly never the same thing.

So I spent near $80 bucks on another Bobbi Brown Concealer Palette, which I didn’t need considering I had plenty in my other, just so I could get that beloved brush back.

Yes, it was worth that much.

For some odd reason Bobbi doesn’t sell this duo alone but she does have an eyeshadow blending brush that’s similar but not the same so splurging for another concealer palette was well worth the purchase to get back that beloved brush!

You, lucky enough, don’t have to go through the same drama of finding this brush because it’s available now in the Bobbi Brown Deluxe Mini-Brush Set for Holiday 2010.

Check it!

There are ALOT of cheap brush sets around for the Holidays. Heck MAC’s Holiday Collection has several to choose from. But if you want quality and an awesome duo concealer brush that I personally can’t live without it, I’d say go with the Bobbi Brown Deluxe Mini Brush Set.

It’s $90 which could prove steep for some but a pretty damn nice investment in my humblest. Seriously, if you’re having problems getting powder to set your concealer right because of fine lines or dryness, you NEED the brush inside this set. It’s a bit longer, bristle wise than a typical shadow blending brush, a bit less dense, a little more floppy, and just right for gently sweeping powder under your eyes to set concealer or wake up tired eyes. I use it with my Skin Food Dark Circle Powder and the results are flawless!

I’m gushing I know but I generally love this brush and consider it a staple, HG (holy grail) beauty tool! Total must have in my opinion!

The set also includes a mini face blender, eye sweep, angle eye shadow, eye liner, and lip brush plus a emblem makeup bag for toting them around.

Broken down you’re looking at $15 per a brush a bit steep considering most brush sets range in the $5-$10 category however this is a high end brand so you have to take that into consideration also the brushes have the quality to back them up as well. I find Bobbi’s mini brushes are just as wonderful as her full size ones and honestly, I own more of her mini ones than her full size ones.

If you’re in the market for a good, solid brush set that includes one must have, you need this brush (‘ello concealer brush dream!) this is a fab set to indulge in.

The set is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus.

Do share your Bobbi Brown Brush reviews with me.

Do you like her brushes?

Own any of her mini ones?

Spill it here!

Disclaimer: I did not purchase this nor did I get it as a sample, a lovely friend gifted me this set and I love her for spoiling me

  • 11/10/10 16:00 Ru:

    I heart that story :)


    • 11/10/10 16:02 the Muse:

      LOL ru ;-D sure it doesn’t make me too diseased?! ;D


  • 11/10/10 16:57 Michelle:

    I got this brush full sized several years ago. The lady at the counter urged me to get it because although (at the time) they offered each brush individually the dual-ended version was limited. I love this brush & you’re right the mini sets are the same quality as the full sized brushes.


    • 11/10/10 17:21 the Muse:

      Michelle I am so jealous! I’ve never seen this full size and would ADORE it full size ;-D It’s a fab brush isn’t it!? ;-D


  • 11/10/10 17:23 Zulfa:

    I have several BB brushes, both full size and mini ones, and I like them a lot. Like her other cosmetics products, they are dependably high quality and high performing (as opposed to hyped up) :-P. My prized set is the LE set made for Neiman Marcus anniversary. Pic as below (not affiliated).


    • 11/10/10 17:40 the Muse:

      omg zulfa I do not recall that collection, it’s gorgeous!


  • 11/10/10 17:26 Zulfa:

    Oohhh.. and I’d like to add that I didn’t actually pay retail for it, because I just realized that website had the retail price in it.


  • 11/10/10 18:50 Colette:

    I have that dual ended brush too and often have wondered what would happen to me if I lost it or it broke….b/c I know she doesn’t sell it alone. Funny thing, I like you didn’t care about it at first but now I use it everyday.


    • 11/11/10 9:13 the Muse:

      same colette ;-D! life or death situation! ;-D


  • 11/10/10 19:09 Promise:

    Wow, great friend. lol


  • 11/11/10 1:22 Sonia:

    You scared me when I read the part “Tragedy struck earlier this year..” Then I read the rest and I realized you were ok, lol!

    SUPER cute set!


    • 11/11/10 9:04 the Muse:

      lol aw sonia sorry hun! didn’t mean to make you worry hugs!


  • 11/11/10 12:32 Tala:

    Unf, you are lucky to have friends who spoil you with pretty things! :) I dread finding out the cost of that set in my neck of the woods. Hello, markup. :(


    • 11/11/10 13:05 the Muse:

      aw tala where ya from!? Australia?! gosh mark up is crazy there!


  • 11/11/10 20:43 Tala:

    Manila, actually! They mark up even Revlon, Wet N Wild, and NYX like mad! So you can only imagine what they charge for department store stuff. :<


    • 11/11/10 20:44 Tala:

      Oops, meant to reply to you up there.


    • 11/12/10 10:30 the Muse:

      jeepers tala I can indeed :( that stinks. Any luck on E-bay!? sometimes lots of deals to be had!


  • 12/3/10 5:56 ebabytrace:

    I lost the same dual-ended brush (or someone stole it from my hotel room on a business trip) and I have been upset ever since. So I’d just bought the latest N-M mini brush collection; it arrived yesterday just to get that one brush back. I’m sending the rest of the mini brush collection to my sister who is the one who just sent me the link to this blog entry. I’m not alone! I have BB large and mini brushes and love them all.


    • 12/7/10 16:17 the Muse:

      ebaby I’m glad I’m not the only one that ADORES that brush ;-D Isn’t it fab!?


  • 12/13/10 2:19 themintyness:

    I just bought this off the NM website! I bought it for myself, I know I’m awful hahaha. My brush set is almost complete…but this will fill up any gaps I have. I have the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush already, so I know the quality is good. I also thought about getting the Laura Mercier travel brush set but your review really helped convince me that it was the right one; the concealer/blending brush sounds like something that’s missing from my life! Can’t wait to try it out!

    Thank you so much for the excellent review and pictures!


    • 12/13/10 16:02 the Muse:

      not at all theminty ;-D spoil yourself I say ;-D You’re better off with the BB imho, I don’t like the LM travel set as much! ;-D do let me know what you think when it arrives?! aw my pleasure, thank you for such a great comment!


  • 12/29/10 10:27 Johanna:

    Hey again, Muse! I was lemming this brush set after you reviewed it, but had reservations due to: 1) price and, 2) I didn’t want to have to drive to Neiman’s during the holiday season and didn’t want to put it on my credit card. Again, I was at The Cosmetics Company Store, and spied a similar discontinued Bobbi Brown set, ‘Exclusive Platinum Deluxe Mini Brush Set’ that once retailed at Neiman’s for $100, but was now selling for $70. So, I bought it, and I’m happy because I love the quality. There’s a couple of small differences between the old and the new, but, saving $20 assuages my guilt a little.


    • 12/29/10 10:33 the Muse:

      YAY johanna! you’re scoring all crazy like at CCO hun! super ;-D honestly the brushes are around the same each holiday season so this one and the platinum have small differences in terms of what’s included and the bag they include them in but quality remains the same! great hauling and happy to hear you’re loving it ;-D!!!!!!!!!!


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