Hard Candy Showgirl’s Secret Glitter Glue

Need some extra staying power for your glitters, shimmers, sparkles, shadows, and pigments? Hard Candy Showgirl’s Secret Glitter Glue seals product onto your lid for extra staying power plus it only costs six bucks.

Possible budget Urban Decay Primer Potion anyone?

I wants!

Available at Walmart.

  • 11/15/10 18:57 Corinne:

    I think it would be closer to Pixie Epoxy than UDPP. UDPP doesn’t really help with adhering glitters, its more to hold powders IMO. At least I have not had luck with it helping with actual glitters.


    • 11/15/10 20:40 Marina:

      Exactly what I was thinking, Corinne!


  • 11/16/10 9:49 Kristina:

    Def going to grab this the next time I’m forced into going to Walmart! I never use my Bobbi Denim Sparkle eyeshadow because i can’t get it to stay on just my lid and not everywhere else. Fingers crossed this is the solution because I really like that shadow otherwise!


    • 11/16/10 9:50 the Muse:

      kristina I’m dying to try it too. Curious if it’ll work ;-D


  • 3/7/13 13:22 Marlo:

    I been to several.Walmart and they don’t carry the Hard Candy Show girl glitter glue. Do you know where else I can purchase it from ?


    • 3/7/13 13:25 the Muse:

      hard candy is exclusive to walmart marlo perhaps try their online site?


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