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I had heck of a great success with Lush It Started With a Kiss. How about you guys? Loving it? Leaving it? Do share. I like it, alot. A bit too much in fact. It makes minimal makeup a snap! I wore it all weekend because I was all kinds of lazy about doing my makeup so I dabbed some on my cheeks and lips and went to town and got a ton of comments about how fresh faced I looked, why don’t I look fresh faced with my 10 layers of makeup that I normally wear?! Ha!

No but seriously it’s such minimal makeup at its best especially since I’ve taken to multitasking it as a cheek stain! Loves!

How about Lush Double Choc Lip Tint?

Chance of a great outcome since It Started With a Kiss is such a fond fav.

Let’s have a lookiee!

A bronze brown lip tint with a delicious chocolate scent and flavor from Lush!

As with most Lush lip products this is a harder textured lip balm that comes across a bit waxy on lips. Some folks love and embrace Lush Lip Balms and some don’t. Pick a side and fight for your life. I happen to fall in the middle myself. Some are nice, some not so nice, it really depends.

Double Choc definitely doesn’t do any favors in the formula department but it will appeal to those who love chocolate I’m sure. It has a strong chocolate-y taste and smell.


Oh yeah, now I remember, I hate chocolate flavored lip products. Yak. So sadly Lush Double Choc Lip Tint isn’t doing it for me in the flavor department.

I do find the color a bit unflattering on my lips however I won’t say this will be a universal problem for anyone that tries it as those who have a deeper skin tone might find it’s a perfect fit or anyone who likes warmer shades of brownish lipstick, again, might find it delightful. Personally it looked awful on me, kinda like a kid who got into the candy jar and ended up with melted chocolate on their lips and face, not pretty.

It did however double up as a cheek stain but it doesn’t look to great on me. If I were a shade or two darker I might be able to rock it as such but sadly it looks a tad too muddy on my face.

  • Anyone with darker skin.
  • Anyone who wants a bronze brownish lip and cheek color.

  • Fairer skin tones.
  • Anyone who wants a hydrating lip treatment or balm (Lush Lip Balms run a bit hard and waxy).

Lush Double Choc Lip Tint wasn’t my fav of the two tinted lip balms from Lush but it might be favorable to those with darker skin tones and can easily multitask as a cheek stain as well as a lip tint! For those with fairer skin definitely check out It Started with a Kiss, I’m loving it.

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  • 11/9/10 13:11 Cj:

    As yummy as a chocolate flavored lip balm sounds, a brown tint on my lips would look ridiculous on me lol (I’m pretty pale). I still use the It Started With a Kiss every now and again, I love the shade it gives my lips :) Haven’t tried it on my cheeks tho… Sounds kinda weird using a lip product on my cheeks lol


    • 11/9/10 13:36 the Muse:

      ha def weird CJ ;-D but loving it as a cheek stain! i did an FOTD check it out, really pretty ;D


  • 1/3/11 19:00 aysha:

    i have this & s.w.a.k (love that! i apply a lipliner in same colour then apply the liptint with a lipbrush), but my double choc is SO hard like i rub my finger over it and nothing comes out!! :S x


    • 1/11/11 15:33 the Muse:

      mm same here they lip products always have a really hard texture aysha :(


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