MAC & Marcel Wanders Collection for Holiday 2010

The MAC & Marcel Wanders aka MAC’s posh Holiday Collection will launch November 24th, 2010. It’s been a while since I indulged in the MAC Special Holiday Collections such as this. I always tell myself I’ll indulge and I proceed to get hooked on some other collection. For some reason, it always fails to excite me.

And as with most years, Marcel Wanders Collection does nothing for me.

What do you think?

Check it!

MAC & Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss

  • Aleydis – Fuchsia
  • Beatrix – Golden Nude
  • Gertruyd – Blackened red
  • Mary – Light gold

MAC & Marcel Wanders Lipstick

  • Catharina – Fuchsia (Cream)
  • Digna – Blackened red (Cream)
  • Gesina – Red with pink (Cream)
  • Martha – Golden champagne with pearl (Frost)

MAC & Marcel Wanders Sheer Mystery Powder
Shades Available:

  • Light Medium (Pale Ivory)
  • Medium Plus (Tan Beige)

MAC & Marcel Wanders False Lashes Mascara

MAC & Marcel Wanders Air of Style Scent Concentrate

MAC & Marcel Wanders Duo Fibre Brush

MAC & Marcel Brush Clutch

I really love MAC but I don’t deem myself hardcore enough to run out and purchase anything from this collection. I think it will appeal to fan girls that collect MAC and also those who are new to MAC because lord knows when I was new to the brand, the Sheer Mystery Powder was something I had to have.

What do you think?

Will this collection be on your Holiday wish list?

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P.S. Doesn’t the clutch look like it has a face staring at you from the pattern?! Eerie, ha!


  • 11/8/10 10:15 Kristen:

    yeah, nothing looks appealing to me. Im glad cause this stuff is going to be expensive. I think that duo fiber brush is $75!


    • 11/8/10 10:15 the Muse:

      ouch Kristen!!!!!!!!! costly!


  • 11/8/10 10:16 ☆Lola A♏ ★:

    I like the glosses and lipsticks, but not the price increase. :(


    • 11/8/10 10:23 the Muse:

      mm Lola agreed but this is typical for this special release 😛


    • 11/8/10 10:56 Anitacska:

      I agree. I like some of the shades of lipsticks and lipglosses, but for $20 each? And that’ll be even more in the UK!


  • 11/8/10 10:54 Eli:

    My greatest complaint about MAC has always been the plain packaging, but this one… Ohaaaaaa!!! Seriously, it looks a-ma-zing :)


    • 11/8/10 11:21 the Muse:

      hi Eli yup these fancy releases each Holiday are very pretty for the packaging.


  • 11/8/10 12:05 Storm:

    The packaging on the sheer mystery powder is fantastic but I think the Mr. and I are planning a trip(for the spring) to a place that has a CCO…and if they’re there, maybe I’ll buy one. But it isn’t something I’m going to whine over OR pay for price for!


    • 11/8/10 12:20 the Muse:

      Storm amen sista ;-D waiting for CCO is best imho!


  • 11/8/10 12:12 Cj:

    Well… The packaging looks nice lol :D, the powder looks interesting but if all it is, is a regular pressed setting powder then I’ll pass. The Air of Style Scent Concentrate is a solid perfume… right? Lol if so then I might check that out if it smells nice :)


    • 11/8/10 12:19 the Muse:

      hey cj! yup regular setting powder ;-D and that’s a solid perfume 😀


      • 11/8/10 12:43 Cj:

        Ok after much In-depth investigating (lol) I found out that the solid perfume is going to cost only $30 which is pretty good 😀 and I found an old review of the scent on Temptalia which she describes it as “I want to say that what I could sniff out was more of a sweet floral scent with jasmine undertones, a touch of woodiness, but mostly sophisticated floral tones” So I’m definitely going to get this lol I’m on a big fragrance kick this season!

        PS: Does that look like a necklace strap or a bracelet strap to you lol?


        • 11/11/10 16:07 the Muse:

          that’s not bad cj particularly thanks to the pretty packaging ;-D believe bracelet!!? ;D


  • 11/8/10 12:36 Heather:

    Too spendy


  • 11/8/10 14:09 Lisa:

    Totally nothing grabbed me from the collection. Though I love the fact that you pointed out the face! My first though in my head was, “Ew! Creepy! Looks almost like a Dark Mark….” *nerd!* Hehehehe


    • 11/8/10 14:21 the Muse:

      HA lisa ;-D you noticed that too!?


  • 11/8/10 14:31 Truus:

    The only things nice about this collection are the names, very old Dutch names from the age of Johannes Vermeer (Girl with a Pearl Earring). They say Marcel Wanders (a Dutch designer) was inspired by this painter and painting. (my birth name is actually one of thenames :P)
    I can’t see the influances when I look at the packaging, I think it’s horrible and it looks more like a Oriental inspired look.

    Nope, nothing for me here, saves me the money for other things 😀


  • 11/8/10 14:58 Amy:

    The colors are nice if ordinary. Nice packaging but not worth paying that much extra for. I Like the look of the brush but I’m weird in liking matching sets of things. If I spent extra on just one brush that I already had (and most brands have this brush now) it had better have some sort of magic power! Or at least be made out of wood instead of plastic.


    • 11/8/10 16:14 the Muse:

      Amy not weird, I feel the same. one brush? A set would be nicer ;-D


  • 11/8/10 16:00 Casey:

    I’m actually really happy I don’t want anything from this collection :p

    The brush was calling to me when I first saw it, but I can’t imagine spending $75 on one brush. :/


    • 11/8/10 16:13 the Muse:

      I feel the same casey. Just uneventful to me :)


  • 11/8/10 20:37 Eileen:

    I need brushes ….. I’ll have to find out if this duo fibre brush is any better than the mac permanent equivalent. Wonder if the fancy price is just for the fancy handle or if the quality is superior? It’s very elegant!


    • 11/9/10 10:36 the Muse:

      prob the fancy packaging eileen ;D


  • 11/10/10 1:02 jackieg02:

    I was totally digging last years posh collection. Prive lipstick is my ALL TIME FAVORITE lipstick and I don’t want to use anymore of mine for fear of running out of it. I feel like I need another backup of it. That collection also had some nice lipglosses from it. And the silver packaging was nice as well!!


    • 11/10/10 11:03 the Muse:

      jacks totally skipped out last year ;-D don’t make me do an evil bay hunt for prive now ;-D hehe!


  • 11/26/10 22:21 Robin:

    I won’t be buying anything either.


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