MAC & Marcel Wanders Collection

MAC Marcel Wanders 2010


Although we briefly discussed the MAC & Marvel Wanders Collection we didn’t get the full, official MAC details so I thought I’d share. Wanna check it out with me?

Here’s the deets!

“If I have a basic motivation, it’s to inspire people to make their life a Masterpiece!” Is that not what we do every day at M·A·C? So it is that the Dutch industrial designer – known for everything from his “Happy Hour” Chandelier to his “futuresonic” way with old Delft porcelain, and for co-founding now-iconic design collective Droog AND the amusing, classicism-meets-futurism objects of his own group, Moooi (from the Dutch word for “beauty,” but with an extra “o” for extra-beautiful!) – wandered HERE…It had to be! M·A·C partners with Marcel Wanders – his first foray into the world of cosmetics – and design sophisticates (and people with innate and irreverent tastes) will be bonkers for these limited-edition Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Sheer Mystery Powder, Air of Style Scent Concentrate and his signature brush and clutch creations, not least of all for their arresting packaging – fine collectors’ items all! But also for the rich palette, inspired by 17th Century Flemish painting, and particularly Vermeer’s – “Girl With a Pearl Earring” – and the idea of an artist painting a portrait, and falling in love. “Always, with a sense of love in the product…” he says. Marcel speaks our M·A·C language.

MAC & Marcel Wanders Lipstick $22

  • Martha – Golden champagne with pearl/frost (Frost)
  • Gesina – Red with slight pinkish undertones (Cream)
  • Catharina – Fuchsia (Cream)
  • Digna – Blackened red (Cream)

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 9

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 12

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 11

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 10

MAC & Marcel Wanders Lipgloss $22

  • Mary – Light gold Beatrix – Golden nude
  • Aleydis – Fuchsia
  • Gertruyd – Blackened red

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 6

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 5

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 8

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 7

MAC & Marcel Wanders Sheer Mystery Powder $60

  • Light Medium – Pale ivory
  • Medium Plus – Tan beige

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 15

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 14

MAC & Marcel Wanders False Lashes Mascara $18

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 13

MAC & Marcel Wanders Air of Style Scent Concentrate Solid Perfume $30

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 1

MAC & Marcel Wanders Brush Clutch $65

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 3

MAC & Marcel Wanders Brush $75

MAC Marcel Wanders Collection 2

Available November 24 2010 at all MAC locations.

Will you haul it?

  • 11/16/10 12:43 vonnie:

    the blackened red products look PRETTY


  • 11/16/10 12:54 Cj:

    I’m definitely going to get the solid perfume :D


    • 11/16/10 13:00 the Muse:

      ;-D knew you wanted that CJ ;D!


      • 11/16/10 13:02 Cj:

        Lol :D I have a weekness for solid perfumes, I still don’t know if the strap is for the neck or wrist but either way I’ll love it :)


        • 11/16/10 13:06 the Muse:

          it’s prob a pendant cj ;-D I’m guessing!


          • 11/16/10 18:06 Cj:

            Look what happens when a design darling and M∙A∙C scent get together. Our opulently sensual Air of Style scent goes solid and heads off to fashionable places, wafting on your skin – and, in its decidedly stylish Marcel Wanders-designed, faceted metal compact-style pendant. Too sexy! Limited edition.

            Woot your right! Can’t wait to get this lol

          • 11/17/10 13:57 the Muse:

            ha ;-D CJ awesome!

  • 11/16/10 13:09 VampiressDoll:

    Love the packaging on this, it’s divine. x


    • 11/16/10 13:11 the Muse:

      me too vampiress ;-D won’t be indulging but packaging is indeed elegant :D


  • 11/16/10 13:37 tina:

    Is the Brush Clutch a brush roll?

    I think I love it!


    • 11/16/10 14:04 the Muse:

      I believe so tina!


  • 11/16/10 14:11 Misato-san:

    I’ll skip all of this collection without regrets… no interesting to me ^^;;;


    • 11/16/10 14:12 the Muse:

      ditto misato. elegant packaging but can easily do without ;-D!


  • 11/16/10 14:11 Michelle:

    I need that 187!!

    I already have one but it’s a rediscovered love!!


    • 11/16/10 14:12 the Muse:

      michelle 75 bucks dude, wince ;D


  • 11/16/10 15:18 Zulfa:

    Ohh… you pointed out the “face” on the brush clutch in your earlier post. I found out that it’s a deliberate design! Based on his earlier textile design. Check it here.


    • 11/16/10 15:31 the Muse:

      OMG! that’s awesome Zlufa :-D!!!!!!! ha! thanks for sharing ;D!


  • 11/16/10 17:59 jlau:

    Gahh! They are so beautiful I probably won’t be able to justify buying any of those though. That brush though…ZOMG. This is totally unrelated but should I invest in some mac brushes? I hate how my all over face powder brush sheds!


    • 11/17/10 13:57 the Muse:

      hi jlau most of my brushes are mac ;-D loves ‘em!


  • 11/16/10 18:20 Maggie:

    This collection is really not grabbing me. I’m disappointed :P I was looking forward to the couture collection – I only started getting MAC in spring, so I’ve never seen one of the fancy-pants collections and the one from last year looked super pretty. But yeah… this one is just kind of boring. The only colors I like are the blackened reds, but then I remembered that MAC has had blackened reds in, like, their last four collections ^_^. Pretty packaging, though!


    • 11/17/10 13:57 the Muse:

      hey maggie me either kinda a snore for me :P


  • 11/16/10 19:45 Justine:

    This collection looks like it’s focused more on the physical aesthetics of the packaging and not the quality of the product. Particularly the brush. Nice collection, but not worth splurging on though.


  • 11/16/10 21:52 Storm:

    I love love love the industrial packaging but…I hate the price tag, Oh well, no real regrets! I’ll take the money not being spent and go buy something else fun…like steampunk jewelry lol


  • 11/17/10 6:00 Kristen:

    I’m glad that nothing interests me from this collection, because the prices WOW!


  • 11/17/10 20:39 SK:

    I am not a Huge MAC fan I like alot of their things but I am not addicted to it …..But I think in all honesty MAC should adopt this packaging for always …I think the packaging brings them up in a different level so to speak. It is more classy. But that is just my opinion.


    • 11/18/10 14:41 the Muse:

      true SK would be nice but the basic black prob is part of what makes a cheaper brand, bring up the packaging and it’ll bring up the cost :P


  • 11/18/10 16:01 HautePJ:

    Wayyy to expensive, but the mascara kind of intrigues me. I’m loving MAC Opulash so the promise of “fasle lashes” is appealing, LOL.


    • 11/18/10 16:23 the Muse:

      PJ I was curious about the mascara myself but I shall be good. *locks my wallet up, throws away the key*


  • 11/23/10 11:30 sarah M:

    what an expensive collection!!! i may have to give in and try the mascara though


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