Philosophy The Supernatural Superglossy Lip Gloss Review, Swatches, Photos

Hey Philosophy,

What up!? Listen, you need an intervention and since I’m your friend its up to me to do it. Here’s the thing, do not name products “Superglossy” when they are not.




Lip gloss that moisturizes and conditions lips while delivering the ultimate shine sans the stickiness or so Philosophy says.

This is a nice light wear lipgloss with a comfortable formula that isn’t sticky or tacky. It’s pretty much full color and comes across with nice color payoff.

The formula runs semi-thick so you’re looking at a mix of both thin and thick and this lays right smack in the middle of the two.

The problem?

Where’s that super glossy finish!?

It’s a nice gloss but the entire “SuperGlossy” name had me jumping up and down while clapping my hands, silly style. It’s rare that you come across a REALLY super glossy gloss you know? I’ve probably come across 5 tops one of which would be Mirror Mirror Lipgloss from Too Faced. So of course something named SuperGlossy had me getting all excited.

But yeah, but no, but yeah….this is SO not super glossy. It leaves behind minimal shine and doesn’t have a super glossy finish. At best it’s mediocre shine if you’re lucky. Thankfully it’s only $16.50 but did I tell you the size for that price? 0.085 oz! Absurd.

  • Anyone wanting a light wearing gloss without a tacky feel that comes in a range of color and wears comfortable with good pigmentation.

  • Anyone who wants a super glossy finish as per the name!
  • Anyone wanting more for their buck (near 20 bucks for a tube that’s pretty tiny isn’t cheap nor is it more for less).

I love me some Philosophy but the entire Superglossy Lip Gloss deal is a fail. I’m not on board. It’s misleading name added insult to the injury of a bad formula. Lesson learned, just because it’s called superglossy doesn’t mean it is super glossy!

No likey.

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  • 11/4/10 20:24 Danielle F.:

    OMG! I bought this in the color in Do What Comes Naturally about a year ago and was super disappointed. I love Philosophy’s lip shines (hello Raspberry Sorbet!) so that’s what lured me in. I have $5 gloss that works better than this stuff. Seriously. What a shame.


  • 11/5/10 0:46 Brittany:

    You sound like you need a hug after that review :hug: lol. It’s okay Muse, I’m not really feeling any of philosophy’s makeup line actually :/


    • 11/5/10 10:24 the Muse:

      LOL thanks brittany ;D


  • 11/5/10 11:21 Margaret:

    OMG, Vicki Pollard. Thank you. :)

    Oh. BTW. Have never liked any of philosophy’s lip glosses. I have the peppermint pattie kind in a squeezy tube and it’s always as hard as rock and impossible to squeeze whenever it isn’t summer, which is OF COURSE WHEN YOU REALLY NEED LIP GLOSS.


    • 11/5/10 11:23 the Muse:

      LOL Margaret dontcha just love her!? ;-D I like the lip shines they do alot but this was mehhhhhhhhh totally disappointing ;p!


  • 11/7/10 2:08 Gia:

    It looks like Mud, like clay mixed with dirt. Do not want this. I’ve been trying to try Philosophy’s makeup line but can’t find it at any of my sephoras! is it only in certain stores?


    • 11/8/10 12:28 the Muse:

      Gia as far as I know all sephora’s carry the makeup line hun.


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