Covergirl NatureLuxe Collection Taylor Swift

As you know Taylor Swift is the new face of Covergirl. Her first appearance as the spokeswoman for the brand is for the new Covergirl NatureLuxe Collection.

The collection is supposed to be a new generation of luxury makeup available at your local drugstore in January (or in some cases sooner as some of you have spotted it already!).

Jump ahead for more info and a video!

The line features two new products total in the NatureLuxe Collection. Covergirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation and Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm are both lightweight products that do not contain a ton of synthetic ingredients.

Silk Foundation is a full coverage foundation that promises a polished look with a lightweight formula. It contains hints of natural jojoba and rosehip extracts along with cucumber water, which is a lighter, more luxurious alternative to a heavier feeling emollient. These ingredients were chosen due to their inherent properties: cucumber water is exchanged for a heavier emollient because it is refreshing and light-feeling to balance creaminess on application. Jojoba and rosehip extracts were chosen for their indulgent experience.

The new Gloss Balm is a lightweight formula as well and contains mango butter, shea and other butters in exchange for heavier feeling emollients. The formula provides a light, silky application and a luxurious lip feel and finish that isn’t heavy or sticky.

The video below is Taylor candidly discussing Covergirl Natureluxe as well as previews and clips of the filming of her commercial for the collection plus the official commercial towards the end of the video.

I don’t have prices or shade information yet but I hope to shortly.

What do you think of Covergirl Natureluxe?

I’ve never had great success with organic, “green” friendly makeup but I am curious about both the foundation and balms in this collection, it sounds intriguing to say the least. However, keep in mind the collection is a luxurious line that includes is inspired by natural ingredients and excludes some harsher elements however is not organic.

Will you try it when it launches?

Have you already?

Do you like Taylor Swift as the new spokeswoman for Covergirl?

Do share!

  • 12/8/10 20:43 Justine:

    Taylor Swift is really cute in this video. It’s funny when she was singing/rapping to a song and the camera man goes, “How does she know all the words to the song?” The lip balms look really intriguing. I’ll definitely have to try 1 or 2 of them when they come out.


  • 12/8/10 21:09 Elektra:

    Not only are the alternative ingredients luxurious, but they’re also better for you’re skin. Let’s hope Covergirl does a good job. (:


    • 12/9/10 9:54 the Muse:

      agreed elecktra ;-D crossing fingers!


  • 12/8/10 21:15 GreenTea:

    Hi Muse! I have to admit to lurking around your website for a while and I’m a big fan! Your posts are always up-to-date and informative and your writing style is so relatable. I figured that it’s about time that I start dropping messages every so often. :)

    As for the products, I’m curious as to see how well (or how bad) it works; I’m a sucker for “good for you” products. However, it’s kind of off-putting to hear Swift’s commentary on the foundation since they seem scripted and almost forced really, even if the interview was cropped up. :/

    Overall though, I think I will try the foundation when I see it in stores. If not that, then at least the Gloss Balms.


    • 12/9/10 9:53 the Muse:

      hi greentea so great to meet you and thanks for coming out of lurkdom to say hey! happy holidays to ya ;-D I’m so glad you’re enjoying the posts! ;-D mmm I agree. It seemed very forced and scripted…..I am wondering if it was b/c it was cropped!? or what was going on!? but yes very disappointing. The gloss balms sound lovely ;-D!


  • 12/8/10 21:25 jones:

    im all for more natural beauty products, thats why i love korres so much


  • 12/8/10 21:44 bayleysparkagex3:

    Taylor Swift annoys me SO MUCH ! grr haha
    Gloss Balm looks interesting though… :)


    • 12/9/10 9:47 the Muse:

      bayley I can think of hundreds of others that are worst hehe!


  • 12/8/10 22:24 Claudia:

    I’ve always been doubtful of drugstore foundations so it’s probably a no-no for me :( the fact that they say its full coverage and natural is quite unusual since in my own past experiences, it seems like those two just don’t go together- either the foundation is full coverage, thick, and synthetic, or sheer and organic


    • 12/9/10 10:23 the Muse:

      true Claudia, valid point, but it might surprise us?!


  • 12/8/10 22:45 Coco:

    The Natureluxe foundation’s description reminds me of BB cream…Looks like the North American makeup companies are catching on the trend =)


    • 12/9/10 9:46 the Muse:

      I wish coco! I don’t quite think so but one can hope!


  • 12/8/10 23:13 Jess:

    I saw the foundation at Rite Aid today. The formula is lovely, but EVERY SINGLE SHADE has a significant pink tint/undertone to it, making this olive-colored girl very upset.


    • 12/9/10 9:43 the Muse:

      aw jess sorry to hear it hun! that isn’t good :(


  • 12/8/10 23:19 Amee:

    It sounds very interesting :) surely excited to see


  • 12/8/10 23:33 Rinny:

    I’m so excited to check out this collection! And I think Taylor Swift is the perfect candidate to represent this new collection; she’s so beautiful and fresh faced, perfect for an all-natural, “green” cosmetic line :)


  • 12/9/10 0:01 lulee:

    well ill probably skip everything but i love taylor swift <33333 and she looks amazing!


  • 12/9/10 2:24 Jane:

    Wow, the packaging and the concept for the foundation looks and sounds like a BB cream!

    Taylor Swift is so beautiful. She looks fresh here and really promotes natural beauty. I can’t wait to check this collection out!


    • 12/9/10 9:26 the Muse:

      she really does look very fresh and natural Jane ;D!


  • 12/9/10 3:18 Anon:

    Hey I saw this collection in my local drugstore just a week ago! I thought it launched already?
    Anyways from what I sampled in the store, it doesn’t seem that great. ):


    • 12/9/10 9:25 the Muse:

      it has launched in some drugstores anon, officially it’s January from the press release but drugstores have it out early πŸ˜‰


  • 12/9/10 8:09 rose:

    Ohh i saw that on a display stand at my local drugstore! I didn’t know it was taylor swift.. or maybe i just didn’t realise it was her on the picture bc i don’t really care for organic products. But maybe i’ll try it! See how easily i can be manipulated by celebrities in ads! ahah!


    • 12/9/10 9:24 the Muse:

      ha true rose!


  • 12/9/10 8:43 Chichi:

    Will only try if it is muse approved.


    • 12/9/10 9:03 the Muse:

      ha chichi you’re awesome ;-D that’s the most flattering comment evers!


  • 12/9/10 10:49 jenna:

    i’m not a covergirl fan but i’m actually tempted to try this stuff so good job to covergirl on marketing! i don’t even like taylor swift very much anymore because i feel she’s been forced down everyone’s throats but she does suit this product line and she’s very beautiful! i couldn’t even bring myself to buy anything with drew barrymore’s face near it because i just think she’s so unattractive so i think it’s a smart move to bring pretty fresh face to this new CG line!
    I’m looking forward to your reviews on this stuff!!


  • 12/9/10 13:37 Andrea:

    I don’t have a particular comment about CoverGirl…I just wanted to say I agree with GreenTea’s comment about you, Muse. I look here multiple times a day for the latest in beauty. You’re one of the most helpful people out in the beauty blog world, and the people who comment on your posts are great as well. Keep it up!


    • 12/9/10 13:48 the Muse:

      Aw jeepers thanks Andrea πŸ˜€ HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! this made my day!


  • 12/9/10 15:15 HautePJ:

    I’m not too big on Covergirl either but it’s nice to see real looking girls in these campaigns. However, I really don’t like the armpit shot of Taylor. Andre Leon Talley would call that dreckitude!


  • 12/9/10 15:36 Kristina:

    I don’t particularily like or dislike Taylor Swift. At least she’s genuinely talented, writes her own music, plays guitar etc.


  • 12/9/10 19:36 Nicole:

    I would love a foundation that would do what covergirl claims this one to do… But that rarely happens.


  • 12/10/10 0:55 Cait:

    i saw these today in Harmon’s. I was tempted to buy one, but I’ve been loving my Josie Maran’s TM lately, and I can’t imagine that this would be any better than that. I did appreciate that they had an ‘alabaster’ shade though, since I’m paler than pale and can never find a decent DS foundation shade. I guess since Taylor’s pretty pale as well, they almost had to if they wanted her to be the spokesperson.


    • 12/10/10 10:38 the Muse:

      HA CAIT! someone who knows about Harmons! ;-D bestest store ever right?! ;-D I haven’t tried JM’s TM yet but it sounds really promising!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmm it seems they def had paler, farier girls in mind with this ;D!


      • 12/10/10 14:12 Cait:

        YES! Harmon’s is the best. They have all the new releases way before anyone else. The Josie Maran TM is really great stuff…probably not great for oily skin, but my dry, flaky, pale skin loves it!


        • 12/14/10 16:46 the Muse:

          cait LOVE them ;-D I’m dry so I’m on it ;-D she has a new argan oil collection of skincare releasing on QVC shortly as well!


  • 12/10/10 2:49 Shannon:

    The balms were in my local Walmart, I swatched several – they have a very nice feel (smooth and moisturising) and great color selection. They applied well (bought a neutral nudish color, deepish rose that’s kind of my lip color and red color) and have great color pay off but can’t say about wear time yet. There were no foundations yet…but so far my initial impression of the balms are quite positive – $7.48 Cdn price point was a bit steep (all things considered, it’s a friggin balm afterall!)


    • 12/10/10 10:32 the Muse:

      Shannon sweet! thanks for the low down. mmm $7.48 is a bit pricey but when they said “high end” i actually expected more than that ;-D!


  • 12/10/10 3:24 Ruthless:

    Currently I am using Gurlain’s new lingere foundation, at 60 bucks a pop. This has cured me of buying foundations for a long, long time.

    Considering how crappy the lash/shadow blast products were, and how tired I was of Drew Barrmore this has got to be a welcome change. I can’t remember the last time I bought and liked a covergirl product, will have to watch for the new stuff.


    • 12/10/10 10:28 the Muse:

      lash blast is an overhyped product to me ruthless. I never got the appeal sadly :(


  • 12/10/10 11:34 Sandie:

    I bought the foundation and it’s pretty good so far. Kudos to Cover Girl, it’s a big step up from the other Cover Girl foundations Ive tried and hated. Swatched a gloss balm on my hand but it didn’t show up, so I skipped those.


    • 12/10/10 13:13 the Muse:

      sandie I can’t wait to try it, sounds rather nice ;D!


      • 12/11/10 0:25 Sandie:

        It is, I didn’t use moisturizer or a primer and it went on really smoothly, no caking, made my skin look smooth and polished but still natural looking. Not perfect coverage but the color matches well (I’m pale so it’s pretty hard to find a DS foundation that both matches my skin and looks good… so I can’t be too picky.) As long as this foundation doesn’t end up breaking me out, I’ll probably stick with it =)


        • 12/14/10 16:54 the Muse:

          sandie I had a similar experience, very smooth application, feels light, yet covers well! I liked it. Not bad at all ;D!


  • 12/11/10 3:20 Ana:

    Aside from Revlon’s Colorstay, I can’t think of a drugstore foundation that is truly full coverage. Drugstore brands don’t seem to think full coverage is something most women are looking for, so I doubt cover girl’s “full coverage” is really full coverage. Will still look into it when it comes out and might try if the ingredients look good (I need to see ALL the ingredients). It is totally possible to have a full-coverage natural foundation though– my HG is 100% Pure’s fruit pigmented full coverage foundation.. it’s amazing! I also find mineral makeup to offer better coverage than most liquids I’ve tried.

    The balms look really nice so I may try those too.

    Is it just me or did Taylor look really uncomfortable talking about the products before the commercial part… like she was being fed lines? lol. Love her anyway!


    • 12/15/10 10:34 the Muse:

      Hi Anna 100% Pure is such a great line and really great coverage, agreed 100% ;-D

      Yes! Very much so lol! I think it was they way they cut the video though!


  • 12/11/10 3:29 Ana:

    Oh, both products are on already! It says sold out, but you can see the prices and ingredients. The foundation ingredients are better than I expected for a “natural” product from a drugstore brand. Sadly not fragrance-free though… why do companies think people can’t handle unfragranced products?! >_<


    • 12/14/10 16:52 the Muse:

      oh thanks anna I didn’t see that. ;-D yup foundation is def fragranced as is the lip balms, the foundation has a cucumber scent.


  • 12/12/10 14:59 Fuuka:

    Looks good. I am a natural stuff junkie. I don’t think the foundation can get me away from BareMinerals though…
    I have been hearing good stuff about in the fashion world. Especialy since ultra-Vegan Stella McCartney used it instead of her own make-up line in her Spring/Summer runway show recently. That was shocking, so it makes me want to check it.


  • 12/17/10 22:49 Raquel:

    I love Almay pure blends, so I’m excited to try this natural-ish foundation. I could live without the propylene glycol, but it’s nice to see companies avoiding parabens these days.


  • 2/19/11 21:19 mary:

    i personally have 4 of the lip balms and 2 different shades of the foundation and they feel amazing on your skin , and all of my flaws literally disappeared about 3 weeks after i started using the was crazy . and the lip balms are amazing . i bought sandstone , and the shimmer feels weird at first but its gorgeouss !! i also bought hibiscus for when i go out at night , and it feels amazing and im fearless when i wear it lol


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