Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby Review

Anyone try the new Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Fragrances yet? I got ’em in the mail yesterday and proceeded to go to down misting myself silly.

My best friend Jai was with me at the time and he just gave me the silent eye raise that translated as, “You are so not doing that.” Hey, that’s part of the fun of trying new fragrances eh?

Wicked Style is a really huge revamp from the original line up. We discussed it in prior posts but it deserves a re-mention here. The girls now have velvet-y bobble-like heads and outfits that adapt various fashion styles from Japan. Baby for example is wearing Kawaii Decora which is a playful style adapted from younger Japanese girls that uses lots of layering and bright or pastel colors and accessories that include furry toys and jewelry.


At first glance of the promo images I did not like the new velvet-heads but baby is actually kinda cute. She has pale pink “hair” and sweet little pigtails. Obviously part of the appeal of the fragrances is indeed the sweet packaging but is entirely debatable depending on your outlook on fragrance. Some of us embrace our fun, juvenile sides and some of us take fragrance very seriously and seek a certain level of sophistication with it, Harajuku Lovers def leans towards our more youthful, carefree side eh?

So far the fragrances feel a bit deeper than prior releases and have a longer wearing formula with a better throw. Prior scents have been very light and cheerful but these new revamps have a certain depth that the originals lacked.

Baby contains notes of White Peach, Pink Plumeria, and Glowing Amber. She comes across full on floral to my nose even though her style is dubbed cute, vanilla, and floral, I find she is floral and very slightly spicy. You won’t like her if you’re not a floral fan however if you savor florals with a bit of a wicked twist, Baby should appeal.

I’m still debating whether or not she is me or not. She’s interesting for sure but I’m not so sure she’s “me”.

You’ll like her if you savor a good floral with a bit of spice…..plus her style is damn cute.

Anyone try Baby?

What did you think?

The Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style can be found at www.sephora.com and other fine retailers.


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  • 12/9/10 11:42 Lenna:

    I ordered the mini set from Sephora and can’t wait to try it out. I think it looks really cute too.


    • 12/9/10 12:02 the Muse:

      that mini set is darling lenna ;-D I ordered one as a gift!


  • 12/9/10 12:08 Jessica:

    Baby was the only scent from the new collection that I liked! I thought the others were pretty forgettable. The packaging is so cute, though!


    • 12/9/10 14:48 the Muse:

      she really is sweet Jessica ;-D I haven’t tried the others yet. She smells good but not sure she’s “my” scent if that makes sense ;D


  • 12/9/10 17:12 peri:

    i had ordered the rollerball set, 2 of them, without seeing them first, and i ended up returning them because they were so dinky. but i fell in love with the love one and plan on buying it soon.


  • 12/9/10 22:18 JulieN:

    I have both the sephora set and all 5 in the 1oz versions. I originally bought the set, but I realized the hair wasn’t velvet so I bought the other ones too. Oh the shame… and I didn’t even like these when I saw the promos.

    (I don’t know why, but the whole green eyed thing on angel is creeping me out.)


    • 12/9/10 22:23 JulieN:

      I adore Baby’s look. It reminds me of some of the outfits I used to wear when my mom first let me dress myself.


    • 12/10/10 11:22 the Muse:

      ha Julie ;-D how are you liking the scent so far.

      btw me too on angel’s eye ;D!


      • 12/11/10 2:10 JulieN:

        So far just opened Love since my perfume area is too packed to set them all out… and not really loving her. Really hope this isn’t foreshadowing what’s to come.


        • 12/13/10 16:10 the Muse:

          Julie so far I haven’t found one that’s really me. The other girls, sunshine cuties, etc..seemed to have a bit more character…these smell alot the same?! or maybe it’s me!


  • 12/11/10 23:43 claudia:

    i actually have lil angel and loooveee it ! i love reading all ur reviews =)


    • 12/13/10 13:30 the Muse:

      aw thanks claudia!


  • 2/14/11 7:36 DivaEC:

    This one is my favorite! I don’t care for the other scents. I will stick to Baby. I love the bottles……so cute!


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