Milani Melange Infusion of Colors Marble and Metallic Baked Eyeshadows

How gorgeous are the new Milani Melange Infusion of Colors Marble and Metallic Baked Eyeshadows? I found them at CVS and proceeded to run through the aisles pumping my fist, seriously, it happened. Best part? Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off! Hauled every shade dude.

  • 12/6/10 21:16 Maddie:

    OMG I want those!!!!! They look soooo gorgeous!!!!


  • 12/6/10 22:45 makeup morsels:

    oh danggg those are cute! swatches soon, please?


    • 12/7/10 10:43 the Muse:

      absolutely makeup morsels :)


  • 12/6/10 23:11 Stacie:

    How is the pigmentation?


    • 12/7/10 10:40 the Muse:

      I dunno stacie as I haven’t tried yet but will review soon! :)


  • 12/7/10 0:16 Angelica:

    Lol, you must have a magical CVS. You always get new stuff first. :) Please swatch the lovely red one!


    • 12/7/10 10:39 the Muse:

      ha angelica it was just pure luck ;-D!


    • 1/6/11 19:35 bluesky:

      Just a quick observation, from my experience with the red shadow :)

      First of all, I think its really pretty, and it looks SO GOOD with my blue-green eyes.

      *minor* problem, though.

      Everyone thinks Im sick when I wear it!! LOL!!!

      Maybe its just because its winter, but everyone thinks Ive got a really bad cold, or having an allergic reaction, or something because “OMG YOUR EYES ARE RED! ARE YOU OKAY??” was the reaction I got ALL DAY today!

      I might have to wait for some application tips from the Muse before I wear it again, LOL!!


  • 12/7/10 4:18 Connie:

    Oooh! Love that teal shade on the right! And the black with veins of red.. great lookin’ haul!


    • 12/7/10 10:38 the Muse:

      aren’t they gorg connie ;-D? thanks!


  • 12/8/10 1:22 Phyrra:

    They look so pretty!


  • 12/8/10 11:56 Libby:

    I’ve only just started buying Milani products at drugstores and I’ve got to say that I love them quite a lot *__* they’re so pretty.


    • 12/8/10 12:01 the Muse:

      Milani makes some great stuff Libby ;-D these are testimony to that ;D!


  • 12/8/10 14:50 Lora:


    What CVS/Walgreens/DR do you go to? You always find all of the good stuff. The stores near me (around Rock Center) never have much of anything :(


    • 12/8/10 14:56 the Muse:

      These were found in the CVS in Rockland Lora. Hope it helps!


  • 12/8/10 20:30 kali:

    OMG.. you’re city has EVERYTHING!!

    P.S. What city are you from/what city did you get these in? Trying to estimate when we here in CA will get them!


    • 12/9/10 9:55 the Muse:

      hey kali I’m in New York hun. So in and around Manhattan, Rockland County, also New Jersey Harmons.


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