My Christmas Tree Is Up!

I had a party to put up my tree last night! Now it feels more like Christmas!

  • 12/10/10 10:34 Phyrra:

    So pretty! I need to get my tree up. I’m putting it in a new location in my living room this year, so really looking forward to that.


    • 12/10/10 10:40 the Muse:

      me too dd! I normally don’t put in the corner of the room, this year I did and was pleased how it came out ;-D was thinking of putting in my dining room in a corner as well, that might have been nice…hmmmm! lol ;-D send me a piccie when it’s up!


      • 12/10/10 10:41 Phyrra:

        Will do :)
        I’m putting it in front of the mirrored wall this year, instead of behind the sofa.


        • 12/10/10 11:07 the Muse:

          oh that sounds lovely dd ;-D!


  • 12/10/10 11:22 Nikkia (Silver Lips):

    Your tree looks beautiful!!!!!


    • 12/10/10 11:24 the Muse:

      Hi Nikkia! long time no speak, happy holidays dear!

      Thank you ;-D!


  • 12/10/10 11:27 The Beauty Alchemist:

    So pretty and your house looks lovely as well. Old Victorian? I’ll be doing tree shopping tmmw. Good weekend for it.

    Are we getting the Dr. Xmas ep. here soon ? Haven’t looked but I know you’ll know.

    Have a very Merry Christmas.


    • 12/10/10 12:40 the Muse:

      thanks dear!!!!!!!!!! ;-D aw thanks! Old Victorian indeed ;-D over 100 years old ;-D and the joy and pride of my life! ;-D Have a VERY merry Christmas dear girl and after the Holidays and possibly when the weather warms up me, you, and sam will have some dinner and shopping sound good?

      Yes!!!!!!!!! the 25th, 9pm!


  • 12/10/10 12:05 Nikki:

    Muse! Your Tree looks very warm and beautiful! Our tree isn’t up yet :(


  • 12/11/10 6:21 Nia:

    Already? You are early.

    Love the tree, it looks so perfect and even and right out of a catalogue. I love that all your ornaments have this vintage touch :)

    Have great Holidays :)


    • 12/13/10 16:07 the Muse:

      aw thanks nia you’re lovely! I’m actually kinda late with it ;-D normally put it up after t-day!

      you too dear!


  • 12/11/10 16:10 dark nyx:

    Pretty! I like how your decorated the balcony too! Very festive. ^^


    • 12/13/10 13:31 the Muse:

      thanks dark nyx ;D


  • 12/12/10 1:45 Mina:

    Oh, it looks lovely. Hope you are having an amazing weekend. <3 xoxo


    • 12/13/10 13:30 the Muse:

      AW THANKS Mina ;D!


  • 12/15/10 9:20 Julia Mathias:

    Awesome give away! Thanks!


  • 12/16/10 16:36 jenna:

    i can see a goldish yellow ornament around the middle of the tree shaped like a dress. is that a barbie ornament by chance?! or perhaps belle from beauty and the beast is what she looks like. But it totally reminds me of a barbie ornament i have at my parents house from when i was a wee one of a barbie in a red dress and it was my absolute favourite (even secretly when i got too old for barbie)! reminds me that i must get my hands on it if mom will give it up!!


    • 12/16/10 16:38 the Muse:

      it is belle from beauty and the beast jenna ;-D good call. my fav disney movie plus she has part of my name ;-D I got it from Disney a few years ago ;-D and yes, totally know the barbie feeling ha my collection is still in the attic all ragged and awful but I still have ’em ;-D


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