Revlon Smoky Crayon Bronze Smoke Review, Swatches, Photos

Revlon has brand new Luxurious Color Smoky Crayons available for Spring 2011. These pencils mimic the idea of MAC Greasepaint or MAC Shadesticks. It’s basically a chubby pencil which you can use to fill your lid and blend out for a smoked look. If you already own Greasepaints and Shadesticks in various shades you probably won’t absolutely need the Revlon Smoky Crayon however it is a nice budget option to have available!

Let’s have a peek!

A chubby smudge stick for using as a liner or an eyeshadow!

This little guy multitasks as either an eyeliner or an smudged out shadow. It’s pretty pigmented and the formula has a nice creamy base that smudges out quite well. I got it in the Bronze Smoke shade which has a heavy dose of brown and a bit of bronze thrown in. The shade flatters my brown eyes beautifully.

To use, simply fill in your entire lid and blend out with your fingers for a smoky, smudged out look. You can go one step further and line with it after you’ve used it on your lid however I felt a little too made up doing so, so I kept it simple and did my lid only.

It set me back $6 which is a great deal considering MAC Greasepaints are over $17 and Shadesticks over $16. So you’re looking at a nice budget option. Granted they aren’t as pigmented or as nice formula wise as MAC’s versions but they’ll do the trick for those on a budget.

You can also use these in a third way which would be as a base for eyeshadow. So liner, shadow, and a base, all in one product for six bucks? Yes, please!

No worries about a blunt tip as a sharpener is hidden away in the cap!

I felt like the color definitely had to be built up a little bit because it smudges out a little too thinly leaving lighter color behind. I didn’t love this on my waterline or as a liner. On my waterline it pretty much didn’t apply well enough and as a regular liner the line was just a little too thick for my liking!

  • Those who on a beauty budget who are having MAC lemmings!
  • Those who want a three in one product to act as a shadow, eyeliner, and base.
  • Those who want a simple yet sophisticated smudged out shadow look!

  • Those who already own Shadesticks or Greasepaints (honestly, if you have a stash of colors from MAC you probably don’t need this however to replenish the supply at some later date for a cheaper price you might wanna peep these).

I think these make a nice budget pencil for those who want to multitask as they work any number of ways on the eyes. The price can’t be beat either. Mind you, as mentioned above, they aren’t MAC by any means but the price is right for the suavy, budget shopper!

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