Bobbi Brown Tibi Peony & Python Beauty Kit

I need the Bobbi Brown Tibi Peony & Python Beauty Kit in my Spring makeup life! I’m such a fan of Bobbi’s Illuminating Bronzer and the shade included with this set is stunning!


The set is exclusively available at Bergdorf and includes:

  • Bobbi Brown Pink Peony Illuminating Bronzer
  • Bobbi Brown Pink Lilac Brightening Gloss
  • Bobbi Brown Black Mauve Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
  • Bobbi Brown Two Mini Brushes

The collection is inspired by lush peonies and the playful, feminine creations of cult label Tibi. If for nothing else, I must own this kit for the Pink Peony Illuminating Bronzer, so Spring fresh!

$95 and available now from

Look for more from the Tibi Peony & Python Collection soon from Bobbi Brown!

  • 2/1/11 16:27 GreenTea:

    Wow, that looks gorgeous! <3


  • 2/1/11 17:26 Liz!:

    Lovely kit! And furthermore, that pouch is really pretty! Snakeskin and flowers?!? Me likey! The only drawback for me is the lilac colored gloss, thus far I’ve been too chicken to try out any glosses like that (and lipstick is not my thing :P), any recommendations for a lilac newb?


    • 2/2/11 18:26 the Muse:

      me too Liz ;-D ohhh don’t ask me I can’t pull off lilac lippies or glosses for my life girl! I like all zombie-fied when trying ;D!


  • 2/1/11 18:47 KimmyDarling:

    First, peonies are my ABSOLUTE favorite flower in the world, so I carried them in my wedding. Couldn’t love them more if they paid my mortgage and fried me bacon every morning…

    Second, I love the Cocoa Mauve Ink eyeliner, so I’m starting to twitch just thinking about how much I might enjoy the Black Mauve…

    Third, Bobbi’s bronzer is the one thing I don’t think I’ve ever used of hers, so I’m getting a little twitchy about that, too…

    In conclusion, Musey, once again, I don’t *need* this, but I sure do WANT IT!



    • 2/2/11 18:35 the Muse:

      aww so sweet kimmy where you been anyway girl you haven’t commented in ages. her bronzer is amazinggggggggg like no other bronzer you’ve tried more like a blush ;-D xoxoxo!


  • 2/2/11 0:55 sable:

    wow NEED to see swatches of the bronzer! it looks lovely


  • 2/2/11 1:09 Nunuiviet:

    Hey finally sthg not dark brown from Bobbi brown? The peony bronze seems interesting


  • 2/2/11 10:00 Nathalie:

    Now THAT looks awesome! I love Bobbi Brown’s gel liners and that lipgloss shade is so pretty! I don’t like BB’s lipgloss brush though, I prefer the spongy applicators.


  • 2/2/11 14:50 Cynthia:

    I really like this collection and especially the name of this. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.


  • 2/2/11 17:41 Nina:



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