Jo Malone Tea Fragrance Blends Review Jo Malone Sweet Lemon Cologne Jo Malone Fresh Mint Leaf Cologne

Jo Malone has a selection of brand new layering fragrances that I told you about last week. The Tea Fragrance Blends are a range of five different cologne which you can mix, match, or wear singularly for a brilliant burst of freshness for Spring!

I tested out the Jo Malone Sweet Lemon Cologne and Jo Malone Fresh Mint Leaf Cologne. I wore them last week on their own and proceeded to play mad scientist by layering the two and experiencing a new blend when combing them!

Here are my thoughts on both!

I feel all proper and British-like having these in my fragrance wardrobe. After testing them out I wanna indulge in the other three scents offered to see what I can create using them. I do think the appeal and fun part of the fragrance is the ability to layer them and create something brand new and fresh.

What would tea be without a slice of lemon?

Sweet Lemon sounded ever so appealing since I really like the notes of a tart lemon however it also has a twist of pineapple, peach, and fresh green cypress.

My nose doesn’t pick up lemon at all and the fragrance comes across with a strong green note. The green cypress really dominates the blend but when worn long enough the note of pineapple comes out to play in a bitter layer which morphs the greener notes into a fresher, lighter blend. Overall, Sweet Lemon doesn’t actually smell like lemon to me but more green, fresh, and Spring-like. If you love green scents, this one is for you!

Of course, Sweet Lemon, in my humblest, shouldn’t be worn alone! I’d purchase it as a layering scent to add to the other blends available.

I didn’t actually add Sweet Lemon to a tea scent but to the Fresh Mint Leaf Cologne! Fresh Mint is pure gorgeousness. I love mint anything and in a scent it’s so invigorating. Jo Malone’s mint is soft without harsher edges, a bit spearmint-like if you will! Alone it’s a true cool burst of minty freshness but paired up with lemon it morphs, becomes complex, and create a really soothing scent.

Notes of basil, mint, and mate dominate the blend but when Sweet Lemon is added a touch of sweetness engulfs the blend and it ranges a little warmer and a bit more masculine. Depending on how you layer the scents, Sweet Lemon first followed up by Mint or Fresh Mint first followed up with Sweet Lemon, you’ll actually get different effects and an entirely different layer of scent.

On its own Sweet Lemon can prove uneventful but worn along with Fresh Mint Leaf it becomes brilliant!

Overall the Jo Malone Tea Fragrance Blends prove a enjoyable fragrance experience. I will indulge in Earl Grey & Cucumber, Assam & Grapefruit, and Sweet Milk because I simply must have a complete set!

Lovely and very Muse Approved for purchase!

A most beautiful addition to my Spring fragrance wardrobe!

Anyone try them yet?

Do share!

Available now from, Neiman Marcus, or your favorite fine fragrance counter!


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  • 2/24/11 15:10 Wendy A :):

    In a word:yummmmm!


  • 2/25/11 15:52 Alessandra:

    Quer saber?
    Quando crescer, quero ser igual a vocĂȘ..


  • 2/25/11 15:54 Alessandra:

    You know what?
    When I grow up I want to be like you ..


  • 4/4/11 0:08 Sarah F.:

    I bought the Assam and Grapefruit. It is spicy and fresh without being heavy or overpowering. I love it more as it drys down. It smells really delicious with the Sweet Milk…it takes the edge of and softens it.
    I couldn’t find the Sweet Milk anywhere…so I called the Jo Malone in Las Vegas and they had it.


    • 4/4/11 12:54 the Muse:

      Hi Sarah, I haven’t tried them yet but they sound equally lovely ;D!


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