Miss Tangerine Fantastic Gradation Eyes Miss Berry Berry

If it was up to me I’d have named it Miss Berry Tangerine hehe.

  • 2/28/11 21:10 auroragyps:

    Wow, I really like that. I’m on the look out for a really good pink shadow too.


  • 2/28/11 21:12 Eve:

    Soooo pretty. I wish this was readily available stateside. :( At least you feel more special when you have this and no one else does!


    • 3/1/11 9:30 the Muse:

      I really wish Etude House would come to the US eve :(


  • 2/28/11 21:33 Phyrra:

    I love the shades, they look so cheery.


  • 2/28/11 23:45 Jen:

    I love all the stuff you post from this brand!


  • 3/13/11 4:27 Erika:

    i can’t decide! omo! this one or the one with all shades of orange @.@


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