Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette and 2 Brushes Set

Good Morning!

Happy Monday and most important Happy Valentine’s Day! You don’t really need a holiday to spread the love around but I do hope you all have a special someone to share it with be it your best friend, your sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband.

Speaking of romantic I was thinking that the Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette was pretty, soft, and full of romantic shades.

Check it!

Two shimmering blushes, two matte ones, and a Fusion Soft Lights creates a softly focused flush of color on cheeks. Use the angled brush to apply blush and the fan brush to apply a stroke of the Soft Lights for highlight, both brushes come with the palette so no need to choose!

I thought the shades looked all rather flattering and pretty although a bit limited for various skin tones.

The price is right too as you both brushes and the palette for under $40 at



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  • 2/14/11 10:26 Anna:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Muse! :) I have recently begun exploring the fun world of highlighters, have any favorites? :) oh, and my boyfriend got me some Eco Tools makeup brushes. I love him haha :)


    • 2/14/11 10:30 the Muse:

      Happy V-Day Anna!!!!!!! ;-D Oh gosh no, I suck at highlighting ;-D I always look way shimmery if I even attempt it ;-D so avoid for the most part hehe! Awww what a sweetheart ;-D a man after our heart is one that gifts makeup accessories ;D!


      • 2/14/11 12:41 Anna:

        Really? Haha I don’t know what to think of them just yet, but it’s something new, so it’s fun :) oh he is!! The look on his face was so adorable, slightly confused but smiling. “I, uh, wasn’t really sure what the difference was, so I just got you all the ones there. Are they okay?” Haha so sweet :) Anyways, I’ll stop gushing :) Hope your Valentine’s Day is going swell! :)


  • 2/14/11 10:56 LorraineER:

    Loves it!!! I’m on a blush kick lately and I love Smashbox highlighters…I don’t know how I could say no to this!!


    • 2/14/11 11:03 the Muse:

      I’m so tempted Lorraine ;D!


  • 2/14/11 11:40 Andrea:

    Uh oh! Another item for my growing wishlist…


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