Tarte 100% Pure Cold Pressed Maracuja Oil from the Amazon

Tarte 100% Pure Cold Pressed Maracuja Oil from the Amazon is having an exclusive launch on QVC this week. It’s the next big thing in skincare that promises brighter, smoother, more beautiful skin.

Check it out!

Known as “the pure miracle” only one crop of this Amazonian fruit is harvested each year by Amazonian women affiliated with the Tarte cooperative in the Amazon.

The seeded pulp of the maracuja is hand pressed to guarantee the maximum amount of nutritious essential fatty acids and vitamins that can be found in this oil.

The oil sounds like an absolute dream and has some key benefits that may tempt you to indulge. Here’s what you can expect from Tarte 100% Pure Cold Pressed Maracuja Oil from the Amazon.

  • The oil is rich in essential fatty acids which are know to rebuild and repair skin.
  • Offers intense hydration for dry skin.
  • Formulated without parabens or mineral oil.
  • High doses of pure vitamin C gives skin the appearance of brighter skin.

Tarte says that the oil can be used on all skin types and will benefit them.

  • Dry Skin types will experience ultra hydration while EFAs rebuild and repair the skin.
  • Oily skin will experience instant absorption and the oil actually contracts skin’s natural oils so you aren’t left feeling greasy or oily.
  • Dull skin will appear brighter and more radiant thanks to the rich vitamin C formula while EFAs, a requirement for healthy skin cells that the body can’t reproduce, help to infuse life back into the skin.
  • Sensitive/Acne-Prone-Redness/Rosacea will benefit from the antioxidants which will help sooth and heal skin without causing breakouts.

Vitamin C does something wonderful for my skin so count me curious about this oil. It sounds pretty interesting!

Tarte 100% Pure Cold Pressed Maracuja Oil from the Amazon is available at www.qvc.com

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  • 2/21/11 10:55 lara / the glossarie.:

    i saw this in my inbox but i just cannot get over the thought of applying oil directly to my skin! i haven’t had a breakout in years but i still have “oil-free” ingrained in my beauty repertoire. i am intrigued, though!


    • 2/21/11 11:09 the Muse:

      lara it’s a god sent if your skin is dry ;-D! my skin is like the Sahara in the winter so it’s really great stuff ;D!


  • 2/21/11 11:21 Melody:

    But maracuja is just passion fruit…. it’s not rare at all…I guess they are talking about the oils from the fruit being rare?


    • 2/21/11 11:24 the Muse:

      I’m honestly not familiar with the fruit melody and whether it is or isn’t rare ;-D details are from Tarte.


      • 2/21/11 16:01 crissy k:

        Yup, in spanish we call passion fruit maracuya. It’s not rare, but I do think it’s rare in beauty products so we’ll have to cut Tarte some slack there lol.


        • 2/21/11 16:08 the Muse:

          I guess it’s the technique uses to get the oil crissy!? ;-D not sure! will have to check around and see what makes it so rare ;D!


  • 2/21/11 11:35 Hannah:

    Do you think it works any differently from the Argon Oil?


    • 2/21/11 11:39 the Muse:

      I’m not sure hannah! my experience so far is it seems thicker than argan oil. argan oil also doesn’t promise to brighten and I don’t believe it contains vitamin c but don’t quote me ;D


  • 2/21/11 12:53 Vijaya:

    I always feel like face oils are total gimmicks, but that could just be me.


  • 2/21/11 13:51 Andrea:

    I’m a little scared of stuff like this since I break out over everything (except Tarte products, I’ve recently been discovering)…I’ll still get this, and even if I’m too scared to try it or it breaks me out, I can still keep it to look at since it’s so pretty!


    • 2/21/11 13:55 the Muse:

      andrea qvc has a super return policy ;-D so if it fails to work you can always return within 30 days for a refund w00t!


  • 2/21/11 15:25 Cj:

    So it works for dry skin, oily skin, dull skin, and acne… Is it just ms or is this sounding kinda “Snake Oil Salesman”-like lol. If the stuff actually works then awesome but I think I’ll wait for some reviews before I purchase lol. Btw how would this fit into your daily routine? Is it like a serum?


    • 2/21/11 15:57 the Muse:

      ha cj ;-D it’s A WHOLE lot of awesome doing on ;-D so far I’ve been using it in the evening prior to moisturizer. my skin is dry so it works awesome. Not so much a serum really. But more as a single treatment prior to bed if you will. I think it’s too rich for day use so you can use as the one product prior to bed. As in skip your normal serum/moisturizer and just apply this. It hydrates plus promises a slew of other great things including anti-aging benefits. I’ve only used a few days and haven’t seen any difference in my skin aside from hydration and slightly easing of dullness in the morning when I wake up. I started out using it alone but started by applying prior to my moisturizer now in the PM ;D! I’ll see what happens in the next few days ;D!


  • 2/21/11 16:23 isis:

    I must say I always though skin oils were nonsense too and would do more damage than good. but Liz earle’s superskin concentrate oil is amazing. I also love Bio-oil it’s fabulous for helping my skin heal after a breakout or cuts from sharp kitten claws.


    • 2/21/11 16:24 the Muse:

      isis love love Liz Earle but haven’t tried her concentrate oil! you got me googling babe!


    • 11/1/11 12:44 Victoria:

      I also LOVE the LIz Earle Supeskin Concentrate! It smells so wonderful before bed and my skin looks so healthy in the morning! Natural oils can be fantastic for certain people, sometimes you just have to give it a try and be open minded :)


  • 2/21/11 16:31 isis:

    Me too! I believe it’s simply the concentrated oil which is in her superbalm, I love this stuff it cleared my psoriasis, smells gorgeous too though many don’t seem to like the smell.
    I hope you get your hands on it. great for your hair too!


    • 2/21/11 16:33 the Muse:

      isis what’s it smell like? curious minds! sounds lovely! I like her hot cloth cleanser!


  • 2/21/11 16:51 isis:

    I’m not sure i can explain it but for you, I’ll try . It’s certainly a botanical smell as you’d expect, I get lavender (which I usually hate) and rosemary from this and neroli which I personally love..Qvc uk has nearly a hundred reviews, people seem to either love or hate the smell… but smell is a very subjective personal thing.
    I Love this oil every bit as my elemis moisture melt stuff, can’t rave enough about it.. worth every penny, you only need a tiny drop for an application.


    • 2/21/11 17:17 the Muse:

      sound herbal-ish isis, I can cope with that ;-D Normally I get a bit of mint from Liz’s skincare products so maybe I’ll get that from this as well ;-D sounds gorgeous! might have to give a shot on your rec ;D!


  • 2/21/11 23:00 Bridget:

    Hey Muse! When do you think it’s going to be at the stores? You can only get it through QVC right now? :)


    • 2/22/11 8:27 the Muse:

      not sure Bridget I find any worldwide launches tarte does on qvc normally end up summer for the following season, so I’d say summer in stores? :)


  • 2/21/11 23:59 Nunuiviet:

    I’m scared of applying anything oil on my skin, had a very bad experience before with a rose elixir made of rose hip oil, rose centifolia oil and jojoba oil and it broke me out like crazy, took me 2-3 months to gets rid of those horribles whiteheads, coz the nasty things were underneath and had to bring bring them to the surface and finally had to fade the red brown colours ! Really scary now I’ve learnt my lesson, I stay away from these stuffs that promise glowing and young skin!


  • 2/22/11 11:42 Nalini:

    Hmmm… I worked in Brazil for a little while and I thought maracuja was just passion fruit? I could be wrong, but that doesn’t seem so rare to me. They are everywhere!


    • 8/16/11 2:05 Angela:

      Maracuja is just the Brazilian name for the Passion Fruit… which scientific name is Passiflora edulis


  • 2/22/11 15:25 Bonnie:

    Muse, I just got hooked on the argan oil and now there’s a new tempting oil.

    To everyone who is scared of applying oil to an already oily, acne’d face…I’m glad I tried it! The other treatments we use to get rid of the acne dry us out and then cause the skin to create even MORE oil. I personally am very happy with the direction my skin is going in since I have been using the oil.

    Also Muse–I got my first facial the other day (my first EVER)–WOW, I should have been doing this years ago!


    • 2/22/11 15:30 the Muse:

      yay bonnie ;-D awesome on the facial girl! they are def a must have to keep your face looking its best ;-D! thanks for your feedback on oils! I can’t speak for other skin types as my own is oily so it’s nice to have a fresh opinion on it ;-D!!!!!!!


  • 3/20/11 11:07 maryam:

    i have to say that i am loving this oil!!! i have combination skin and it works well for me. i am using it under my makeup even though it says to use it at night. two to three drops is enough for my entire face and down my neck. the packaging is very nice, but the oil DOES perform for me. my skin feels hydrated, but not overly oily. when i use my nutrasonic the maracuja oil sinks in even better.


    • 3/21/11 13:05 the Muse:

      that’s great to hear maryam ;D!


  • 4/3/11 13:30 Kim:

    Just got a sample of this oil from qvc and I love it. It makes my dry skin feel amazing and I haven’t had any problems with breakouts. I will be ordering more today.


    • 4/4/11 13:01 the Muse:

      glad to hear you’re enjoying it kim ;-D!


  • 3/20/12 18:16 Terri McDonough:

    I ordered this oil and am anxiously awaiting its delivery. I am taking post cancer medication and desperately trying to find something to help with a side effect I’m having with my skin. There has been a combination of redness, severe breaking out, occasional slight burning and skin discoloration. I have tried everything and I’m hoping the maracuja oil will prove to be a miracle for my complexion. I’m 63 years old and this has been very difficult and embarrassing to deal with. Fingers crossed and a prayer!!!


    • 4/12/12 10:52 Moof:

      Terri! I have not tried maracuja oil yet but I plan on it! I wanted to chime in and add that I use Bliss – Triple Oxygen products. And I LOVE them! They are very gentle and brighten up my face. I know they have starter kits with small sample sizes so you could try them without spending the money on the full size products. I use the face wash and face lotion! My skin is just oily/combo but I feel like it would be worth a try for you, they are packed with vitamin C! I hope the maracuja oil works for you! You’re in my thoughts and best of luck! <3


  • 4/14/12 17:53 Xanderbell:

    I have combination acne prone skin. I have been using this oil for a week and it is incredible. It is not oily in the least bit – and it absorbs into the skin immediately. I use it at night and in the morning under my make up. For the first time my face doesn’t’ get oily at all during the day. The texture of my skin has become more firm (I keep touching my face because I don’t actually believe it) – and the lines around my eyes are getting finer. Not only does this oil not aggravate my acne, my acne seems to be getting better. I was skeptical and a little afraid to start using this on my face, but I absolutely love it.


  • 11/3/13 12:23 Rayray12374:

    Hey has anyone had any recent/continued success with this? I just stumbled across this forum after buying some maracuja oil and wanting to read about the reviews. I have teenage, hormonal acne-prone skin and wanted to know if this is still being used successfully for you that have tried it.


  • 11/25/13 12:38 pumpkin:

    I am currently using tea tree oil to prevent acne, and am considering using maracuja oil as an extra step for skin healing and anti aging purposes. Does anyone know if its ok or not ok to use both tea tree oil and maracuja oil? Thanks for any advice.


  • 12/29/13 13:11 Sheba:

    I love this product…Absorb fast, very lightweight, non sticky and make my skin smooth instantly….everytime i try new product i got breKout…but this one is owesome…anyway its rare because its from the amazon..


  • 12/29/13 13:37 Sheba:

    Stop the tea tree oil it will dry up your skin…maracuja will help neutralize the skin and it will prevent future breakout….if you scared for breakout used tea tree toner/ mist …


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