Tokyo Milk Cherry Bomb Parfum Review

I’m one for purchasing obscure, unique fragrances. I love hunting around e-tailers, or Etsy, and other small shops to discover new and interesting fragrances to try out.

Tokyo Milk is one my favorite Indie brands that has a range of fun fragrances you might want to try out if you’re bored with the normal scents available at your local counters.

Check it!

Tokyo Milk Cherry Bomb Parfum has a sweet, fruity name but includes notes that might surprise you!

Housed in a tiny 1 oz bottle with a juicy cherry in the background this fragrance contains notes of Wild Rose, Osmanthus, Chocolate & Vetiver to make up a very unique and different kind of fragrance.

Chocolate with florals and greens? Strange but it works.

The scent is a full bodied fragrance that doesn’t come across sweet, sugary, or fruity so don’t be mislead by the name. First spray you’ll get a tiny spike of chocolate mixed in with full on floral. The floral note is a mystery to me as I’m not getting rose here so I imagine the Vetiver calms that and morphs it into an unusually greener, fuller blossom. The vetiver note makes it a bit unisex and masculine in some cases but also adds a certain warmth and darkness to the fragrance. Hints of both Osmanthus and Chocolate permeate the parfum but they are morphed into a chocolate-y cherry-ness that could be where the name comes into play.

It’s a very unusual blend with a great linger and a wonderful throw.

If Indie fragrances are your thing, Tokyo Milk Cherry Bomb Parfum will easily be liked and loved.

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 2/18/11 23:15 Ida:

    Nice review, Muse! I liked this scent , but found it too light, and on me it was fleeting. Tokyomilk just came out with a new ‘Dark’ collection with packaging that looks really cool.


  • 2/19/11 9:33 Kari:

    Oh my, this looks so interesting!


  • 2/20/11 0:41 sakex:

    just wanted to put it out there that Anthropologie carries Tokyo Milk in stores in case people want to take a sniff before purchasing.


  • 2/20/11 10:49 Amee:

    thanks for the review dear :)


  • 2/20/11 21:39 brenda:

    I have Tokyo Milk – Milk Honey..
    Absolutely lovely , u need to try this since I see we have almost the same taste in perfumes.!


  • 2/20/11 21:40 brenda:

    sorry, I meant
    Honey & The Moon No. 10 Parfum


  • 2/26/11 16:39 Lara:

    I have “I want candy” and its a bit too fruity for my tastes but I highly recommend there “Dead Sexy” scent! It is the perfect sexy scent with out being too musky, dirty or old lady like. Not sure if you have one near you but Anthropologie stores carry this line, if you or anyone else wants to sniff before they buy- I know I hate to buy perfume online before I have smelled it in person!


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