Smashbox Summer 2011 Softbox Collection

I’m on a tangerine kick for Spring and I have a funny feeling that I’ll rock it through Summer. But the trend for Summer 2011 is a more natural, nude, fresher appearance. In a reversed role (you’d think this would be a Spring trend rather than a Summer one) minimal makeup for a fresh look is what you’ll see for Summer.

Smashbox is the first to introduce us to the trend with some of their early offerings for Summer 2011.

Let’s have a look, I know one item I’ve already fallen in love with!


  • Smashbox Softbox Eye Shadow Palette $48

A palette featuring seven brand new shades and four best sellers for soft, natural eye loks plus a step by step guide for creating three looks and a mini Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer!


• 9 Eye Shadows
• 2 Cream Eye Liners
• Double Ended Brush
• Mini Photo Finish Lid Primer
• Get the Look Guide

The palette features a new video tag printed on the back of the palette. You can scan it with your phone and watch Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor take you through the application right in front of your mirror. Sweet!


  • Smashbox Softbox Lipgloss Collection $29

A gloss gift set that includes three brand new shades and three bestsellers

• 4 Lip Enhancing Glosses
• 2 Limitless Long Wear Lip Glosses SPF 15

So what do you think?

I love the eye palette particularly after seeing the completed promo look! You can view the video and how to guide at

The palette looks like a real keeper!

The collection is available online from Smashbox.

  • 3/11/11 11:05 Claudenka:

    the promo pic looks gorgeous! for some reason i never pay attention to them, but this one looks uniquely fresh


    • 3/11/11 11:11 the Muse:

      it really does have a fresh vibe claudenka ;-D


  • 3/11/11 11:06 Susan:

    This looks like a beautiful collection.


  • 3/11/11 11:12 lexi:

    I just got the softbox palette yesterday. its honestly the most beauiful palette i own, and i own a lot.


    • 3/11/11 11:13 the Muse:

      lexi you’re creating more lems ;-D must has it now!


  • 3/11/11 11:23 Susan:

    Lexi, No, No, No! Tell me its not true! LOL


  • 3/11/11 11:46 heather:

    Picking mine up at the ulta event next week…cant wait

    did i miss a post telling about smashbox rewards program? stumbled across it today and wish i had known before when i stocked up on goodies last month :(

    “Welcome to Smashbox Pretty Points, our brand-new rewards program that enables you to SAVE money and get FREE gifts every time you shop! Here’s how: Each time you spend a dollar at, 5 Pretty Points will be added to your account. For every 500 points you earn, you’ll receive a $10 Rewards Certificate which you can instantly cash in for more beauty loot. How easy is that?”


    • 3/11/11 11:49 the Muse:

      thanks for sharing heather didn’t know about their pretty points rewards!


      • 3/11/11 11:51 heather:

        Your welcome :) I only use smashbox and have almost every kit since i found them in 2006 :)) the palette looks fantastic but i prefer their sets that are separate…so if you finish a color your not starring at a giant hole and debating to get another with an almost full palette on hand still 😀


        • 3/11/11 12:10 the Muse:

          Whoa Heather nice collection girl! totally understand, I admit though, I’m a little addicted to palettes ;-D!


  • 3/11/11 12:01 Andrea:

    That palette is so gorgeous, and the looks are just so clean and beautiful! I just might be stopping by the Smashbox website next week during Let’s Do Lunch… =)


    • 3/11/11 12:09 the Muse:

      ha andrea I love Let’s Do Lunch so fun!


      • 3/12/11 10:36 Allli:

        ooohhh…what’s Let’s Do Lunch?


  • 3/11/11 12:28 Mel:

    This looks so soft, fresh and pretty – makes me want it!! I haven’t had much luck with Smashbox in the past. I tend to breakout from their foundation products and the eyeshadows & blushes disappear by midday…..maybe this is a change! A girl can hope can’t she!


    • 3/11/11 12:33 the Muse:

      mel I sure hope so hun!


  • 3/11/11 12:42 heather:

    Trick to foundations…after you moisturize..make sure face is completely dry then use primer…let that dry then use foundation…if i dont let them “settle” they dont last as long

    as far as my smashstash…if you look at the sets they offer (not palette ones) most of products are repeated in other sets….i buy the basics often…but when new sets come out…i see whats in them and check prices…if i can get away with only buying 1 item…i do…if price is 2 good to be true…i get it. me and the girls get together 1 weekend a month for trades/ wine / and playing with new colors. we each bring our shades we just had to have but wont wear and trade our duplicates for things we need :)


    • 3/11/11 14:41 the Muse:

      where you live heather? I want wine and trading! ;-D hahaha! so fun!!!!!!!!!!!


      • 3/11/11 15:28 heather:

        I am near poconos area of northeast PA….i think i saw you say that you were in ny? poconos is only about an hour and a half from the city hehehehe wine and trading when the weather clears up?
        my girl friends would be thrilled, fresh meat…they only get smashbox or opi nail colors from me and keep telling me to explore the possibilities of other brands hehehe


    • 3/12/11 10:37 Allli:

      omg…I need that in my life!!! Best idea ever! maybe you live near me and I can partake????


  • 3/11/11 12:55 jenna:

    i’m in love love LOVE with the look in that promo pic! must re-create!!!!


    • 3/11/11 12:59 the Muse:

      ditto jenna! amazingly refreshing!


  • 3/11/11 13:38 jeansco:

    attractive collection! looks like a mix of UB’s Naked palette and Too Faced Romantic eye palette~

    so tempted…..>_<


  • 3/11/11 20:58 neutralgirl:

    That promo image is just beautiful. I’m kinda inspired to c if I can copy the look w makeup I own already, but will def check out the palette sometime soon.


    • 3/15/11 10:23 the Muse:

      neturalgirl bet you can ;D!


  • 3/12/11 13:06 Girl Hearts Makeup:

    I got my eye on the Smashbox Softbox Eye Shadow Palette. It looks like a smaller version of the UD naked palette. I’m not sure whether to get the naked palette or not because it’s SUPER ex here ($73) and I don’t use eyeshadows everyday. =/

    But if I were to compared UD and this palette, I think ultimately UD’s more worth it.


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