A Super Smashbox 7 Piece Color Collection on Auto Delivery

A Super Smashbox 7 Piece Color Collection on Auto Delivery 1

QVC has a brilliant Smashbox 7 Piece Color Collection available on Auto Delivery today! I’m kinda hyped about this one.

Take a look!

The set includes:

  • Smashbox Waterproof Eye Shadow Palette
  • Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Jumbo Fundation Primer
  • Smashbox Lip Enhancing Mega Gloss
  • Smashbox Pro Second Skin Concealer
  • Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights
  • Smashbox #5 Precision Concealer Brush

A Super Smashbox 7 Piece Color Collection on Auto Delivery 8

A Super Smashbox 7 Piece Color Collection on Auto Delivery 7

A Super Smashbox 7 Piece Color Collection on Auto Delivery 6

A Super Smashbox 7 Piece Color Collection on Auto Delivery 5

A Super Smashbox 7 Piece Color Collection on Auto Delivery 4

The first selection of shades is somewhat boring but I’m really loving the auto shipments in August and December. Each set comes with a new shade of gloss, a new shadow palette, and a new Fusion Soft Lights. You’ll get three shipments total for $59.98 each and of course you can cancel any of the shipments at anytime you want!

A Super Smashbox 7 Piece Color Collection on Auto Delivery 2

A Super Smashbox 7 Piece Color Collection on Auto Delivery 3

Available now from www.qvc.com

Don’t forget they all the products included are full size which makes them a really super deal!

  • 4/25/11 19:42 Crissylex:

    Hey Muse,
    Is the Waterproof shadow/liner new? I didn’t see it @ Ulta . I was wondering if you have tried it before and if it was truly waterproof.


    • 4/26/11 10:05 the Muse:

      crissy no they had it…I believe it’s about 6 months old but don’t quote me there ;-D I haven’t tried it yet hun.


  • 4/25/11 20:01 LINDARRAGNAR:

    Thats a really good deal! too bad im completely broke! :(


  • 4/25/11 22:20 Missy M.:

    Darn, all of the colors other than dark in the set are coming up as sold out…what’s a pasty girl to do?


    • 4/26/11 10:04 the Muse:

      try again missy ;-D it’s instock now!


      • 4/26/11 14:58 Missy M.:



  • 4/26/11 0:56 Shana:

    Hi Muse, I just tried to order this, but when I click my shade and add to cart it says it is sold out.


    • 4/26/11 10:03 the Muse:

      shana try today? all in stock here?


      • 4/27/11 12:35 Shana:

        I was able to order finally! I couldn’t decide between fair or light, so I decided to go with light, just incase fair was too pasty! I can’t wait for it to come in the mail, although I will be saving it for the end of May, since it is a bday gift for myself!!


        • 5/4/11 10:11 the Muse:

          aw that’s sweet shana ;-D happy early bday! you’re going to love it, got mine yesterday and looks brill!


  • 4/26/11 7:47 JenJ:

    Got the email about this yesterday. Not all that moved by this TSV. I say that now lol. The one last year was nice.


    • 4/26/11 9:47 the Muse:

      Jen I’m kinda moved ;-D I like the nude/green palette ;D!


      • 4/27/11 8:36 JenJ:

        I like that one too. I already have the concealer and primer. Love SB shadows. *sigh* We shall see.


        • 4/27/11 9:03 the Muse:

          jen torn myself ;-D but couldn’t resist


  • 4/26/11 9:05 Makedonka:

    Ah, so this is SB TSV for this Friday? Was wondering – thank you Muse for sharing!
    Now off to search your blog for the SB waterproof eye shadow palette – I have one that was GWP on SBox.com but was not kind of thrilled very much with it – need a refresh.

    Mally has TSV next Sat .. :o)


    • 4/26/11 10:03 the Muse:

      my pleasure hun! I can’t wait to see Mally’s ;-D I don’t think I reviewed the waterproof shadow palette I was going to but never got it :-/!


  • 4/26/11 9:42 Barb:

    Nice! I signed up for the Tarte TSV when they had it with auto delivery. If I get anymore makeup delivered, my husband will cut me off :)


    • 4/26/11 9:44 the Muse:

      lol barb ;-D I got that one too! was a fab deal!


      • 4/26/11 10:36 LaurieS:

        I bought this last night. I’m a sucker for Smashbox TSV’s and this looks like a good one. I like the colors in the1st and 3rd shipment. I just can’t do greens/earthy tones well.

        An aside for those who have the TARTE TSV. Are you still loving it? I adored mine at first but I caught a look at myself in a mirror and the foundation looked really ghastly, dry and it aged me something fierce. I guess I prefer more of a natural look where my skin peeks through. This covered me too completely. Also, whenever I wear the shadows/liner combo my eyes water all day. I’m so sadk. I cancelled the future shipments :(


        • 4/26/11 10:38 the Muse:

          I snagged one too Laurie ;-D really loving it. Aw sorry to hear it. I love it…! the foundation is brilliant, but sadly I don’t think I can completely use it all before the next shipment arrives but so far so good, no probs with it or anything else. Really sorry you’ve become disenchanted with it :(


        • 4/26/11 15:00 Barb:

          I’m totally loving the foundation. I think it’s the best I’ve ever tried.


        • 4/26/11 17:24 Majick:

          I’m still loving it. Did you try a primer under it? And, remember – a little does go a long way with that stuff.

          I’m thinking of changing the color of my second shipment to the next darker after medium, I think it’s tan? Does anyone know if it’s much darker?


          • 4/26/11 18:14 LaurieS:

            I use Avon’s primer under it (and under my BE too when I wear that). When I caught myself in full sunlight it looked really dry around my nose and very fake compared to my neck (I bought pale). It also emphasized every itty bitty line on my face and looked really dry and my skin is very oily. I probably put too much on, I’m used to using BE. I’ll try it again tomorrow with a lighter hand.

  • 4/26/11 12:55 Melissa:

    Hey Muse!!! Hope you’ve been doing well!

    Couple questions for ya today. Has the waterproof shadow liner changed form? I had the auto delivery for last year’s SB Quick Fix kit, which I LOVED, and the shadow liner came in little glass containers with a specific brush (that makes achieving the smoky eye easy and flawless BTW, love that thing). Now I see that it’s pencil form. Is this the same shadow liner or did I just go crazy for a second? Hahaha. But yeah, I’m way excited about this kit for the full size Second Skin concealer. Have you tried that yet? Any comments on whether it’s worth it?


  • 4/26/11 13:07 JoElla:

    Well I caved and ordered this on AD. I haven’t ordered smashbox in forever and hope I love it! I just wish they didn’t throw in that damn primer with it. How many primers does a girl need?! LOL


    • 4/26/11 13:16 the Muse:

      gosh I wish that too Jo! HATE silicone primers :-/


  • 4/26/11 17:28 Majick:

    what texture are the eye shadows? They are waterproof? Do they blend ok? Are they a cream? or powder?
    I”m still accepting the Tarte TSV and just finished up the last SB TSV and loved it. I’m just not sure I can condone another one. UGH… LOL


    • 4/26/11 17:31 the Muse:

      dunno majick :) I just ordered it, haven’t gotten it yet :) they are powder but that’s about all I know :)


  • 4/28/11 17:39 Patti c:

    Hi Muse- I went to qvc to order this and the price is $79 and some change. Did you use a code or something? Probably still a good deal at the $79 price, but why pay that if you don’t have to?


    • 5/2/11 11:08 the Muse:

      hi patti did you get it during the TSV? It was that price on Friday only for the today special value. No code or anything :)


  • 4/29/11 13:53 Terri:

    Oh muse, this is evil! I clicked on your link, only to realize that QVC ships to Canada, so I ordered it!! I thought I was safe looking and not being able to buy…just what I need – MORE smashbox!!!!


    • 5/2/11 10:40 the Muse:

      LOL terri I had no idea they shipped to Canada ;-D that’s rather awesome chica ;-D it’s a great value!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!


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