Bath and Body Works Scent Stackers

Let me tell you about the story of storage for a beauty junkie!

We run out of that shiz fast!

Seriously, storage? It becomes a real issue sometimes when you’re a beauty addict. I try to keep my stash as organized as possible but sometimes that’s difficult to say the least.

That’s why I’m all about the new Bath and Body Works Scent Stackers! These cute stackable minis offer a unique way to keep your bath and body products all in one place and plus they are such a brilliant space saver!

3 oz sizes of your favorite scented lotions, potions, and body mists are available for $7 each or 3 for $15 and each one stacks on top of the other to keep your stash organized sans a ton of various bottles laying around plus hey totes travel friendly too!

Scent Stackers are available now at Bath and Body Works Stores or online at

  • 4/12/11 11:33 Wendy:

    Great idea and totally cute! Do want.


  • 4/12/11 12:12 Susan:

    Cute! They look like good sized for travel.


  • 4/12/11 12:49 Colleen:

    These look great! I hope they make some with the body cream (I hate the lotion).


  • 4/12/11 16:56 Jane:

    I picked up the one in sweet pea and twilight woods and these work really well for travel, they saved so much space in my toiletries bag now all they need to do is come out with more scents.


  • 4/13/11 8:14 mon:

    Wow that’s brilliant! I’m a scent junkie with bajillions of scents. This will make storage so much easier. Plus, they look cute all stacked like that.


    • 4/13/11 9:09 the Muse:

      def loving the stacking option mon!


  • 4/14/11 0:33 Blue:

    These are bloody adorable!


  • 4/20/11 18:18 Ruthless:

    Muse, I want to see some honest stash pics! I feel like a hoarder with my own and I bet yours is 3x the size of mine


    • 4/20/11 18:24 the Muse:

      hey ruth maybe one day ;-D!


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