Bobbi Brown Friends and Family Event 20% Off

It’s today kids!

Bobbi Brown is having her Friends and Family Event with a whooping 20% Off your total order at

Your 20% off will be deducted during checkout and the event lasts through Wednesday, April 13th.

I haven’t made a list yet, how about you?

Did you shop it already?

Whatcha get?

Do share!

  • 4/11/11 12:50 Cj:

    Hey Muse :) I’m gonna get the cleansing oil and the extra soothing balm


    • 4/11/11 12:53 the Muse:

      Sweet both good picks cj ;-D


  • 4/11/11 13:52 Kristina:

    I ordered the Metallic Eye Set, some blotting papers, and the Empties travel bottles. I love that Bobbi doesn’t make us use a code for the 20% so I was able to use a code for a free eyeshadow too!
    Christine has the following codes posted on Temptalia-
    Gel44 – Mahoghany Ink liner
    Rich44 – Naked lipgloss
    Peach44 – Soft Peach eyeshadow


    • 4/11/11 14:07 the Muse:

      kristina that is that the bronze set? as it’s on my wishly list! thanks for the codes!


      • 4/11/11 16:03 Kristina:

        Yes it is! I saw your post on it the other day and tried to talk myself out of it. Epic fail obviously!


        • 4/12/11 10:00 the Muse:

          kristina way too good a deal to resist girl!


  • 4/11/11 14:15 KimmyDarling:

    Here’s what’s in my cart now, though it’s changed three times in the past two hours.

    Rich Lip Color SPF12 in Sweet Nectar
    Sheer Color Cheek Tint in Sheer Coral
    Long Wear Cream Shadow in Shore
    (Free Rich Color Gloss in Naked, using code RICH44)


    • 4/11/11 14:21 the Muse:

      sweet nectar is gorg kimmy I have it, great shade!


  • 4/11/11 18:04 Erin:

    Creamy Concealer Kit
    Corrector (I got matched for these this weekend…in love!)
    Metallic Eye Shadows in Black Cocoa & Champagne Quartz
    Gel Eye Liners in Black Ink and Cobalt Ink (Cobalt free with code!)

    I can’t wait to get my order!


    • 4/12/11 11:29 the Muse:

      SWEET! Nice hauling Erin ;D!


  • 4/11/11 18:26 Makedonka:

    I’ll hop in with list later … just want to remind everyone of the code SECRET for free mini concealer/blender brush .. :o) I used it and it works.


    • 4/11/11 18:50 Makedonka:

      ok, so my 1st order was for a concealer (decided to skip the concealer kit because I have a bucket of the yellow powder) and corrector (amazingly enough I have not tried BB’s corrector yet so anxious to try that one) + hydrating eye cream (this is my permanent eye cream – use a lot of products but always come back to this cream).
      Order no2 had the Metallic Eye Set (I have sample size of the Penny) and I am probably going to go back for more before the sale if over. Considering the Hydrating Gel Cream and smoldering eye palette and/or Navajo long wear cream shadow (went thru your site last night reading all your BB reviews, Muse – you can probably tell by the list :) )


      • 4/12/11 11:28 the Muse:

        ha makedonka nice list and def see a few products I love ;-D! good haulin’ chica!


  • 4/12/11 1:15 deb:

    I have quite a few of Bobbi’s cream shadows and gel liners and was tempted to get more, but I resisted! But, I recently received a sample jar of the face base and fell in love with it. So with the discount I ordered a jar of the Face Base and a Lip Balm. I missed the codes! Boo!!


    • 4/12/11 11:19 the Muse:

      yay deb ;-D nice haulin! aw sorry you missed the codes :/


  • 4/12/11 7:55 JenJ:

    I have my eye on the Peony & Python Beauty Kit!! Teehee!!


  • 4/12/11 8:39 Makedonka:

    One more code – BEST55 gives you Long-Wear Gel Eye-Liner in Cobalt Ink.


  • 4/12/11 10:52 Swimsalot:

    I tried the code secret last night and they were all out of the mini concealer brush. Damn I wanted that
    I ordered
    Corrector in porcelain peach
    Concealor kit in sand
    Creamy lip color in retro pink
    Free mahogany eye liner gel


  • 4/12/11 20:00 VP:

    Muse, you’re such an enabler! I ended up buying my HG foundation in Honey that I was running low on, eyeshadow in Gold Dust, a set of empties for my upcoming vacation, and a free mahogany gel eyeliner.


    • 4/13/11 10:58 the Muse:

      ha VP ;-D I can’t helps it ;-D glad you hauled hun!


  • 4/14/11 19:45 Janice:

    I wish I had checked here before placing an order last night so I could have used some of those codes!! I ordered the concealer kit, corrector and pot rouge. I love Bobbi Brown concealer too! I’ve just about used about the face touch up palette I bought last year.


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