Philosophy Orange Jelly Bean Shower Gel Review

My shower is feeling so Easter-like thanks to Philosophy! Between Sugar Chick and Orange Jelly Bean I don’t know which gets me more excited to take a shower in the morning.


I love Philosophy for revamping the labels on their special edition shower gels. I dunno something about the new labels is really doing it for me plus add to the fact that they have gotten more and more creative lately with the scents they introduce and you have a very happy Muse indeed.

Philosophy Orange Jelly Bean is one of two new, full size shower gels introduced for Spring. If you like orange scented products or just citrus ones you’ll adore this.

At first sniff this kinda reminds me of orange kool aid but in the shower you’ll get more of a candy-orange smell that isn’t quite spot on for a jelly bean but definitely close enough that you’ll think baskets, baby chicks, and bunnies! The bright shimmering shower gels is quite pretty as well!

It lathers up nicely and can be used in your shower as a shampoo, shower gel, or bubble bath! The one thing I dislike about Philosophy Shower Gels is the fact that the fragrance is an in shower experience and doesn’t linger after you’re out. Sad sigh! I wouldn’t mind smelling like an orange jelly bean outside the shower!

Overall, Orange Jelly Bean is worth a haul if you’re a fan of Philosophy Shower Gels. I love their dedication to bringing us new and exciting products every season!

Have you tried it?


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 4/14/11 17:50 Susan:

    I am not a big fan of food scented shower gels but this one peaked my interest! I love the color and the shimmer too.


    • 4/15/11 12:38 the Muse:

      the shimmer slays me susan 😀


  • 4/14/11 17:58 jenna:

    i like how it looks shimmery :) my sugar chick gel is on its way and i’m so excited! also got fresh peaches and cream mmmmm!
    and i agree – i wish the scent lingered on skin!! i feel like i waste too much time in the shower trying to make the experience last ha!


    • 4/15/11 13:27 the Muse:

      amen jenna, WTH? I really wish it lasted even when I wash my hair with it, nothing! come on :( tell me more about PnC when it arrives I haven’t smelled yet!


      • 4/15/11 14:16 Hannah:

        It smells gooooooood. Very similar to Apricots and Cream, but just a tad sweeter and fruitier :)


        • 4/15/11 14:47 the Muse:

          ha sounds wonderful hannah we need body mist now!


  • 4/16/11 15:11 msworld:

    My mom just ordered me the Spring has Sprung! set. I can’t wait to try this one, as well as chocolate rabbit and marshmellow chick!


    • 4/18/11 11:25 the Muse:

      yay enjoy it msworld!


  • 4/18/11 14:07 Gloria:

    We make samples to give out at Sephora when we’re out of packaged samples, and I’ve been grabbing this one and the marshmallow Peeps scent one just to smell it!! It’s so much funner to make than boring ol’ cleansers!


    • 4/18/11 14:57 the Muse:

      ha gloria they smell so good can’t blame you!


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