Accessory Corner: TokiDoki 30% Coupon Code

Enjoy 30% off at starting today!

I did some major damage….



  • 5/27/11 12:40 winni:

    Hey girl, you probably already noticed, but there are a ton of Tokidoki items on sale at A bunch of the eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, lipgloss and the sodashop palette! Cheers! :)


    • 5/27/11 12:44 the Muse:

      are you kiddin’ winni I scooped that out days ago girl! ;-D hahahaha! but it’s NOT as cheap as I was hoping for so I didn’t post about it…now if they bring down those palettes to say 10 bucks I’d be pimping it on the street corner ;D!


      • 5/27/11 12:47 winni:

        Yeah, I figured you knew. And thankfully I can always rely on you to tell us about all the great deals! It’s not as cheap as I’m hoping for either, we’ll have to wait it out. 😀


        • 5/27/11 12:48 the Muse:

          hey win! mmmmmmmmmmmmm $19 didn’t sound like such an OMG deal…;-D But the sodapop palette is pretty good deal, kick myself I paid retail for it….! *hugs* you know it cheeks! try my best to let you all know the goodie deals.


  • 5/27/11 12:52 winni:

    Yeah that palette is a good deal….however, you could have waited to see if it went on sale only to have it sell out! Then you’d be kicking yourself for that. So go easy on yourself girl!


    • 5/27/11 12:58 the Muse:

      you’re totally right Win! That would be just my luck ;-D! Did you get it by chance? I LOVE the Americana print ;D


      • 5/27/11 13:01 winni:

        I didn’t, but now I’m SO tempted, I think I’m gonna go ahead and get it. I’m a sucker for that packaging!


        • 5/27/11 13:10 the Muse:

          check qvc first b/c they had free shipping and a discount on it too…but not sure if it’s still available…sephora might be cheaper. love the packaging ;-D!


  • 5/28/11 8:53 Sarah:

    I hate when they sell out if the price drops… I hauled all the cromatico palettes myself ^.^;;


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