Beauty Most Unusual: A Beauty Mask That’s Not Just For Diarrhea

Cat Marnell, sister to cutie PR chicklet and friend of Musings of a Muse, Emily Marnell, recently tried out a very interesting facial mask….

I’ll go throw it out there and say Cat went to the Beauty Most Unusual extreme here…!

Wanna learn about this mystery mask?

Gosh I can’t believe I typed diarrhea in my post title. I can imagine the Google Search Engine breaking down now because beauty junkies are goggling “facial mask” and “diarrhea” together…!

Fact of the matter is in most cases for upset tummies and diarrhea we are reaching for that magical pink liquid, Pepto Bismol.

Cat, however, decided it would be a really great idea to use it as a facial mask…umm, yeah….

Pepto Bismol, unknown to me, actually contains salicylic acid. Yup, that acne battle to the death ingredient that helps dry out nasty pimples. Taking that into consideration Cat slathered it on for 20 minutes and proceeded to praise the porcelain gods that her skin was firm, pink, glowing, and clearer after use!

She’s acne prone and felt like she’d definitely try the mask out again since it worked so well.

Beauty Most Unusual?

But hey, whatever works right? Even meds for an upset tummy can easily be made into a beauty mask who knew? I’m so buying a box of laxatives tomorrow so I can break them up into the equivalent of an aspirin scrub treatment…yes, that will totally work wonders on my skin! I just know it!

What sort of freaky, beauty most unusual DIY treatments have you tried?

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  • 5/25/11 15:58 sakex:

    I’ve used pepto bismol for spot treatment before; some people suggested it online in lieu of the Mario Badescu drying lotion. It worked as well as any other salicylic acid cream. Seems like it would be too drying to use as a full on mask though.


    • 5/25/11 16:06 the Muse:

      ha no kid sakex? gotta remember that when I get my next pimple ;D!


  • 5/25/11 16:24 Jessica:

    Lol I was just reading about this in the Borba book!
    Another strange one is the alka seltzer, honey, milk and oatmeal bath.


    • 5/25/11 16:27 the Muse:

      ha jessica ;-D I dunno if I’d try either but love that someone is willing to go there for beauty!


  • 5/25/11 17:23 Nik:

    Holy liquid crap! Yes I tried that over 15 years ago and it freaking stained my face! I think I saw it as a home remedy on Jenny Jones or Maury Povich…one of those shows! Bad idea, I told my friend this story a few weeks ago and she couldn’t contain herself :) haha!


    • 5/26/11 9:21 the Muse:

      nik I totally want that pink pepto glow…haha!


  • 5/25/11 22:09 A:

    I just smeared crushed TUMS on my face last night in an effort to recreate Mario Badescu silver powder. My skin was smoother and my pores less noticeable, but I think I’ll splurge on the silver powder. $13 isn’t all that much.


    • 5/26/11 9:12 the Muse:

      seriously A? ha…I think I’ll stick with the 13 bucks ;-D


  • 5/26/11 0:05 Cat Marnell:

    Hahahaha! Thanks for reading! xo Cat


    • 5/26/11 9:08 the Muse:

      ha cat it was brilliant ;-D! I got a nice chuckle from it and was tempted to try it, really wants a pink glow ;D!


  • 5/26/11 0:07 Melissa:

    I’ve used calamine as a mask and or over night spot treatment for those random large blemishes that never want to go away. Yes im talking to you mount Rushmore on my otherwise clear chin. Anyways the calamine helped a little but yes Im gonna try the pepto tonight


    • 5/26/11 9:07 the Muse:

      I’ve done that melissa ;-D it actually works fab!


  • 5/26/11 7:02 DaenaCat:

    I’ve used Milk of Magnesia as a face mask, when I had oily skin. It was amazing and mattifying and after my skin felt incredible. I’ve heard of ppl applying it very lightly under foundation to keep the skin matte.


    • 5/26/11 9:04 the Muse:

      interesting daena!


  • 5/27/11 6:22 Amy:

    I make Aspirin masks because of the salicylic acid. Just mash an uncoated tablet with warm water to make a paste and dab on the offending zit and let dry. Make it thinner and use as a face mask for ten minutes. If your skin isn’t picky and you don’t mind having a slightly flaky pink spot in the morning I’d recommend it as an overnight spot treatment. Cheaper than the zip zappers you buy.


  • 5/31/11 15:24 Michelle:

    hummm do you think this would work a little better without makeup, or does it not matter? I am just wondering if keeping your makeup on acts like a barrier :)


    • 5/31/11 15:34 the Muse:

      a barrier michelle? It’s to be used as a mask not to applied as makeup hun.


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