Beauty on a Budget: Real Colors Regal Eyes Embellished Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, Photos

Being Human fans I have some crispy nuggets of info from Toby today!

P.S. So pissed at him for killing Mitchell WTF dude!

He’s already been quite the busy boy and episode 7 from series 4 is in the can. He shares info about alot of new faces appearing in series 4, one old face, a shocking death (OMG! No more! I’m still in mourning for my Mitchell), a new villain (le sigh can anyone possibly top Herrick?), a sort of new supernatural element/ghost, a new writer, and a journey to somewhere that the series has never gone before (oh Bristol to Cardiff was SUCH an adventure yay! Heavy sarcasm!)

Ok, go on my son! Squeal! I’m excited. Personally I do think it’s like re-eventing the wheel without Mitchell but I’m game for new shiz!

By the way, have you watched Becoming Human? It rocks! It’s a series of 8 webisodes that features Craig Roberts, you know, that snarky little bugger of a new born Adam from last season!

Anyway, sorry, total babble fest there!

How about a little beauty budget eyeshadow to lighten the load of Being Human insanity?

Real Colors Regal Eyes Embellished Eyeshadow popped into my world recently and I gotta say, Imma like cheap as chips Sally Beauty Eyeshadow!



A budget eyeshadow with a kick!

One of my friends recently had a fun get together and created some cute little beauty goodie bags to go home with. One of the items in my bag happened to be a really cute Real Colors Regal Eyes Embellished Eyeshadow. I called her up the next day to question her about it and she said it was purchased at Sally Beauty for $6.99! I immediately though, oh wow, gotta share this with my girls on Musings. I believe it’s one of Sally Beauty’s house brands which can be purchased in store or online however it’s $7 and change if you don’t have a Sally Beauty Membership (believe the membership is all kinds of dirty cheap if you want to indulge). Either way the shadow is pretty cheap.

These come in an array of colors so I promptly had to hunt and peck through everyone’s goodie bag that was at the party to see the other colors that were available. I was quite delighted as they only have six shades available but the ones they do have are very pretty…think teal, green, etc….

The shade I got is called Bluff and it’s a golden brown with an overspray of gold shimmer. Sadly, the overspray is just that and doesn’t run straight through the product. The shadow itself is a very pretty affair for something so inexpensive. It’s a larger square compact and features a beautiful quilted floral pressed design. Visually it’s very pretty. The size is astounding as you’re looking at whooping 5 grams of shadow here nearly 5 times the size of a MAC Eyeshadow!

The actually formula is pretty darn delightful as well. It’s one of the silkiest shadows I’ve had the pleasure of using. The formula is smooth, silky, and finely milled with sheer to medium pigmentation that builds well. The brown is a ickle to light as I prefer a deeper, richer shade for my eyes but a put a nice cream base under it or smudge out some liner along your upper lash line and it’ll really pop. It glides on beautifully and blends out quite nicely!

As a cheaper shade of shadow, I’d say these are worth the haul particularly if you’re on a budget!

I wouldn’t try to combine shades here as the formula is a bit too thin so you won’t get very good contrast but worn along or over a cream shadow the product works beautifully.

  • Beauty budget’ers!
  • Those looking for an inexpensive shadow that works well alone or on top of a cream shadow.
  • Those who prefer silky, finely milled eyeshadow formulas.
  • Those who like visually pretty shadows (nothing wrong with craving the pretty eh?).
  • Makeup newbies (if you’re new to makeup and you haven’t quite mastered using two or three shadows on your eyes these work beautifully as an all over color wash).

    • Those who fancy elaborate eye looks (the formula is an ickle to thin and won’t contrast well with other shades).
    • Those who aren’t keen on shadows that don’t sport major color pay off (these build well but the pop of pigment isn’t really there).

    Overall, Real Colors Regal Eyes Embellished Eyeshadow is actually a rather lovely little shadow. Granted, this isn’t MAC but if you’re a minimal makeup user, a newer user, or just on a budget this little shadow will fill your sweet tooth for beauty quite well. The formula is quite nice and it’s ideal for a quick wash of color on my lids with minimal effort on my part plus it looks damn pretty too! Proper prepping and priming is nesscary as the shadow does tend to fade without a good primer underneath but hey at this size and price who’s complaining?

    On a budget?

    Grab some of these!


    Available at

    Tried ’em?

    Love ’em?

    Leave ’em?

    Do share!

    Disclaimer: This was a gift.

    • 6/2/11 14:44 Barb:

      Isn’t Being Human a show on SyFy about a vampire, werewolf and ghost all living together?

      Ha, ha . . . that sounds like a joke :)


      • 6/2/11 14:45 the Muse:

        *wince* barb that’s the US version ;-D this is the original BBC version ;-D The US version is ok…but the BBC is way better ;D!


    • 6/2/11 14:52 Barb:

      I was totally addicted to the US version! I’ll have to check out the BBC version. Are the characters basically the same?


      • 6/2/11 14:58 the Muse:

        yay Barb! You’ll like the BBC one way better imho! The characters named changes and a few situations as well. It seems that the US version stuck to most of Series 1 correctly with a few minor differences….but I think for Season 2 of the US version it’ll be completely different. I really enjoy the BBC one so I did find the US one a little irritating and thought Sally was a tad overly done versus Annie who’s also pretty hyper but not as annoying….but maybe that’s me ;D!


    • 6/2/11 15:05 Barb:

      OK, thanks. I can’t wait for the new season to start! I’ll let you know what I think of the BBC version.


      • 6/2/11 15:27 the Muse:

        looking forward to hearing whatcha think barb! 😀


        • 6/3/11 14:35 Barb:

          Started watching last night! Liking it very much :)


          • 6/3/11 14:39 the Muse:

            yay Barb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better than the US version for you!??!?


            • 6/7/11 10:54 Barb:

              Have to say I’m totally addicted. Halfway through season 2. I can’t say if I like it better than the US version. I like both of them. They are the same but different. I had a hard time getting used to the accents but now I can totally understand what they’re saying :)

            • 6/7/11 11:33 the Muse:

              YAY Barb!!!!!!!!!! ;-D so glad to hear it ;-D they are very much the same but diff ;-D I think UK version doesn’t round the story up as nicely as the US one…but I still like the UK version better ;D!

    • 6/2/11 15:17 Marina:

      The membership IS pretty cheap. I don’t remember what it was exactly, but even my mom indulged and she NEVER gets memberships! Cute shadow, and a good deal! I need to get into this series,too. I JUST found out we have BBC America on the telly, and I flipped. So now I can watch all those geeky sci-fi shows I’ve been dying to watch for ages, including Doctor Who (only seen a few episodes but already I have this feeling of “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?!?!?!?!”). Must catch up on those somehow!!! My one friend said to start with the 9th Doctor, but an insane part of me wants to try and watch them all…any suggestions on where to begin? I’m feeling overwhelmed, but in a good way!


      • 6/2/11 15:35 the Muse:

        Hey Marina…I think it’s 10 bucks but don’t quote me., quite worth it ;-D! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY that’s brills! ;-D You’re going to have a blast! Oh honey I’d say start with 4, he was my most beloved Doctor ;-D but 9 is def a good way to really catch up on what the series has become ;-D Number 9 merely lasts for one seasons before regenerating to 10 ;-D so starting with 9 is a good idea, this is basically where the series came back anyway and a good way to enjoy it as part of today’s popular culture without getting TOO deeply into vintage Who. Of course if you end up digging it really hardcore after you’ve caught up you can go back and watch vintage who or buy dvds from past episodes ;D! Who spans over 40 years haha so starting at 2005 is the best place for you at this point without getting too roped into the history circa after “the time war” that nine and ten like to blather about. Plus you’re super young and you’ll appreciate the new rendition alot more than vintage Who.

        Hope this helps hun!


        • 6/2/11 16:01 Marina:

          I knew you were the one to ask 😉 I’ll definitely start with 9 then and catch up, but I’m one of those people that when they really get into something, they want to devour it ALL (hence why I am trying to read Tolkien’s collective works this summer. Eep. I’ve read LOTR and the Hobbit, of course, but I’m stuck on the Silmarillion…). Thanks chica, I can always count on you for my makeup and geeky needs :)


          • 6/2/11 16:18 the Muse:

            hey marina completely understand what you mean hun! I’m like that too! I’d def start with 9, enjoy it as is and than go back and start from the very beginning ;D! Episodes didn’t exactly the same as series do now…it was more like a mini series back in the hay day ;-D so you can always go back and enjoy them…some epps prove difficult to get too so no need to drive yourself crazy with it until you know you love it…I just think 9 is such a great introduction to the series for newbies ;-D! the Silmarillion is the bane of my existence but after actually reading through in three times in my adult life I’ve come to appreciate it ;D! *wink* always my pleasure girl! keep me posted about DW!


    • 6/2/11 18:01 Chanelle:

      I LOVE BEING HUMAN SO MUCH!!!!! So msad Mitchell’s gone. He was my biggest crush EVER. And I like Becoming Human too. I’m excited to see Craig Roberts in the movie Submarine!


      • 6/2/11 18:15 the Muse:

        sad sign I can’t believe they killed him off…I hope he somehow comes back! Becoming Human is such a gem ;-D I thought it would be a sad-o teenie bop type of thing but it’s actually quite good!!!!!!!!!


    • 6/3/11 1:21 winni:

      The sally membership is $5 then they give you a $5 coupon, so its basically free!


      • 6/3/11 9:17 the Muse:

        sweet win! thanks for confirming!


    • 6/3/11 1:53 DaenaCat:

      SPOILER alert!!?!?! /sobs

      Still catching up on season 3…. :-(


      • 6/3/11 9:14 the Muse:

        jeepers Daena whatcha waiting for girl!


        • 6/3/11 18:30 DaenaCat:

          I have to wait till everything comes out on DVD. lol I’ll miss Mitchell; he was lovely.


          • 6/6/11 16:54 the Muse:

            sigh def daena…sad sigh!


    • 6/3/11 10:12 LaurieS:

      They killed Mitchell?! I’m only on Season 1 and he is so charming. That is so freaking sad :(


      • 6/3/11 10:14 the Muse:

        jebus Laurie! you’re so behind! Spoilers sorry ;-/!


    • 6/4/11 4:03 Jess:

      Wait wut? They killed Mitchell!!?! I started watching it when it aired on BBC last year (I streamed it online) but I missed the whole second half of the season lol

      BBC Mitchell > US Mitchell
      BBC George > US George
      BBC Annie >>>>>>> US Annie


      • 6/6/11 16:38 the Muse:

        hey jess…yeah…SNIFF! what’s the graph? BBC mitchell>US mitchell!?


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