Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection for Fall 2011

Damnyum! In two weeks I missed alot while I was away!

I know many of the things I’m posting about you’ve already heard about but I’d still like to post them up and give my version of the story *wink*! Plus I love discussing new collections with you so it’s well worth reposting info for the sake of blathering about it with you!

So even though you may have heard about the new Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection for Fall 2011 we still have to gush over it together.

I’ve touched it, swatched it, and will review it for you soon and just let me say OMG so amazing! Bobbi never fails! I’m also hearing that other new products and collections in August and September are going to be thrilling.


Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Bronze Eye Palette $60

  • Banana Eyeshadow
  • Gold Nugget Sparkle Eyeshadow
  • Amber Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow
  • Copper Cocoa Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow
  • Tiger’s Eye Metallic Eyeshadow
  • Bronze Metallic Eyeshadow
  • Olive Sparkle Eyeshadow
  • Espresso Eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Sand Eye Palette $60

  • Ivory Eyeshadow
  • Gold Bar Sparkle Eyeshadow
  • Desert Sand Metallic Eyeshadow
  • Terracotta Eyeshadow
  • Antique Rose Eyeshadow
  • Hot Stone Eyeshadow
  • Sandy Rose Metallic Eyeshadow
  • Black Chocolate Eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Mini Brush Set $55

  • Mini Angle Eyeshadow Brush
  • Mini Eye Sweep Brush
  • Mini Blush Brush
  • Mini Ultrafine Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell High Shimmer Lip Gloss $23

  • Beach
  • Bare Sparkle
  • Citrus

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Rich Lip Color SPF 12 $22

  • Twig
  • Soft Nude

Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara $24
Bobbi’s new gold standard for ultra-long, perfectly separated lashes. It’s all about how the brush and formula work together: The bristles interlock with lashes like a zipper, so each individual lash is coated with rich, deep color from root to tip. It’s also curved to lift each hair like an eyelash curler. And since the formula contains elastic ingredients, it stays flexible between coats and won’t flake.

So what’s your wish list looking like?

It’s my favorite Fall Collection to date!

I love the promo image, I love the warm shades…gush, gush, etc…etc…

I’m a really big nude, natural girl lately and the shades are simply stunning and oh so work friendly. I think the Bronze Palette holds the most appeal for me but I have a funny feeling many of us will want to own both.

What do you think?

Loves it?

Leaves it?

Do share!

The Bobbi Brown Fall 2011 Collection is available on counters now, at, and will be available shortly at

  • 6/28/11 10:19 sara:

    I want it all! Do I need it? Of course not. I want it …NOW! but my Tarte TSV will have to tied me over. Can’t wait for swatches muse!


    • 6/28/11 10:26 the Muse:

      sara you must at least get the bronzed palette girl! It’s to die for ;D!


    • 6/28/11 13:42 kharanya:

      Hey, did you get it yet? I’d love to know how the concealer in that kit is. That’s the only thing I’m really interested in and was toying with the idea of getting the TSV.

      Did you get the True Blood Collection too? :) My palette came last night and it’s totally gorgeous!.


  • 6/28/11 10:19 JenJ:

    The Bronze Eye Palette will be mine. Oh yes it will be mine *Wayne’s World voice”


    • 6/28/11 10:25 the Muse:

      lol I really like your wayne’s world voice jen! Swingzzzzz!


  • 6/28/11 11:30 Maria:

    I’m definitely picking up one of them. Just not sure which one yet. I’m leaning towards the bronze even though I’m totally pale and the sand seems to be more for pale skin tones.


    • 6/28/11 11:48 the Muse:

      maria I think the bronze is a winner even for paler/fairer skin ;D!


  • 6/28/11 11:33 shusheshe:

    The bronze palette is calling my name~


    • 6/28/11 11:39 the Muse:

      mine too shush!


  • 6/28/11 11:42 colette:

    I will def have to pick up one of the palettes (I’ll decide when I see in person) and then I’m thinking one of the new lipsticks as well. eeeep I’ve been waiting for this!


  • 6/28/11 11:44 LINDARRAGNAR:

    I’ve never been a Bobbi Brown Fan but both of those palettes look extra nice! And i love those types of mascara wands! (I won’t buy any of it I’ll just look at the pretty pictures + imagine!!!) 😉


  • 6/28/11 12:05 Nancy:

    I really want those palettes. I LOVE Bobbi Brown but I am concerned those case’s with moving parts will break. I am a really careful person but her compacts always seem to fail and not snap close ( Bronzer ) or break even when I am careful with them. The colors are awesome.


    • 6/28/11 13:13 the Muse:

      mmm nancy I will say it prob won’t travel well but otherwise, if you’re careful, you should be ok. The tray seems sturdy to me ;D


  • 6/28/11 14:31 Crissy K:

    I’m loving the Nerdilicious look on the model!!! Must try to recreate


    • 6/28/11 14:36 the Muse:

      me too crissy ;D!


  • 6/28/11 15:10 spvrp:

    It’s pretty hard for me to turn down Bobbi Brown, but you make it impossible with your swatches and commentary! Any idea on what the August and September release are?


    • 6/28/11 15:43 the Muse:

      oh my lips are sealed sadly spvrp ;-D but I promise it is good ;-D! hehe…I can’t help it, I’m such a bloody BB fan ;D


  • 6/28/11 15:19 Kimk:

    Ooooohhhhhhh….. those look SO pretty, but I’m a lil concerned about how shimmery the shadows are…. I’m afraid they’ll be OTT for these old tired eyes. And then I’ll have to cry, and that just makes things worse…
    How shimmery are they, Muse, on a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being GaGa shimmery? ;D

    I may get ’em even if they are crazy shimmery… SO purty!


    • 6/28/11 15:42 the Muse:

      *raises hand* totally old tired eyes here Kim hehehe ;-D I hear your pain! I always feel like Bobbi does shimmer right though and manages to make it elegant! no way gaga shimmer but please keep in mind I am so bias when it comes to shimmer girl ;-D! I think the metallic shades included really make up for too much shimmer ;-D I’ll have swatches soon though for you, hopefully it’ll help!


  • 6/28/11 16:12 Andrea:

    I couldn’t stand it! I purchased both palettes on the Nordstrom site this morning. I simply can’t live another day without these in my life! They’ll be here on Thursday (supposedly), and I’m very excited.


    • 6/28/11 16:18 the Muse:

      YAY Andrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re going to LOVE them particularly bronze ;D!


  • 6/28/11 17:53 Reme:

    I’m loving the promo shot, absolutely gorgeous!!

    The Bronze palette is definitely appealing to me the most, so glad to read that it’s getting your seal of approval Muse, brilliant!


    • 6/29/11 10:27 the Muse:

      reme AMAZINGGGGGGGG palette ;D!


  • 6/28/11 20:10 MC:

    It’s a lovely collection..I want it all!!!..but alas, I have to wait. My purse is a bit hurting with the purchase of Tarte’s True Blood stuff and MAC’s Blogger collection. :(


  • 6/29/11 12:18 Makedonka:

    What – no Navajo anywhere? 😛
    Bronze is a yes – as is anything that has the words shimmer, metallic or sparkle in the color description. 😉


    • 6/29/11 12:41 the Muse:

      lol makedonka but a navajo lookalike is def in there hahaha!


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