Estee Lauder Cyber White Extra Intensive BB Cream Review, Swatches, Photos

Last year Estee Lauder introduced a travel exclusive BB Cream available in various airports in Asia. I believe mine came from Japan Duty Free but don’t quote me could have been Singapore.

From what I understand it was later also available in the UK but I can’t confirm this.

They now have a newer version of the cream available on counters in Japan and a few Asian countries called Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB Cream SPF 35 where as mine is the CyberWhite Ex Extra Intensive Multi-Action Formula BB Cream SPF 35. After reading up on both it seems they are pretty much the same product but I haven’t tried the Brilliant Cells version so I can’t confirm.

This is probably one of the most expensive BB Creams I own. I’m raking my brain as I have 30-40 tubes in rotation and honestly, I can’t think of a BB Cream that cost me this MUCH. It retails for a whooping ¥5,460 (yen), near $60 USD.


Worth it?

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A multi-purpose BB Cream that brightens, perfects protects skin.

I’m sure you already know but for new readers please see my What is a BB Cream? post prior to reading this review to familiarize yourself with BB Creams.

Estee Lauder Cyber White EX Extra Intensive BB Cream Multi-Action Formula promises a formula to brighten, perfect and help protect skin. Like any good BB Cream it promises to be the master of its universe and multitasks it’s way through protecting your skin, healing it, perfecting it, and just making it flawless and beautiful. Of course, it offers many options and benefits but doesn’t master all of them.

The formula is a very lightweight, creamy BB Cream. Compared to BB Creams from Dr. Jart, BRTC, etc…the formula is considerably less thick and much, much lighter. This originated in Japan which could speak for it’s texture and formulation since Japanese BB Creams tend to run lighter and even watery compared to Korean ones.

Estee Lauder does have a warning stating the product was tested on Asian skin and was made for the Asian market so it is one uniform color that they offer for Asian skin however it’s actually a bit too pinky beige to really suit many typical Asian skin tones with a yellow undertone. I’m not sure where it exactly fits on the MAC foundation wheel as I’m not familiar with MAC’s shades so well but I’d say a lighter NC15-25 and maybe pressing to a 30 might be able to use this due to the lack of pigmentation of the product.

The formula is beautifully hydrating and it does indeed even out skin tone but it lacks color pay off in a major way so problem skin might not exactly appreciate the less than fabulous pigmentation for hiding problem areas. I thought it absorbed easily and left behind the barest amount of coverage and acted more like a tinted moisturizer than a BB Cream.

It has a very subtle shimmer to it which is an ode to its name sake, Cyber White. Technically the Cyber White name is not a promise of whitening skin benefits but a nod to the luminous, glow-y finish that the product hopes to provide. I personally do not like glow-y, pearl-y, glossy BB Creams and thankfully this does not suffer the downfall of having a pearl, luminous, or glow-y finish. It merely has a dewy finish with some brightening benefits but nothing dramatic and no shimmery insanity. Coverage for me is very natural without looking ghostly or pasty. I think the improvement here is the peach-y, creamy beige shade with a bit of pink versus the grey tones of other BB Creams (I don’t mind grey BB Creams as they prove great for lightening but this shade is a refreshing change from the norm).

The cream promises to improve the skin over time and prevent future aging and damage. I haven’t personally noticed these benefits but I don’t have problem or aging skin either.

I like the overall finish here and felt like it evened out my skin tone and even eased dullness while brightening but I didn’t really love the formula and really didn’t love the price tag.

I think the lack of pigmentation could sway a few users from bothering as you do need decent skin to take advantage so if you’re using BB Cream to hide flaws this simply lacks color pay off to conceal those problems.

I think the price is absurd. Near $60 bucks? BB Creams are incredibly inexpensive throughout Korea and you can do far better than near $60 bucks for one!

  • Those who like lighter coverage that perfects skin but doesn’t offer concealing options for problem areas.
  • Those looking for a BB Cream that brightens dullness without whitening.
  • Those who want a lighter BB Cream formula that absorbs easily.

  • Those with olive or tanned skin.
  • Those looking for a pigmented BB Cream to conceal problems.
  • Those looking for an inexpensive BB Cream.

Estee Lauder Cyber White Extra Intensive BB Cream is a nice product but I wouldn’t call it a favorite BB Cream of mine. The higher price tag makes me wince in agony particularly because it lacks pigmentation. I will say I like the overall finish and felt like it eased dullness very nicely while brightening my skin without whitening it. It does indeed perfect skin and offers a flawless finish but the effect is only beneficial to those who aren’t suffering from problems such as acne, redness, or other skin problems. At nearly $60 you can find something to do the job better in my opinion…!

Interested in trying it? You can get the Brilliant Cells version of Estee Lauder BB Cream from


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 6/8/11 17:41 tina:

    off topic but what does the PA ++++ mean?


    • 6/8/11 18:21 the Muse:

      Asian measurement of UVA protection tina. the more +’s the better the UVA protection.


      • 6/8/11 21:24 tina:

        oooh ok! thanks, i never knew!


        • 6/9/11 10:08 the Muse:

          my pleasure tina!


  • 6/8/11 18:36 Tracey:

    Ok, I’m out of the loop but what in the world is a BB Cream?


  • 6/8/11 19:00 Mary the Muse Militant:

    I like the sound of “pinky beige” as I’m done with the “grey beige” making me look like a ghoul !
    The price is atrocious though !
    Seems Estee Lauder is jumping on the band-wagon and I suppsoe they have to keep the prices in line with the rest of their range – the Estee Lauder range itself rather than the rest of their products like MAC etc.
    The BB cream seems to be catching on fast in the West so hopefully some cheaper ranges will come into play soon.


  • 6/8/11 21:51 Paris B:

    Hmm… I might have to take a look at this one here then. Its not super pricey… well next to Dior BB Creme it isn’t 😛


  • 6/8/11 22:23 apple:

    Thanks for taking a picture of the ingredients! Would you consider posting pics of the ingredients in future posts? :)


    • 6/9/11 9:11 the Muse:

      hi apple if I have a sec will def try. :)


  • 6/8/11 23:38 Erica:

    I bought this May last year on my flight to Hong Kong, and it was like $29 or $34, not more than $35 I’m pretty sure. But the Yen is going up and so things from Japan tend to be more expensive!


    • 6/9/11 9:01 the Muse:

      how did you like it erica?


  • 6/9/11 4:00 Soo:

    :( Musey, I trekked up and down Roosevelt and i was kind of shocked by how much BB Creams cost. Each one I came across was $30+ and the hot pink Skin79 one was being sold for $45. I don’t know why, but I always thought they would be around $20-30 range.. do you have know any brands/stores that are slightly more affordable?


    • 6/9/11 9:31 the Muse:

      hi soo sorry I’ve never seen cheap BB Creams in Flushing. They have plenty of a selection but not cheap hun. Your better off shopping online imho if you want cheap.


  • 6/9/11 8:18 shusheshe:

    I’ve seen it on department store counters in Taipei, and the price is the reason I haven’t picked it up yet, since I’m on a BB cream kick lately~


    • 6/9/11 9:00 the Muse:

      shush don’t blame you! way $$$! surprised it wasn’t cheaper in Taiwan though!


      • 6/13/11 3:40 shusheshe:

        Estee Lauder is an imported department store brand, so they get hit with an import tax that marks up the price in Taiwan. So yeah, BB cream or no, it’s probably even more expensive than what you paid for it.


  • 12/31/11 12:26 Candee702:

    Hey lady! With so many of these popping up how do I know which brand to choose from???


  • 2/29/12 14:11 lola:

    Great review, thanks.
    I bought this the other day, an Estée Lauder colleague recommended it.
    I am NOT Asian and simply do not really get why this is for the Asian Market. I’m a very fair girl, European, and it works like a dream for me :-) So super fair girls, spread the word!
    I work at the airport in Amsterdam (Holland) hence I was able to get it. It isn’t on the regular market in Europe, but most large airports sell it.
    Lola x


  • 10/31/13 2:53 Cha:

    Hello Muse!

    So far, I think you’re the only one who has ever done reviews on the two Estee Lauder BB creams (Daywear and Cyberwhite).

    If I may ask, how do they compare? I live here in Asia, so the I’ve tried the Cyberwhite BB, and it was great–good for everyday wear (I am too lazy to put on make up everyday). However, upon googling the details of both products, I think the Daywear BB is better for my skin type since I am oily skinned, and I prefer the anti-oxidants in Daywear than the brightening properties of Cyberwhite.

    I’m interested in the comparison because ordering from the states or through ebay will entail shipping fees that will probably be more expensive than the product itself.

    Thank you!
    (PS I’ve been lurking on your site every now and then. I like reading your reviews because I get to read about beuaty stuff from around the world through your site.

    Thanks again!


    • 10/31/13 14:03 the Muse:

      daywear is a bit more pigmented cha compared to cyberwhite and a thicker, creamier texture. Shades are obviously different as well since Daywear has a better selection and cyberwhite is limited to a single “universal” shade.

      Hope this helps!

      Good luck!


      • 11/1/13 1:04 Cha:

        Hello again!

        Pigmented! More coverage then? Yay! Thank you so much!
        Whew! I hope all will go well! And wow, that was a speedy response!

        Cha :)


        • 11/1/13 9:20 the Muse:

          it’s still sheer mind you but it is more pigmented than cyberwear. My pleasure I hope it works out for you! :) <3!


          • 11/12/13 22:47 Cha:

            Hello Muse!

            I have been using the EL Daywear BB for a week now. You’re right, it’s still sheer just like a tinted moisturizer. I guess it only got the BB label because of the infused super antioxidants, the high spf, and the tint.
            I prefer this to the CyberWhite version though because CW is not oil-free and it’s a little too pink for my liking. I’m NC30-35 and the ‘light’ shade is perfect for me. Both EL BB didn’t clog my pores, so that’s a yay! it dries matte but not flat–except for the hint of radiance and tint, it looks just like my skin. And it didn’t make me oilier than I already am–and that’s something considering I live in a tropical country!

            Thanks for the help Muse! :)


          • 11/26/13 16:11 the Muse:

            hi cha sorry delayed reply :) I’m so happy to hear it! This is great news 😀 My pleasure! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

            Have a good day!

            Happy T-day if you celebrate :)

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