Pond’s Evening Sooth Towelettes Review

Pond’s has a new range of wet cleansing towelettes in morning and evening formulas. Yay for AM and PM versions! Granted, you prob won’t need an AM version unless you’re pulling an all nigher, I slept in my makeup adventure but still the novelty of having different formulas is innovative to say the least.

Outside of my HG cleansing wipes of choice, MAC, I really don’t like alot of wipes because they just don’t do that great a job of cleaning up waterproof eye makeup.

The new Pond’s Evening Sooth Towelettes promise to clean away makeup and waterproof mascara….

Could it be true? Seriously?


A cleansing wipe that gently removes makeup, oil, dirt, and even waterproof mascara.

These are a great budget option for nights you’re feeling an ickle lazy to go through the entire skincare removal regime. A 30 pack is a mere $4.99 so you also stash them by your desk if you happen to be a beauty blogger so you can remove icky swatches from your arm!

The towelettes are a sturdy, quilted design that’s thick and soft. They have a strong chamomile and white tea scent which comes across like a fresher floral to my nose. It’s a very pleasant scent but I do think it might prove irritating if you’re sensitive to scented skincare.

They aren’t terribly saturated but they are damp enough to quickly swipe across your face to remove oil, makeup, and gook easily. Surprisingly they do a decent job of waterproof mascara removal but some tugging is involved to get it off. Compared to other wipes of its kind, I’d say they get just about all my eye makeup off in a hurry unlike others that leave behind some mascara. The wipes don’t leave my skin tight after use nor do they make my skin tacky or sticky.

I think they are ideal for minimal makeup users or for those really lazy nights you can’t stand the idea of spending extra time to remove your makeup when all you want to do is hit the sack.

If you want to get all your waterproof mascara off a bit of tugging is involved which of course I don’t recommend around the delicate eye area (‘elllllllo wrinkles!).

I found the scent very pleasant and soothing but those who are sensitive might not particularly love it.

  • Beauty bloggers (keep ’em at your desk to remove swatches between pic taking or after it).
  • Minimal makeup users (these will remove minimal makeup in a flash).
  • Lazy girls (can’t be bothered with an entire regime of removal products? Use these!).
  • They party to hard, stayed out to late ladies (Wanna hit the hay fast? Use these to remove your makeup!).

  • Those who want to remove their waterproof eye makeup gently (they remove shadow easily but removing waterproof mascara takes a bit of tugging so beware).
  • Those sensitive to heavily fragranced skincare (I find the scent very pleasant but it could be disturbing to sensitive types).

Pond’s Evening Sooth Towelettes are a handy little beauty bit to have around for quickie makeup removal in a flash. I personally like the option of having these near my desk so I can swipe off makeup I’ve swatched easily when I’m blogging! I also like them when I’m in a hurry because lord knows my night makeup removal regime is borderline crazy sometimes and this allows me to quickly and easily get everything off so I can get to bed pronto!

If you’re a cleansing wipe kinda girl you might wanna check these out particularly if you wear all the minimal amount of makeup. As our mother’s told us, don’t go to bed with your makeup on!

Available now at drugstores.

  • 6/3/11 14:09 Shoppingaholic:

    I kinda like it!! cus I use less makeup.


  • 6/3/11 14:48 Mimi:

    Thanks for the review! I want to try this but the one I like the most is the Boots Expert Cleansing & Toning wipes:) It’s great for sensitive skin!


    • 6/3/11 14:57 the Muse:

      Mimi the boots ones rock ;-D I toss them in my bag all the time ;-D!


  • 6/3/11 14:58 JoElla:

    I almost bought these the other day.

    I wonder how they compare to the CVS version of ponds cleansing wipes?


    • 6/3/11 14:59 the Muse:

      mmm never tried the cvs ones Jo :-/ wish I can compare for ya chickie!


  • 6/3/11 15:37 Regina:

    I like these mainly for the texture and smell. I’ve purchased the CVS wipes but they’re awaiting use in my stash. Like all makeup wipes (at least for me) I use them for the face and cotton pads with eye makeup remover for the eyes, then Clarisonic it all away


  • 6/3/11 17:23 Isis:

    I’ll have to look out for these, I do like ponds, particularly the cold cream, keep returning to it no matter what I try.


  • 6/4/11 0:45 deb:

    I’ve been using these for a few weeks. I use them for face makeup only because they made my eyes burn. But then again, I really prefer to remove eye makeup with Bobbi Browns Instant Long wear anyway. I’d repurchase, the price is right!


  • 6/4/11 1:26 Lola:

    this is exactly new but i tried the lavender a while ago and did not like it at all. i personally prefer the original one maybe because of my sensitivty to the strong lavender scent but i really love the AM one, smells so fresh.

    PS: Muse, you need to try the Walmart Equate facial cleansing towlettes. It’s pretty good. There isnt’ a lot of Walmart around me so I usually order it online,plus it’s a total steal 120 ct for $6


    • 6/7/11 9:54 the Muse:

      hey lola thanks for the rec chica, I’ll give them a world my next trip to the evil empire ;-D!


  • 6/4/11 7:37 Rose:

    the original/clean version is slightly better on MU removal esp waterproof mascara

    baby wipes are a very cheap option for swatches– cheap and the skin isn’t as delicate


  • 6/6/11 16:56 Laura:

    I am a facial wipe addict.
    And I bought both the evening and morning versions. I must say – I really disliked the evening ones. The smell was nice, but it left a residue – or just this lotiony feel to my face. I really disliked them.

    But I ADORE the morning ones. They have orange texture bumps that are so refreshing – any time of day. I love them. And the smell is divine.

    I think the morning ones also clean better. I put my facial lotions on right after.

    I like my wipes to wipe me clean – and use my own moisturizer. That’s why I dislike the evening ones – I don’t need extra gook on my face before I use my own lotions.


    • 6/7/11 9:35 the Muse:

      aw sorry to hear it laura thankfully no residue here :-/


  • 6/6/11 22:52 Wendy A :):

    The blue ones are the bomb diggity but If I do a full face of makeup I put the towellete under hot water and take the remaining of the raccoon eyes out but most importantly they are not drying.
    My face actually feels clean and not tight.
    Good review, hugs sista!.


    • 6/7/11 9:38 the Muse:

      hey wendy hugs girl! ;-D damn that’s interesting, I never thought to put them under hot water! thanks, gonna try that! Have a great day babe!


  • 6/10/11 11:20 Julianne:

    I love the Pond’s wipes! Especially the ones that come in the blue packaging — not quite sure on the exact name, but I know it says “with Vitamin E” on the packaging. I am always on the lookout to stock up on these. Target sometimes sells these in BIG value packs, so keep your eye on the lookout for ’em, cause it’s an awesome deal!


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