Beauty Story Platinum Bird’s Nest Jelly Eye Mask Review


Happens to the best of us I fear.

Jared Padalecki perfect example of how age creeps up on us. What happened to his baby face? Awww..but at least his wrinkles give him character!

For you Jared, I have a package of Beauty Story Platinum Bird’s Nest Jelly Eye Masks. And for me too dude…sometimes we all need a little pick me up!


Beauty Story Platinum Bird’s Nest Jelly Eye Masks come in a five pack set which I reserve for special occasions. Personally they aren’t something you’ll want to take advantage of daily but more along the lines of something you use before a night out on the town or for days your eyes are looking extra scary.

I recommend these to folks with finer or deep set lines under their eyes as they offer a TEMPORARY fix that will actually relieve some of those lines.

The masks contain nanocollid platinum essence and hyaluronic acid plus glycerine and hamamelis. These ingredients plus bird’s nest extract helps to improve overall moisture and skin elasticity around the eye area.

Each of the eye masks come on a white sheet of paper. You simply peel them off and press them under your eyes. These are a crescent moon design that will fit comfortably under the contour of your eye covering the entire eye area plus some of the inner corner area where crow’s feet tend to develop. The masks are made of a heavy cotton fabric and have a jelly-like backing (this is the side you’ll be pressing under your eyes). The masks are dry to the touch and are not saturated with product but they still remain tacky enough to stick to my skin.

I wouldn’t say these hydrate my eyes incredibly well nor do they treat finer lines long term however they have a certain weight behind them that gently pulls skin down so that wrinkles become temporarily erased. The weight of the cotton eases wrinkles away and allows concealer to apply easier and gives eyes a fresher more youthful appearance.

Normally results of the mask last for about a day before finer lines re-appear which is why I suggest these for nights out or special occasions when you want your eyes to look fresher and more youthful.

The mask should be worn for 5-10 minutes at most as they actually create more trouble than good if they are left on for longer periods of time since the mask starts to pull at the skin the longer they are left in place.

I wouldn’t call them gimmicky as they are useful to some extent however I prefer something that moisturizers my eyes as this is the best defense against finer lines and aging eyes in my opinion.

I picked these up while on vacation but they are fairly cheap at various online shops. I recommend checking AlphaBeautyUK on E-bay who carries Beauty Story products.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the seller I listed in this post.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 7/20/11 14:06 kiwikiwidragon:

    Whoa, I am sure you have researched the whole birds nest thing, right? it is definitely odd if you have never heard of it, not sure if it’s considered cruelty or not. Certainly weird tho.


    • 7/20/11 14:26 the Muse:

      cruelty? Hmmm never thought of it as being cruel kiwi….


  • 7/20/11 15:49 Macnunu:

    @kiwikiwidragon – no more cruel than drinking milk. Edible nest swiftlets are not an endangered species. The nests are harvested once a year during breeding season and only before eggs are laid – nests with eggs in them are considered “undesirable”. The male swiftlet will make a new nest once the old one is harvested and they are then left alone to lay their eggs.
    Oh Jarpad, how I miss your Gilmore Girls days.


    • 7/20/11 15:50 the Muse:

      wasn’t he so cute than nunu? *sigh* boyishly good looking!


  • 7/20/11 15:59 Colleen P.:

    Oh, he will always, always, always be Rory’s Dean to me.


    • 7/20/11 16:01 the Muse:

      lol colleen ;-D I only ever get Sammie from him tbh…!


  • 7/20/11 16:12 kiwikiwidragon:

    Yeah that’s why i said I wasn’t sure, the ick factor is kinda high for me, but to each her own.


  • 7/20/11 21:23 Monique:

    Sammie all the way!


    • 7/21/11 9:16 the Muse:

      <3 Monique!


  • 7/21/11 9:28 Maria:

    Just a quickie note to mention how much I LOOOOOVE Jared…*happy sigh* with or without wrinkles that boy is fiiiiiine. ^_^


    • 7/21/11 9:35 the Muse:

      preach it maria ;-D!


  • 7/21/11 13:28 Kristen:

    I have read about the bird which the nests are harvested as being endangered. I did drink bird’s nest as a child and teen, but stopped when I happened upon a national geographic article on how birds nest is harvested. the baby birds and simply thrown to the floor and the nests are taken. i don’t recall the type of bird that makes these nests, but they are definitely endangered. i do think a large majority of birds nest products are fake though


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