Caress Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Washes Sheer Twilight Scarlett Bloom Review

Ah Caress!

You’re so very affordable and cheap yet so luxurious!

Here’s a peek at the new Caress Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Washes!


These are a finely fragranced body wash that’s super moisturizing and scented oh so decadently. Caress washes are such a cheap indulgence as the bottle is huge and it’ll only set you back around $3-$4 bucks. Plus the scent lingers well after you’re out of the shower so your skin is delicately scented all day with your body wash!


These come in scents Sheer Twilight and Scarlett Bloom which are both very richly scented and have a perfume quality.

Scarlett Blossom is an infusion of red lychee and patchouli oil. Sadly, this one isn’t for me as I really can’t stand the patchouli note but the lychee is very sweet and fruity however the patchouli does take the dominate role here so you get a very deep, mysterious fragrance from it. If you love patchouli, you’ll adore this!

Sheer Twilight is more my speed. This is a beautiful mix of black orchid and juniper oil. The black orchid is soft, feminine, and very pretty. The juniper gives the scent a faint edge and mixes well with the orchid. It’s very rich and soothing, I’d so wear a perfume like this!

My press info says that Scarlett Blossom is a perfectly flirty scent for chatting up on the Hampton Jitney…! LOL I love that so hard you have no idea. Every been on the Hampton Jitney?

It’s so not romantic! Ha!

No matter, Caress has you covered in all situations I guess!

Look for Caress Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Washes at your local drugstores, they are a perfect beauty budget pick!


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 7/8/11 10:35 LINDARRAGNAR:

    love this stuff! I have the burnt brown sugar one! its pure heaven! I don’t know if either one of those scents sounded nice but I bet the colours would be a lot of fun to try and see!

    I wish they would come out with a perfume! I love it so much!


    • 7/8/11 10:40 the Muse:

      Linda me too! they have those cute little mists but they aren’t nearly as nice as the scents in some of the body washes. They should do a full size mist in similar scents as the body washes! I’d buy that!


      • 7/9/11 13:43 LINDARRAGNAR:

        Ohhh I never knew they had mists!! (Im definitely going to look for them) even if they aren’t spot on Im sure it will be close enough!!


        • 7/11/11 9:17 the Muse:

          yeah! they are right by the deo section :D!


  • 7/8/11 12:56 Jess:

    I have Scarlett Blossom and I love it! I would wear it as a perfume if I could lol I don’t usually like Pachouli but this smells divine.


  • 7/11/11 3:21 Rose:

    Ahw I wish they’d left the pachouli out because I love the smell of lychee but pachouli… no thanks. I’m almost out of lychee blossom by TBS so desperately looking for a replacement!


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