Revlon Sweetly Seductive Collection

These are the days I wish I was a nail girl!

Revlon has a wicked cool little collection out entitled Sweetly Seductive which contains an array of not only tasty lipglosses but matching nail polishes that are scented like pineapple, watermelon, coconut, and more!

Check it!

I love this collection!

Revlon Sweetly Seductive is made up of seven scented nail enamels and seven matching flavored lipglosses!

The products are scented and flavored with orange, watermelon, apple, strawberry, coconut, pineapple, and grape (I tried to memorize these ha but I don’t quote me).

Each of the nail polishes has a scratch and sniff label and it really did smell fruity but I do wonder if the actual polish will prove to be as true to the scent but damn if the idea isn’t fun. Granted scented polish isn’t new but I find it super fun for Summer.

The glosses look very nice as well! I picked up two but haven’t tested them out yet.

The Revlon Sweetly Seduction Collection is available now for a limited time at drugstores. I saw a display at both CVS and Harmons.

Have you seen this collection?



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  • 7/6/11 20:51 Andi:

    omg! i picked up the crazy shine buffer yesterday!! ive been waiting for it forever! im a nail gal and the polish is gorgeously sparkly but im waiting for payday to pick up the hot pink, baby blue and purple. the nail polishes are scented though so not sure how to feel about that.


  • 7/6/11 21:20 tiny:

    I picked up the light blue one a few days ago, haven’t tested it yet, but it was such a pretty color in the bottle it had to come home with me!


  • 7/6/11 22:14 nova:

    love! I wish I had seen this before picking up another robin egg blue from sally hansen! The scented polishes from Revlon are amazing; the smell fades really slowly and is stronger if you don’t put a topcoat on. My favourite has got to be one from their summer collection last year, pretty in papaya!


  • 7/6/11 23:19 Claudia:

    Love nail polish, but skipping these. None of the colors seem that exciting in my opinion. And personally the scent would bother me. :(


  • 7/7/11 0:03 lotsaheart:

    i got one that a cherry scent and can’t stop smelling my nails, lol. i like the new colors!!! gotta wait and see whether they have it in Singapore, sigh


    • 7/7/11 13:21 the Muse:

      lotsaheart does it smell intense? ;-D


  • 7/7/11 1:36 Felis:

    Picked up the mint blue and grape purple. The scents aren’t overwhelming, which is nice. The blue polish is lovely in three coats, but the purple is SUPER sheer. If anyone’s gonna use that one they’d better like layering. I have suspicions about most of the other colors as well, but the deep blue gives me SOME hope.


  • 7/7/11 9:23 Telle:

    I like the scented polish; it’s very subtle! Can’t wait to hear about the gloss reviews! :)


  • 7/7/11 10:39 Regina:

    Hmmm, no Muse, don’t be a nail girl ’cause we spend a LOT on polish! The colors are not thrilling so I’ll take a pass (my collection breathes a “le sigh”). Reminds me of grade school Crayola’s.


  • 7/7/11 12:06 elizablue:

    curious about the green gloss and coconut nail color. is the green gloss really green? and let me guess that the coconut polish is white or cream color…


    • 7/7/11 12:08 the Muse:

      It’s probably transparent elizablue as I picked up the orange and it applies pretty clear with little pigmentation. The coconut nail polish is actually blue :)


  • 7/9/11 23:56 dina:

    hope to check out the grapefruit fizz nail polish!


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