Harajuku Lovers Jingle G! Fragrance

Good morning!

Good weekend? Hope you enjoyed yours!

This morning, I bring you news of the holidays. Mmm bit early but better early than not at all.

Harajuku Lovers unveils possibly it’s last ever fragrance for Holiday 2011. Sniff! Could it be true?

My mate Zara over at Kiss and Makeup spreads Christmas Cheer with what she dubs as the last ever fragrance from the line. Harajuku Lover Jingle G! will be out in September and sports notes of tangerine, orange blossom, and vanilla (how very un-Christmas-like) and will be the last of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Collection.

Can it be true?

The collection has evolved considerably since their release and starting with G of the Sea we have failed to see any of the girl’s in a while. G now dominates the line with none of the other girl’s making a come back.

How sad.

I look forward to hauling the final fragrance come the Holidays and I’ll mourn the loss of such a fun fragrance collection!


Glad to see them go?

Been over done?

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  • 8/1/11 12:10 Cynthia:

    SUPER SAD!!! I love this line and all its cute packaging.. I have collected them since the first limited edition (snow bunnies).. Why oh why?


  • 8/1/11 12:21 Jessica:

    Muse, is it Jungle G or Jingle G?

    Really sad about this, too. I’m not a huge fan of the actual scents, but I still have a few because the packaging is SO CUTE!


    • 8/1/11 12:45 the Muse:

      it’s jingle had a spelling typo. it’s monday :)


  • 8/1/11 12:28 dina:

    SO SAD!!! :( booooooooooooo


  • 8/1/11 12:44 Sarah S.:

    Last ever wahhhhh no! I was semi-collecting these, too (especially G but that’s cuz it’s my nickname for my husband). I think the fragrance of this sounds a lot like original G minus the coconut? I loved G of the Sea, but Super G was the quickest-fading fragrance evAR. Please, Gwen, keep making G’s!
    BTW Muse, I was expecting a “Jungle G” when I clicked through this page… like Tarzan G that would complement Tokidoki’s latest Hercolino palette, heh. Might want to check your title there!


    • 8/1/11 12:46 the Muse:

      sorry type-o sarah! monday morning and all that :)


  • 8/1/11 13:55 CK:

    whaa?!?! i guess i’ll take this as extra motivation to finally indulge in one of these now. the scent doesn’t sound too interesting… i <3 oranges and vanilla.. but that's why i already own a lot of those scents.


  • 8/6/11 17:33 Giselle:

    But they will continue to make G right? o_o


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