Harajuku Lovers Super G Review

Here she comes to save the day!

Super G!

Harajuku Lovers Super G Fragrance flies onto shelves for Fall 2011 and perhaps right into your heart when you see how cute she is.

Finally a Super Hero that’s kawaii!


We’ve come to expect something new and exciting from Harajuku Lovers with each new season haven’t we? Since their original release the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Collection have gone through various wardrobe, packaging, and cute factors with each new release.

The last two seasons we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Angel, Love, Baby, and Music but we do see a very detailed G! For Summer G came from the sea, all decked out in a mermaid tail ready for the warm waters of the ocean!

For Fall she flies into our lives all decked out in her finest Super Heroine cape! I’m the first one to admit that my nerd nature loves a good Super Hero but Super G appeals to my beauty side as she’s the hero we turn to to stop crimes against fashion and beauty.

Her scent is as energetic as her bright white, red, and yellow striped heroine outfit with notes of pineapple, tangerine, and other fruity layers she comes across flashy, fruity, and saving the day awesome!

Super G is extra sweet, juicy, and fruity so if you normally stray towards such scents you’ll love her. She opens up with a burst of tangerine which mingles with vanilla, raspberry, cranberry, a little hint of freesia, and peach. These are the notes my nose first detects. She blends out softly in contrast to her bright opening and you’ll smell faint whiffs of soft coconut and cedar wood.

I never did get the pineapple in this fragrance but I’m sure it’s a back note amongst all these sweet fruits that blend happily together creating a melody that can leap tall buildings in a single bound and stuff.

Super G is is bright and fun but she tends to fade rather quickly so a touch up is absolutely essential to keep the fragrance around for good linger and throw.

Seriously, who could resist this cute packaging?

Super G is available for a limited time at Sephora, Sephora.com, Macys, and other fine fragrance retailers for a limited time.

Snap her up so she can start saving your day!

Did you smell her yet?




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  • 8/11/11 12:54 SusanT:

    Way too fruity for me, but could those G bottles be any cuter? I’m still considering buying that mermaid G bottle just because it’s so cute.


  • 8/12/11 23:35 Melissa:

    Holy flippin cute. I must not buy stuff for the packaging tho. I already have to get some new cabinets for my stash as it is.


  • 8/15/11 18:48 JulieN:

    Yup, bought this one too. Wasn’t happy to hear that the scent fades quickly though, but I couldn’t resist the packaging. Design wise, Super G and G of the Sea kicks the past editions’ asses.

    I am so sad that the line is rumored to be ending. Guess that means I might have to pick up another mermaid before it is all gone.


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